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Bomb Cyclone in USA, Meaning, Temperature, Affected Areas

The United States of America is experiencing a massive winter storm; it took place on 23rd and still continuing to get worsen. The people living in the US are advised to remain at home, and warm shelters are made for homeless people. The Bomb Cyclone in the USA, what’s its meaning, the current temperature, the affected areas and all the information regarding the storm that hit the country are mentioned in the article.

Bomb Cyclone in USA

As per the news, the temperature there took a dip; flights were cancelled, and chilly winds were blowing. Roads are blocked due to severe snow storms. Downtown steam is rising from Lake Michigan, leading to no visibility. The temperature in States has dipped to -40 degrees F (C).

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Due to the buffalo blizzard, around 16 people were found dead, frozen in vehicles and homes. The administration is begging the people to Stay off the roads. In many areas, the vehicles were stranded on roads due to heavy snowfall. Snow ploughing is been done by the ploughers; people are rescued by the snow workers, police and other workers.

Bomb Cyclone in USA

Bomb Cyclone Meaning

To explain the situation in a more straightforward way, we can say that the pressure of the winds in the US has taken a drop from 10003 millibars to down 968 millibars. This has caused a middle-latitude storm. It leads to the dropping of pressure rapidly from 1 millibar per hour continuously for the whole day duration, i.e. 24 hours.

The lower the pressure dips down, the more massive storm will be formed and affect the locals. The government has banned driving till Monday and asking people to avoid going out in dangerous storms. The strong winds made the residents feel like their building was being shaken.

USA Temperature

People are evacuated from the Buffalo region to more warm places where electricity is available. The pressure was recorded at a low of 960 on the previous day. The arctic air is blowing to the northeast region. Check for the current weather in some areas of the US.

US Weather Currently
  • Atlanta: Clear 24°F
  • Boston: A few clouds 24°F
  • Chicago: Mostly cloudy 12°F
  • Dallas: Mostly cloudy 42°F
  • Denver: Mostly cloudy 42°F
  • Detroit: Overcast 14°F
  • Las Vegas: Clear 53°F
  • Los Angeles: Clear 64°F
  • Miami: Overcast 50°F
  • New York City: Clear 21°F
  • Phoenix: Clear 62°F
  • Seattle: Overcast 51°F

The temperature in the United States is currently -4 degrees. The wind chills are going on in the various storm-hit areas of the US. There were cases of car crashes due to no visibility and tree branches falling due to heavy winds of snow.

Affected Areas in the USA

There is a whole whiteout situation in badly affected areas of Chicago, New York, Tennessee, Virginia, Maine, and New Hampshire. The warming shelters are being created to provide space to keep the people warm. The government is working to rescue people every day.

It is reported that more than 5 thousand flights were cancelled under the weather on Sunday. As per the current situation, it is expected to get worse in the coming hours. People are volunteering to help people in need. This was the coldest Christmas experienced by the people in years.

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