Booster Dose Vaccine Registration – Booster Shot Online Application

Booster Vaccine Registration has been started in India from 10 January 2022 (Monday), as we are aware of the fact that not only India, but the world is in fear the deadly COVID-19 variant “Omicron”, the Indian government has started the application for the Booster Vaccine Registration or third dose of vaccine. Through this article, you will get detailed information about it, be with the article till the end and know all about it.

Booster Vaccine Registration

Indian Citizens who are eligible for the third dose of vaccination can register themselves through the CoWIN portal and get the booster dose. We have been hearing about the booster dose for a long time, now the wait is over for those who are waiting for this. Amid the fear of the third wave of COVID-19, the initiative of the third dose of vaccine will help the health worker the most. They are the only ones who don’t make their foot back even during the pandemic, in order to know the Booster Vaccine Registration, have some patience and keep reading.

For the current scenario, senior citizens and frontline workers are eligible for the booster dose, the booster dose is now known as the precaution dose. Our social helpers such as Healthcare Worker, Nurses, Doctors, etc, and Senior citizens who are above 60 years can apply for the precautions dose. Eligible candidates can directly visit the COVID-19 vaccination centre to get the third dose of vaccine or precaution dose.

One thing that you should remember is that the Frontline worker or Senior citizens will be only able for the third dose if they have taken both (two) doses of the vaccine. Being a Senior Citizen or Frontline worker and fully vaccinated with two doses is not eligible criteria, it must have passed 39 weeks or 9 months after the second dose of vaccination. Citizens who had registered for pre-vaccine will find an option of “Precaution Dose” in the CoWIN dashboard, if you or any of the members had registered itself on the portal then surely you are going to get such an option.

Booster Dose Registration

Country India
Vaccine COVID-19 Vaccine
Vaccine Name Covaxin & Covishield
Booster Dose Known as Precaution Dose
Eligibility Citizens Citizens whose ages are above 60 & Frontline Worker (Healthcare Worker, Nurses, Doctors, etc)
Eligibility It must have 39 weeks or 9 months passed after the second dose of vaccination
Registration Not Required (Eligible candidates can apply)
3rd Dose (Booster or Precaution Dose Start Date) 10 December 2021
Registration Done Through CoWIN Portal
Purpose Behind 3rd Dose To improve Immunity
Launched by  Ministry of Health & Family welfare
Official Portal

There are 148 vaccination centres established through the Nation, to vaccinate citizens who are eligible for the booster or precaution date. Out of the total vaccination centres, 119 centres are for the Covishield and the remaining 29 centres are for Covaxin.

Booster Shot Near me

Eligible citizens are not required to do new registration for the booster dose, an individual can directly register for it by logging the old registered account. The government has said that it won’t be required to consult a doctor before jabbing the precaution, but, if an individual wants he/she can.

On other hand, the Indian government has also started the vaccination for teenagers whose aged between 15 to 17, teenagers whose age lies between the eligibility age can register himself/herself through the same portal.

Booster Vaccine Registration

How Important Booster Dose?

Precaution dose or booster dose of COVID-19 is going to increase the immunity of Senior Citizens and Frontline Worker (Healthcare Worker, Nurses, Doctors, etc), when the world become aware of the new variant of concern after the which was identified in South Africa by November 2022 the whole world (including India) had making preparations to fight against it.

During the second wave, many were lost families, friends and loved ones. That horrific incident doesn’t come back so this precaution is most important. Citizens who will jab the booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will feel more energetic and healthy. If you or any of your family members are eligible for the booster dose then don’t do late in taking the precaution dose of COVID-19 vaccine, register the slot or walk in to vaccination centres nearby you.

Most eligible citizens may don’t have an idea how to apply for the booster or precaution. Let’s know how an eligible senior citizen or Frontline Worker can apply for a booster dose of vaccine and get jab it.

How To Register For Booster Dose Of Vaccine?

