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Assam TET Syllabus 2023 HS, LP, UP Exam Pattern PDF Download

Assam TET Syllabus 2023 HS, LP, UP Exam Pattern PDF Download and many more details for this upcoming recruitment are in this article.

Assam TET Syllabus 2023

The authorities of Elementary Education, the Government of Assam, have recently released the Assam TET Syllabus. The applicants can download it from the authorised website, and the syllabus is available subject-wise. The applicants who are willing to join the position in this recruitment then they can access the exam pattern in this article. We have provided the complete syllabus for all the subjects.

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The syllabus for the teachers of Lower Primary Teachers includes five subjects: Child development and pedagogy, Mathematics, Environmental Studies and two language subjects. The syllabus of the Upper Primary teacher has five subjects, including Child development and pedagogy, Mathematics & Science and two language subjects.

Assam TET Syllabus

Assam TET HS, LP, UP Syllabus 2023

The syllabus of TET is divided into two parts – Lower Primary and Upper Primary. The lower primary syllabus is for candidates who want to become teachers of class 1 to 5 students. The upper primary syllabus is for the teachers of classes 6 to 8th students. The syllabus for both is given below, but it does not include the language subject paper.

Child Development and Pedagogy Lower Primary

S. No. Topic Name
1 Child Development
2 Factors Influencing Child Development
3 Dimensions of Child Development
4 Individual Differences
5 Personality
Process of Learning
7 Adjustment
8  Common Behavioral Problems of Children
9 Methods of Learning
10 Theories of Learning
11 Classroom management
12 Organising Teaching
13 Pedagogy
14 Concept of child-centred teaching and competency-based teaching Evaluation

Mathematics Lower Primary

S. No. Topic Name
1 Numbers
2 Fraction
3 Data Handling
4 Geometry and Mensuration
5 Money
6 Integration of ICT in teaching Mathematics

Environmental Studies Lower Primary

S. No. Content
1 Children’s environment (near and far)
2 Natural environment (biotic and abiotic components)
3 The social and man-made environment
4 Festivals
5 Some social issues
6 Environment and child’s need
7 Care and protection of the environment
8 Integration of ICT in teaching environmental science etc.

Child Development and Pedagogy Upper Primary

S. No. Topic Name
1 Factors influencing Development
2 Dimensions of Child Development
3 Individual differences
4 Personality
5 Adjustment
6 Adolescence
7 Process of learning
8 Theories of learning
9 Pedagogy

Mathematics Upper Primary

S. No. Topic Name
1 Numbers
2 Socially Applicable Mathematics
3 Algebra
4 Geometry and Mensuration
5 Introduction to Graphs and Data Handling
6 Integration of ICT in teaching Mathematics

Science Upper Primary

S. No. Subject Topics
1 Physics Kinematics
2 Laws of Motion
3 Heat and Temperature
4 Light
5 Sound
6 Electricity
7 Chemistry Metals and Non-Metals
8 Physical and Chemical Change
9 Acids, Bases and Salts
10 Fibre and Fabric
11 Pollution
12 Biology Cells
13 Transportation in Animals and Plants
14 Respiration in organisms
15 Reproduction in plants
16 Nutrition in plants
17 Microorganism
18 Crop production and Management
19 Animal nutrition
20 Reproduction in Animals
21 Integration of ICT in teaching Science

Social Studies Upper Primary

S. No. Subject Topics
1 History Pre-history
2 Ancient urban civilizations
3 Vedic Age
4 History of Assam
5 Medieval Assam
6 Rise and growth of the British power in India
7 Reforms during the rule of East India Company
8 Geography Our Earth
9 Solar System
10 Major domains of the Earth
11 Major landforms of the Earth
12 About Assam
13 About India
14 Economics Solar System
15 Major domains of the Earth
16 Major landforms of the Earth
17 About Assam
18 About India
19 Political Science The Government
20 Democracy
21 Constitution of India
22 Integration of ICT in Teaching Social Science

Assam TET Exam Pattern 2023

The exam pattern is very important that the candidate must know before starting the studies for the exam. In the Lower Primary, each subject consists of 30 MCQs with one mark each, so the overall marks are 150.

Similarly paper on Upper Primary consists of 30 MCQs in three subjects which are Child development and two language subjects. For the fourth subject, the candidate must choose Maths, Science or Social Science, which includes 60 MCQs with one mark each.

Assam TET Exam Pattern PDF Download 2023

Candidates who applied for this recruitment can download the syllabus and exam pattern in pdf format from the official website of Elementary education of the Govt of Assam.

The candidates must visit the website below and search for “Downloads” with all the subjects mentioned. From here, you can download the syllabus for each subject you want.

Official Website for Assam TET Click here
Homepage Click here


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