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Indian Idol Season 13 Elimination Today, Winner Prediction, Finale

Indian Idol Season 13 Elimination Today, Winner Prediction, Finale streaming and other details can be checked here. The winner of Indian Idol 2023 will soon get announced at the finale. We can see that just eight candidates remain in the show. It indicates that we are getting close to the conclusion of the competition. The competition for the title of Indian Idol Winner 2023 is now down to a total of eight competitors. In the following post. We will discuss the Indian Idol Season 13 Elimination Today, Winner Prediction, and Finale.

Indian Idol Season 13

The Indian Idol Show debuted on the Sony TV platform and is accessible through the Sony Liv OTT platform. This show will air live over the weekend, on both Saturday and Sunday. The live broadcast of the show will begin at 8:00 pm. The program will be rebroadcast the following weekend at 06:30 and 11:00 pm, both Saturday and Sunday. Read the following sections of this article to learn all about the winner of Indian Idol 13.

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The votes from the previous week have been carried over into this one, resulting in two contestants getting eliminated. The contestant who received the most votes from the public during Indian Idol season 13 will become the winner.

Indian Idol Season 13

Indian Idol Elimination Today Season 13

On the 8th of January 2023, Kavya, Chirag, and Vineet got eliminated from the competition. Kavya and Vineet Singh got eliminated from the Indian Idol Season 13, and eight contestants are remaining.

No singer got eliminated on the 1st of January, 2023. On the 25th of December 2022, none of the participants were in danger of elimination since it was not the week of elimination.

Indian Idol Season 13 Winner Prediction

Only six of the top ten competitors can go on to the next round. Choosing a winner for this specific season will be difficult among these six participants. In our opinion, Rishi Singh will be announced as the winner of Indian Idol 2023 of the Indian Idol because the reaction he has gotten from the people across India is a large one and his journey through the season is fantastic.

Along with it, the second winner of season 13 will be Bidipta Chakraborty since her voice is so lucid. She has received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from the auditions. In addition, one of the highlights of the 12th season of Indian Idol is the fact that Pawandeep Ranjan has also gotten the same reaction, just as Rishi Singh and Bidipta Chakraborty have gained it throughout the competition. Senjuti Das will finish in third place in the Indian Idol Season.

Indian Idol Season 13 Finale

The date for the conclusion of Indian Idol season 13 has not yet become available. Despite everything, we are getting closer and closer to the season’s end.

The last episode of the current season of Indian Idol will air towards the end of January. They have begun filming the next season of Indian Idol. Consequently, you can cast your vote and watch the final season of Indian Idol on the Sony liv app.

How To Vote In Indian Idol 13?

The first round of eliminations for the thirteenth season of Indian Idol has begun. Many singers got disqualified. The elimination round takes place every weekend, and the number of votes determines whether or not that person will get eliminated.

As the fans of every singer vote, the viewers can vote for their favorite singer and make them winners of Indian Idol 13. Following the methods outlined below, viewers can vote on SonyLIV and the FirstCry website.

  1. Visit the Google Play Store and either download the SonyLIV app or update the existing version.
  2. Start the app and log in using your credentials.
  3. Find the banner for Indian Idol and click on it.
  4. Click on the singer that you want to win. The spectator can vote for more than one competitor with their single ballot.
  5. Vote by clicking the “Vote Now” option.

If you want to ask queries related to Indian Idol Season 13, let us know through the comment box.

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  1. How to participate in Indian Idol please let me know I am from Karnataka I want to participate and show case my Talent as well

    • when audition start for indian idol next season go in sony liv app and upload your video of singing
      and if you selected they will call you

  2. It is a good show but Aditya is becoming a drag because the silly nick names he is calling the contestants with and his childish humor. He is doing exactly what he did in the last Indian Idol show, and that is forcibly matching romantically a beautiful girl Arunita with below than average looking Pawandeep. Himesh has the same standard lines in every segment that this it the best performance, and Vishal with always incredibly well dialog. Neha was a pretty face with natural emotions and smile, Sadly she is nowhere to be seen. I think we had enough of Himesh and Vishal. The producers of this show needs to bring new judges.

  3. If you need to see the real talent winning this competition you have only 2 choices to vote for. Rishi sing & Dobeshmita, both sang beautifully throughout & have fantastic rather sensational voices, both proved that they could sing with all types of Lyrics & Music

  4. senjuti should be the winner.try her song in Tanuja spl in other girls can easily find senjuti as the last season both Arunita and sayali have given same song andArunita has slight edge over sayali.If girls given a chance this year I think Senjuti isthe one.

      • This young man must be such an embarrassment to his great father. His absolutely ludicrous & buffoonish act is damn irritating. There’s no need for him to do it
        I actually like the occasional replacement. He’s the comediennes husband. Last name Singh. He’s mature & funny.
        Another thing that I find mind boggling is the Judges. Dadlani & the Narcissistic Himesh literally telling contestants that they will win. These are frigging judges.
        They did it last year. I remember crazy judge picking up Pawandeep like a sack of potatoes after a performance. God it was unbelievable. I think he got fired.

  5. i can not understand why people not seeing Shivam… If it is a music related Shivam should win the title.
    I am a regular viewer of the show. For me Shivam is genuine Singer… He can sing all types of Song. His sound is fresh and one can hear his repeatedly

    • I think Shivam is the best in male singers. Versatile & trained voice. Frankly it’s hard to pick a winner. They’re all pretty good.
      What happened to the guy with the Harmonium. Was he eliminated ?

  6. I can not understand, what people is happening in Indian Idol. Reall singers like Shivam/ Deboshmita and Sonakshi are given less importance in the show… The show is changing from musical one to some thing like to create couple.HR should be removed from judging panel..

  7. Sonakshi is the best singer , her voice plus singing is outstanding, ! second place should be shivam and third Rishi

  8. None of them are upto the expectation. Every si.nger thinks punjabi is the ultimate language to sing. This is is worst session, where punjabi is made language, and viewers neglected their taste. Worst was episode on 26/12. It was only punjabi, judges were biased. Indian idol has lost taste.

  9. the show has lost it charm very biased judges we have switched off no more for us it is dragging on and on


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