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WhatsApp Down Today – WhatsApp Server Down News & Fixes

As we know that WhatsApp is not working for millions of users today. There are some issues that caused the worldwide WhatsApp Server down and Meta is trying to fix it as soon as possible. Users all over the world are looking for WhatsApp not working solution as they don’t know that the issue is worldwide and not just with their mobile.

WhatsApp Down Today

WhatsApp is an Online instant messaging platform and it is Owned by meta. For the last few hours, WhatsApp is not working on either of the platforms for many users. WhatsApp Mobile App, WhatsApp Web, and WhatsApp for desktop are now down.

The exact reason for the outage of WhatsApp is not yet confirmed but it is expected that the servers may have caused this issue. Meta team is working on the issue as the issue is reported by thousands of users and also got covered by many media houses.

WhatsApp Server Down – Not Working

Whatsapp down

Meta Spokesperson told ANI that they are aware of the fact that many users are not able to send and receive messages. The team is working on solving the issue as soon as possible. As WhatsApp is not working right now, You can check out some sports related stuff.

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According to the real-time monitor, More than 11000 users have reported that WhatsApp is not working on their phones. For India, 11000 reported downtime whereas, for UK and Singapore, it is 68000 and 19000 respectively.

WhatsApp Down Memes

As we know that the internet is the place where humor can be found in every situation. As #WhatsAPPDown is trading on social media, Users are sharing memes to have fun until the services are resumed by the app.

We have gathered some of the memes for you so that you may also giggle. Once everything is sorted by the meta employees, WhatsApp Services will be resumed and you will be able to send and receive messages from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Down Funny Memes

We hope that the team will solve the issue as soon as possible and people will be able to resume their messaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why WhatsApp messages are not delivered today?

This is because WhatsApp is down.

Why WhatsApp server is down today?

Meta engineers are working on the problem and they will fix it as soon as possible.

When will the WhatsApp issue get resolved?

It is expected that the issue will be resolved within an hour.



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