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Earth Inner Core Stopped Spinning? – Causes, Effects, Dangers

Generally, the Earth’s core spins relatively faster than the mantle. But we have just got the news that it is stopped. Has the Earth Inner Core Stopped Spinning? – Causes, Effects, and Dangers are mentioned here. Read the article to know what it really means.

Earth Inner Core Stopped Spinning?

As per the reports, The earth’s core stopped spinning. The information was shared by the researchers and people are not able to comprehend it. Hence, we have gathered the data and sharing the information here. There is no churning that can be felt under the surface. The belief was always there that the Earth’s core rotates in a swing motion. As per studies. one swing takes around 7 decades. This means that it changes its course in 35 years.

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In another relative study, it was declared that the Earth stopped spinning back in 2009 and it then started revolving in the opposite direction.

Per the researchers from China Peking University. Earth changed its direction in the 1970s and on its basis, it was predicted that will happen in the middle of the 2040s. Per the studies, Earth has always been rotating since its birth say, 4 and 1/2 billion ago.

Earth Inner Core Stopped Spinning

You might be aware of the Earth’s layers, it is made of the Crust, the outermost layer, the Mantle, the mid layer and the Core: inner and outer core. The discovery of the core was done while the seismic waves caused by the earthquakes which are travel through the planet were being studied.

Causes of Earth’s Inner Core Stopping

The stopping of the Earth’s Inner Core is a phenomenon that occurs in 100 years. As it is discovered that the Earth’s core is separated by molten lava forming the outer core. This enables it to move in the opposite direction of the surface.

The spinning of the Earth’s core is by the magnetic field that is generated in the outer core that is regulated by the gravitational effects.

The inner core as we know is a ball of iron that is floating in the liquid outer core. It is the shape of Pluto. The exact cause is not declared yet and there are scientists who completely disagree with the discovery. More research is initiated in this field to dig deep and learn more about it.

Earth Inner Core Halt Effects

To explain it in a better manner we can say that the rotation of the Earth has changed its direction of movement unlike before.

As there is evidence of such a phenomenon from the 1970s as well the researchers are founding it not harmful to the Earth’s surface and the people living on it.

This change might affect shorten the duration of the day by some fragment of the milliseconds. It also would have an effect on the magnetic field of the Earth.

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Earth’s Inner Core Stop Spinning: Dangers

Till now no evidence are found suggesting that the change in the course or direction will affect the lives on the mother planet, Earth.

Overall, the mass need not worry as no sign of harm to living being on Earth have been reported from the studies done by the university.

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  1. How far does the inner core have to spin to change our current magnetic fields? Will we lose cellular service?

  2. How can we be so sure our strange events such as the weather is a result from what is taking place in the core of the earth? I’m not a scientist by any means, but hard to explain our weather patterns in the last year!

    • All of this under ground testing is some of the cause this going on all over the world its disturbing the earth magnetic field believe this or not we are the cause

      • We are cutting down too many trees that's where the global warming coming from just like skinning a animal of it's coat its going to have a effect on the temperature get it or you going to keep believing lies about gases gases come from volcanoes they been around in the beginning of the earth its the trees being cut down changing the weather as well

  3. the core did not stop or change direction.

    the speed of the core changed.

    imagine walking on a running track outer lane, and a friend walking with on the inner lane.
    the evidence showed the inner core was spinning slightly faster, on the track, your friend was gaining on you by a step every lap, not all agreed. the study of evidence going back to the 90s analyzing differences over time the researchers believe shows that the core was indeed in a super spin, slightly faster. this super spin has slowed and the core is spinning slower relative to the surface. your friend on the track slowed compared to yourself and you have now changed positions as you get ahead of your friend. using yourself as a fixed reference, your friend has changed direction and in staid of going ahead of you is now getting behind you on the track relative to you. you frien has not turned around and started walking in the other direction.

    the earth wobbles, and the core is decoupled from the surface via the liquid outer core. this wobble can create a slight difference from both inner core and surface layer from spin directions. the Earth's orbit is not perfect, it is slightly eccentric, and as the wobble comes back around aligning with and going past alignment and back again combined with the eccentric orbit lign up just right from time to time and give a slingshot effect to the inner core speeding it up relative to the surface layer and the cycle of this speed up slow down all over again. on the track it would be like grabbing your friends hand before they get to far behind and give them a boost where they are walking faster than you again. bad analogy but I hope it helps people understand what the researchers where talking about in their paper. they DID NOT say the core itself reversed direction.

  4. The Earth's inner core, by virtue of its rotational velocity, will have angular momentum. By the classical rule that momentum is conserved it raises the question that if the inner core velocity is changing, albeit slowly, what is happening to that change ?
    Going further, a change in angular momentum involves angular acceleration and force (a couple ?). So, where might the force come from ? Could it be as a result of electromagnetic induction – a metallic core rotating in the Earth's magnetic field ?


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