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Hacks Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes List, Where to Watch

As the comic-drama series weaves its way back to the small screen, viewers of the HBO Max series will be excited for the appearances of legendary stand-up comedian Deborah Vance and her unexpected comedy writing partner Ava Daniels. Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder play the unusual coworkers who band together to resurrect Deborah Vance’s career in the HBO Max comedy series. The drama series is back for a third season. Continue reading to learn more about Hacks Season 3 Release Date.

Hacks Season 3 Release Date

There is no confirmed release date for Hacks season 3. But, based on the show’s previous release schedule, we may calculate the release date. Season 1 of Hacks debuted in May 2021, followed by Season 2 in May 2022. Hence, May 2023 is a reasonable estimate for when the third season of Hacks will be released.

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The show’s filming continued into early 2023, beginning in late 2022. We will update you when we learn more about the release date for Hacks season 3.

Hacks Season 3 Release Date

Hacks Season 3 Plot

In the heartbreaking Hacks season 2 finale, Deborah fired Ava as her writer following the enormous success of her stand-up comedy DVD special. One of the show’s creators, Paul W. Downs, revealed to Deadline that the new season would occur in the future rather than continuing immediately after the last one. “We do start a year after we left our girls,” he added. There is a time gap as a result. 

We don’t know if they waited to meet each other again or if they reunited during the year since we last saw them, Downs said in jest. A “potential new love partner” for Deborah in Hacks season 3 might exist, Smart teased in an interview at the Golden Globes in January 2023.

Hacks Season 3 Cast

Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder will return as Deborah and Ava. When the Hackers renewal got announced, Erin Underhill, president of Universal Television, told Deadline that she was eager to see “what’s ahead for Deborah, Ava, and the rest of our fantastic ensemble.” It is safe to assume that there will be many more returning cast members. However, there is no official announcement about the same yet.

Heavy heavyweights like Marcus (Carl Clemons-Hopkins), Jimmy (showrunner Downs’ role in front of the camera), and Kayla (Megan Stalter) are likely to be among the returning actors.

  • Jean Smart as Deborah Vance
  • Hannah Einbinder as Ava Daniels
  • Carl Clemons-Hopkins as Marcus
  • Paul W. Downs as Jimmy LuSaque Jr.
  • Megan Stalter as Kayla Schaeffer

Hacks Season 2 Ending

In Season 2 of Hacks, Deborah and Ava are on a cross-country road trip. Of course, there were hiccups along the road, particularly after Ava admitted to sending the email to a group of TV producers filled with unflattering comments about her boss. Deborah wanted to sue Ava for defamation—but kept her confined to the tour bus. Deborah’s performance keeps failing, but after she steps away from the stage and spends a fun night with a much younger man (played by Devon Sawa), her act finally starts to click.

Deborah aims for a comedy special—instead of utilizing it to obtain a Las Vegas residency. When no networks appear interested, Deborah takes a chance on herself and produces it independently while selling it straight to her fanbase: QVC viewers. The program performs amazingly well, and every network wants to air it. It’s a big triumph for Deborah and Ava, who receive many job offers. When Deborah realized this and realized that Ava would remain with her for the long run, she fired her and dropped the lawsuit, thereby letting Ava go in every way.

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When will Season 3 of Hacks be released?

4th May 2023

Who plays the lead roles in Season 3 of Hacks?

Judith Vance

Do I have to get an HBO Max Subscription?

An HBO Max subscription is necessary to watch Season 3.


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