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How to Use ChatGPT? Complete Guide for Free and Premium Services

The name has now become quite common among the youth. We humans are as such; we look for the methods to find the easiest way to finish any task, and what is better than a bot itself? Therefore, we are answering here the question: How to Use ChatGPT? A complete Guide for Free and Premium Services is provided on our portal. Read to know now.

How to Use ChatGPT?

With the growing use of AI in every field. Human has made many advancements. One such innovation is ChatGPT. You can ask any question from it after logging in. The user has to be 18 or above. The makers are now providing it to everyone to use, causing it to become so popular in a short duration.

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You might want to know what it really is and how I can use it. Well, to help you with that, we are bringing you the replies in the simplest manner. You just have to put it to use. People are really enjoying delegating their tasks to the AI chatbot. Let us update ourselves too.

How to Use ChatGPT

ChatGPT Complete Guide for Free Services

The answer to How to use ChatGPT is provided in this paragraph. See, there are two modes to use it. You can use it for free, which obviously is preferred by most. The other way is using the Premium version by paying some amount.

To avail of the free version of the ChatGPT, you can simply visit the site and use it. We have elaborated on the same in the points below.

  • Enter the ChatGPT link on the search bar; its official site is
  • Then as the page opens, you will find the link as Try ChatGPT.
  • When you click on it, you will be required to log in. To log in, enter your email address.
  • Then tap on Continue, and you are free to enter if you want to ask anything.

ChatGPT Guide for Premium Services

The paid version was launched recently as ChatGPT Plus. The price of the Premium version is expected to be around 20$ on a monthly basis. Those who are looking forward to getting the premium version, as it is going to have additional features to it, have to wait. For now, what they can do is get in the queue on the waitlist.

Further details about the usage of the facility are not shared by the makers yet. You will surely be getting quicker replies and exciting features with the premium or Plus version.

On the official portal of ChatGPT, you can read by clicking on the link given as Read about ChatGPT Plus. They have stated to assist you even during the peak hours. It will be made available to users in the United States.

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ChatGPT Limits

The Chatbot can be used to ask for help in coding, essays, résumé, planets, recipes, travels and whatnot. But as we know, every doing has two sides. With thousands of perks, there are some limitations to this application as well.

There can be a few wrong and useless answers from the bot’s side. Though it will converse and try to reply with the latest information, sometimes it can not produce a satisfactory result. We all have to understand that, after all, it’s a machine and not a human.

It will be better if we use keeping this main factor in mind and stay patient in times of error; it would be better instead of shouting, as we have been doing previously with Alexa and others of such sorts.

Thank you, have a great day!

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