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Worm Rain in China – Full Video, Reason, Real or Fake Test

Bizarre, right? I know! The news was from Liaoning, a province in China. Such a thing has never been witnessed elsewhere. People are baffled and looking for an explanation for this. We have mentioned the Worm Rain in China – Full Video, Reason, Real or Fake Test is here. To know the entire situation read the article.

Worm Rain in China – Full Video

Recently, you might have come up with a video on WhatsApp or social media platforms with cars covered with the bodies of worms. Is there a real Worm Rain in China? Read the complete article to understand.

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The reasons are not yet confirmed by the authorities of the Chinese government. Some state that the news is fake. Others support it with the scientific process. They are stating that it is a rare phenomenon but is possible. The event is called Earthworm rain.

Worm Rain in China - Full Video

Worm Rain in China – Full Video

The video was shared by a person online where the cars on the road can be seen covered in worm-like things.  The news is circulating, and people are advised to carry an umbrella. They are also requested to seek shelter and not to be out. The focus is on the cars parked at the side.

The video has been watched by more than 800 people. They have also added all kinds of possibilities to the comment area. They are not able to wrap their minds around what has been shown in the video.

The tweet was posted around 11th March and has received multiple reactions of all kinds. Few are stating that this is completely fake. Video is everywhere now, be it on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media portals. You can search and look for yourself and decide whether what is being shown on cars are worms or something else.

Reason for Worm Rain in China

Although till now, no one can clearly explain the reason behind the occurrence, there are some who have their own conclusions. The reasons that are contributed by a few in the science field are mentioned here.

The worm rain was refuted by one user online. He stated that it is part of the Poplar tree, which falls right when it is time to bloom. He added that the thing that people currently are considering is worms are actually part of trees that fall and come from trees and not the skies.

The other reason can worm taking up storms and dropping at a location due to air pressure. It happens with the fishes and frogs during animal rain. The cause behind them is tornadoes and storms that suck the creatures and other objects and then are dropped to the surface of Earth anywhere as per the winds.

Worm Rain in China – Real or Fake Test

One commented that the video is fake, as no rain occurred in Beijing. The locals can only confirm what is true. Whether they really witnessed worm rain or it was just a rumour spread by a person to entertain themselves. 

The Chinese journalist Shenzhou tweeted that the video was fake. They are flowers and not worms. It happens every spring season and is normal. They are often confused with caterpillars. Others also stated making fun that they might eat them up for their dinner.

With the everyday discovery of another mutant of the virus, people are becoming extra cautious and worried regarding such occurrences. To pacify the citizens and educate those curious, the Chinese authorities shall come up with a possible reason for the video that went viral. Are the worms falling from the skies, really? Well, we need to wait to get an answer to it.

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