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NASA Asteroid 2046 Location, Speed, Size, Collision Location, Distance

The news regarding the approaching asteroid was announced by NASA. Those who are curious to know more regarding the same shall continue reading. We have published about the NASA Asteroid 2046 Location, Speed, Size, Collision Location, Distance and other facts provided on our portal. Read and know now.

NASA Asteroid 2046 Location

The announcement was made about Asteroid 2046 on March 8th 2023. The NASA Asteroid Watch agency shared that they have been tracking a new one. It is likely to affect the Earth in 2046. After studying it, more uncertainties and exact predictions can be made.

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The giant is around the size of an Olympic swimming pool, as per reports gathered. The Near Earth Objects Coordination Centre of the known European Space Agency has listed the coming one as number one on Risk List. 

NASA Asteroid 2046 Location

NASA Asteroid 2046 Speed

The NASA agency has tweeted regarding the asteroid that has been observed. They have stated that they are keeping a watch at 2023DW. It has very little chance of making an impact on Earth in 2046.

At a speed of 24.64 km per sec, the asteroid is reaching us; this is relative to Sun’s speed. The research is going on, and the scientist is collecting data on the same to reach accuracy.

NASA Asteroid 2046 Size

The size is around 50 in diameter, as per some sources. The details about the are provided by the Agency to inform the Earth livers.

NASA made a statement saying that “Often when new objects are first discovered, it takes several weeks of data to reduce the uncertainties and adequately predict their orbits years into the future.”

Similarly, ESA stated about the 2023DW asteroid through a tweet. They stated not to worry. They have even uploaded a video explaining what happens when an asteroid passes through Earth’s atmosphere.

NASA Asteroid 2046 Collision Location

The collision is predicted to be on Lover day, aka Valentine’s day. The scale to measure the Earth space object, Torino, has a marked 1 point. The collision might not be as impactful as visible from the current data.

NASA Asteroid 2046 Discovery Details

Discovery Date  2023 February 26
Observatory Name  MAP, San Pedro de Atacama

The reaching asteroids have a 1 in 625 chance of colliding with Earth. The updates regarding it will be provided timely. The authorities are keeping a close watch on the asteroid. The ESA Operation said that the asteroids do appear riskier at first than they actually are.

NASA Asteroid 2046 Distance

The distance or the Au expands as an astronomical unit is revealed by the authority. The Au is the distance between the Centre of the Earth and the Sun’s centre. The asteroid was around 0.12 astronomical units compared to Earth.

The data will keep changing as per the distance covered by Asteroid 2046. Still, in case it collides with Earth, it will not be doomsday. The scientist on previously collected data stated that the once an asteroid bigger than this one collided around sixty-six million yers ago, and it wasn’t the end then.

You can indeed check more on the same by going to NASA’s channel online. The news regarding the confirmation will be received from there as well.

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