To apply for the booster dose of vaccine you have to follow the following step-by-step procedure carefully then you will be able to book a Precaution Dose and get it by visiting the vaccination centre.

  • To register for the Booster Dose Of Vaccine firstly you have to visit the official portal of CoWIN i.e.
  • Post visiting the official portal you will find an option of “Register / Sign In” tap on the option.
  • Post tapping on the above mentioned option you will be able to be redirected to another webpage where you will be asked to fill in your old registered mobile number, fill in the mobile number and tap on the option of GET OTP.
  • Post tapping on the above mentioned option you will be redirected to another webpage and you will also receive a six-digit OTP, on the redirected web page you will find a text box, fill in the OTP in that text box and tap on the option of Verify & Proceed.
  • Post tapping on the above mentioned option again you will be able to redirect the dashboard of the CoWIN portal, here you find an option of “Precaution Dose” tap on the and book your booster dose.
  • Post booking the booster dose you will get the time, date and vaccination centre address, where you have to on the due date to be vaccinated.

Note: Post taking the precaution dose you can download its a certificate from the same Portal, to know more about it checkout our other articles.

We hope that after reading this article you have gotten the detailed information regarding the Booster Vaccine Registration. Even after reading this article if you have any questions or queries related to booster dose or precaution dose then feel free to ask it by commenting below. We will try to answer all your questions and queries as soon as possible. If you want to read more use article like this, then don’t forget to bookmark our website.

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  1. I gave covishild does on 24th February 2021 with the help of my voter ID under election training programs and 2nd does taken on 8th April 2021 with the help of my Aadhar ID. Both are shows the first dose. How to get my booster dose. My phone no is 8637848981.

      • Good morning sir ma’am

        Am from Hyderabad i have taken Covidshield vaccine two doses completed but malta Ema not approved they will keep me corantine i need one of Ema approved vaccine 1. Pfizer 2. Moderna 3. AstraZeneca 4. Jhonson and jhonsan help me i need

    • Hi Shankar,
      My 73 years old mom got her 2 doses of Moderna in Singapore and came here after completing that in May last year. She is an OCI. We are also trying to find out how to get the booster shot in India as she is unable to travel back to Singapore now due to commitments here and also her age. We don’t want undue exposure. They say India does not allow mix and matching of vaccine. What to do now? Hope someone can help.

      • Me also facing same problem,my old sim which i took my two does of vaccine by same number not working now.i already coordinate showroom,they told me another person use to start that number, so same number not possible to how can i register for booster vaccine, how to update new Mobile number sir? I hope your kind reply…

  2. I am 73, second vaccine taken on 27 July. Having diabetes, hypertension, MSG, ADVANCED degenerative neck n spine,( DISH SYNDROME). TWO STENTS for blockages, and gastric issues. NEED PROTECTION.

  3. I am shankar aged 68 yrs, from Chennai took my first and second vaccine at USA. This was because I was there. I had Moderna vaccine. I am in Chennai , India want to take booster dose . I am sure there are thousands of persons like me. No mention about this case in any portal. What we should we do to have our booster dose.

    • Hi Shankar,
      My 73 years old mom got her 2 doses of Moderna in Singapore and came here after completing that in May last year. She is an OCI. We are also trying to find out how to get the booster shot in India as she is unable to travel back to Singapore now due to commitments here and also her age. We don’t want undue exposure. They say India does not allow mix and matching of vaccine. What to do now? Hope someone can help.

  4. How many days , after a Sars cov 19 infection after 2nd dose of covishield, can a senior citizen, otherwise eligible, take a 3rd booster dose ?

  5. My grandparents got their second jab in april but their certificate tot delayed and shows they got their second dose in September. And now i want them to get vaccinated but their cowin shows they cant get it before 90 days what can i do.

