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Creed 3 Box Office Collection Worldwide, Day 1 2 3 4 5 Earning

The third series of the Creed Frenchises break all the records at the box office in the opening days. After earning 100$ Million on the opening day, all the cinema records crossed. The article gives information regarding the Creed 3 Box Office Collection Worldwide, Day 1 2 3 4 5 Earning Report, Cast members and movie reviews.

Creed 3 Box Office Collection Worldwide

After releasing the third series in the sports genre, Creed III earns the highest on the opening day. The ninth series of the Rocky Flims has released the movie in theatres on 3 March 2023 at the weekend. The film is based on the Sports Drama, and its first series started in 2015 after a three-year interval. Creed 2 was released in 2018. After a very long time, the 3rd series hit on the cinema halls.

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In the movie, you see Jordan again in his boxer character. Another member of the cast again reprises in the movie. The date for the release was announced in 2019. After that, due to covid-19, the movie release gets delayed. You will be amazed to read the movie’s story in the below sections. If you plan to watch the movie, it’s the right time; it is available in the theatres to book your tickets online.

Creed 3 Box Office Collection

Creed 3 Day 1 2 3 4 5 Earning Report

As Cred 3 is setting new records with their earning in a week. It’s not over here, and more is coming. On the opening day, the impressive amount of credit in the movie collection of $58.6 M from the domestic debut and $100M globally. It is the highest entry for Jordan. A chart about the per day earing is given below:

Day 1 $114.3M
Day 2 $115 M
Day 3  $ 114M
Day 4  $100M
Day 5 $105M

Comparing Creed 3 Box Office Collection with other similar films of the era, it still breaks all the records. In comparison, the Ford V Ferrari that comes in 2019 earns $20M more amount. After Wakanda Forever, Creed 3 rules over the People watchlist. The Digital telecast is openly distributed with Amazon Prime.

Creed 3 Cast & Crew

As we take a look into the Creed 3 cast, Jordan is famous for his fighting choreography in different series such as Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and Hajime No Ippo. The post-production team will finalize the other credits in May 2022. The written credits of Creed 3 are done with the help of Ryan Coogler, who is the director and co-writer of Creed; he is the producer of Creed 2 and Creed 3.

  • Michael B. Jordan plays the role of Adonis Creed “Donnie.”
  • Thaddeus J. Mixon plays the role of a 15-year-old Adonis Creed.
  • Tessa Thompson plays the role of Bianca Taylor Creed.
  • Jonathan Major plays the role of Damian “Diamond Dame” Anderson.
  • Spence Moore II plays the role of 18-year-old Damian Anderson.
  • Wood Haris plays the role of Tony Evers.
  • Florian Munteanu plays the role of Viktor Dargo.
  • Phylicia Rashad plays the role of Mary Anne Creed.
  • Mila Davis-Kent Plays the role of Amara Creed.
  • Jose Benavidez plays the role of Felix Chavez.

In Creed, three old casts are reprised, and the entry of Jordan is fruitful for the movie. The Boxing game is highlighted as more exciting by Jordon. All the characters play a good role in their characters.

Creed 3 Storyline

The story of the Creed 3 has more than just boxing, where Adonis is trying to prove himself to his family and career. After spending time in prison, he wanted to prove his shot deserved the ring for the fighting. When he fights with his childhood best friend and a former boxing prodigy, his face is more than a fight.

In the end, he put his future on the line to settle the past scores. At the end of the fights, He is fighting to win the battle; it’s a chance where he has to win because he lost everything in his life. A fighter who has nothing to lose is entirely of rage.

Creed 3 Critics Reviews

The critics from the different websites gave a positive response. The rotten tomatoes give them a 7.5 rating out of 10, and the movie gets the 88% likes from the public. IMDb rating gives a 7.3/10 rating, and people are commenting and sharing their experiences on Twitter.

The hashtag of Creed 3 and Jordan is trending on Twitter. The negative character of Rocky is also appreciated by the viewers. The screenplay and cinematography of the movie are top-notch. If you want to watch the movie online, you have to wait until the movie is not released on the OTT platforms.

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