  6. I am staying in A-401 Suyog Leher, Kondhwa Budruk, Pune 411048, I am unable to find a clinic or hospital which can administer Covaxine to my wife (above 60Years) nearby me,

  7. I have not received any MSG for the booster dose.first teo doses were taken along with my husband.He has been given the booster dose on 17 Jan 22
    I have not bee given..
    Whom to approach…
    Shashi Sharma..9464156502

  8. Sir my uncle aged 65 years lost his registered mobile no after taking 2nd dose. Now please suggest he can take the booster dose.

  9. Sir I am71years old.
    I had my 2nd dose at dehradun.
    Now I am at booster dose due now. Can I have my booster dose at Pune?
    If yes then how should Can I register For this.
    Pl guide.

  10. I am 77 years and husband 75 when can we have our Booster injection we have both had our 2nd dose of the Covid in May 2021
    Advice most grateful.
    Many thanks Rose Lane

  11. I am 81. Had my 2nd dose of vaccine covishield on 12/07/21
    When I will become eligible for booster dose
    My regd phone 9941175222
    at Chennai 45

  12. From…Ashok kumar Adhya….I myself with my wife taken 2nd dose covishild vaccine on 07.05.2021 .In which date our booster dose will be given and whether we shall be intimated through SMS from NKDA.North 24prgs.

  13. Hi sir i am suresh from chikmangloor, i had 2 vaccine (shinooarm) in kingdom of bahrain, first dose by the date of december 22 & second january 16 2021, now i am in india how can i take booster dose

  14. My self and my wife have already taken two dose of vaccine on14.4.2021 and register as comrbidies. My age is 59 and my wife’s age is 54. Iam bank employee. Bank employee are declared as front line worker. But now i am not able to receive buster doses. Kindly reply. Yours sincerely Ramakanta Mohapatra

  15. We were in u s a And got our first n second dose of moderna covid vaccine
    We r now eligible for booster dose but did not get the booster dose here in navi mumbai India because they said your name will not come up in their system
    I have some questions
    I am in navi Mumbai , India n want the booster dose
    First question is how true is it that if I had modern a two doses I can get only moderna. booster dose
    Secondly can I be given covid shield or covaxine
    Thirdly which center or hospital will give me the booster dose
    And fourth how much will it cost
    And fifth where should I register

  16. Travelling to Netherlands to visit my daughter who is ill. I am 53 yrs old. Need a booster dose. How can I get an appointment. Please help.

  17. I took Astrazenica 2 doses alongwith my Spouse at Melbourne, Australia , having no registration in Indian Cowin app obviously.
    I am afraid , if we can take Booster/ precautionary dose here at Kolkata.
    Already rushed from pillar to post. As a matter of fact, nobody, even in most highly concerned circle, there is no idea as to how this can happen now in India.
    Our immunity level would fall after some time ,as already 5 months has gone after 2 nd dose and not only people like us as international returnees, people around us also will stand vulnerable.
    Indian Health Authy should in no time take up the issue. Regards !

  18. I am just completing 60 by 5th Aug 2022. Second dose date was 2.6.21. completed 9 months. Am I eligible for booster dose.

  19. Is booster dose available for 51 year old who has completed 9 months since 2nd dose.
    COWIN shows NIL slots for 45+
    Though slots available for 18+ there it says not applicable for person

      • Try from Cowin website instead of application it will be successful and you will not get the error message

          • The same error message I am getting in Arogya Setu. As suggested above, I went to the Cowin portal, where I get an error message reading: “Your appointment has been scheduled along with other members. To book a new appointment, please cancel the existing one and try again”. The fact is that I did not do any booking previously nor have I added other family members. The Arogyasetu and the cowin portal first pages tell that the booster dose is not scheduled.

    • Try from Cowin website instead of application it will be successful and you will not get the error message

  20. My Father age is around 72, he is suffering with diabetic & Memory lose after Foot operation removed 2 fingers, he is taking insulation & BP tablet daily, I asked the Dr. he said that, vaccination not require my father, so he had not vaccinated 1st or 2nd dose till now.
    Please suggest will he need vaccination or not.


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