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American Idol 2023 Auditions, Schedule, Contestants, Judges, Start date

American Idol 2023 Auditions, Schedule, Contestants, Judges, Start date can be checked from this page. We’re back with a new post update about the American Idol 2023 Auditions Start Date, Schedule Time Premiere Details, and we’ll be bringing you all the latest information about the show. You can see coverage specifics on the ABC network, and we will shortly provide the most accurate details available on the program. You are welcome to share this post with individuals interested in trying out for the next season of American Idol 2023.

American Idol 2023

When the first season debuted on FOX in June of 2002, it immediately became an instant phenomenon in popular culture. Amateur singers from all over the United States performed throughout the series in front of a panel of judges. The panel’s decision as to whether or not a contestant can advance beyond the round of live auditions ultimately determines whether or not they win the competition.

Outer Banks Season 3

The Witcher Season 3

Virgin River Season 5

Succession Season 4

Squid Game Season 2

Yellowstone Season 6

Continue reading if you believe you have what it takes to win the golden ticket or the new platinum ticket to find out all that we know about the American Idol 2023 auditions and the method of auditioning.

American Idol Auditions 2023

We are still determining a precise date for the American Idol auditions that will take place in 2023; however, given that the American Idol auditions for the previous season took place between August and October, we anticipate that the program will stick to the exact timetable. All the information you need to know about the audition procedure and what it takes to present yourself in front of the panel in the hopes of getting a job in Hollywood is available for those interested in trying out.

American Idol

In each American Idol season, thousands of individuals try out for the show, but only some are ready for what lies ahead. Contestants must upload an internet video of themselves doing their auditions for the last several seasons. It will be made accessible on the officially associated American Idol website. It is the part of the interview when you get to show off your hits and then you get to answer some personal questions about yourself.

American Idol Contestants 2023

You will need to register for the audition online to submit your application. On the official website of American Idol, you will find all of the information that you want to register for the competition.

  • Go to the website of the organization and register yourself there.
  • After you have enrolled, upload your audition video to the website.
  • The following is a list of the guidelines American Idol has established for all competitors to follow.
  • At the audition, prospective participants must be 15 to 29 years old to be considered for the program.
  • Because the word “America” is used in the name of the program, it goes without saying that all candidates must be legal residents of the United States and have legal authorization to work in this country.
  • It is only possible to audition once online since you can only do so once each season. There will always be a new year, so don’t stress if you don’t receive a reminder!
  • You will be responsible for paying for your travel costs to the audition and any further callbacks.
  • You are not permitted to sing in harmony with anybody else. Therefore, if you are a band member, you must audition independently. Thanks to the information provided in this post, you will feel more prepared by the time the auditions for season 21 of American Idol come around in 2023.

American Idol Judges 2023

Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan, who serve as judges on American Idol, have yet to say whether or not they will return for the next season. According to Deadline, the ABC panel doesn’t “usually sign up until later in the summer.” It is in contrast to the previous statement. There still needs to be information on Ryan Seacrest’s possible comeback to host American Idol.

We will update this article with new information as more information becomes available. However, it is pretty sure that every member of the American Idol cast will return for fresh episodes of the show.

American Idol Start Date Details

American Idol has officially revealed when the first episode of Season 21 will air after keeping fans in the dark for many months. The American Idol 2023 program will return to ABC on the 19th of February in 2023.

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How to Watch the American Idol show?

When the opening date for American Idol’s sixth season is revealed, most viewers will likely tune in to ABC on Sunday and Monday evenings to watch the show. You cannot watch American Idol live on television or via a streaming service (such as YouTube TV or fuboTV). Episodes of the show often become accessible on and the ABC app the next day. Hulu users can watch past American Idol episodes on the website or mobile app.

You can tell us through the comment area if you want additional information regarding American Idol 2023.

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  1. I’m 21 years old with 4 kids I would love to show the American idol my lovely voice im not doing this for me this is for them

  2. Hi yes I went to be on hear I have a good music video and music of me and luck Bryan love my music video and my music

  3. I would love to try my luck on American Idol I could send a cassette of my music if you like. to where? don't know

  4. My dad recently died and he loved to sing and i grew up singing with him and ive always wanted to persue that dream ill do whatever it takes

  5. i have been trying to audition since i was like 12 and now i am 15 i am worthy i am self made i am beautiful i am strong i am a survivor i am a warrior and i am beautiful and i can do anything i put my mind to because i have faith patience and i have god and when prayers go up blessings always come

  6. Hello my name is Spencer Jenkins and to be completely honest I would just very much like a small chance to prove that I am good enough and I also would very much like to do this for my sister may she rest in peace she was just like me she also wanted to be a singer so now I wanna make it for the both of us so she can be very happy up there in heaven
    I hope she can see me and be very proud

  7. I really love this Show a lot especially I love Luke Bryan. He is the greatest Country Singer of all time. I am a fan of Country Music and I wish I could audition for him. I have been practicing my Singing voice. I have seen all of American idol Shows and they have been great. You Judges are the best of all.

  8. My name is Kathleen Renee Lawson I've been singing and dancing around my mother's house since I was 5 years old and I would really like to try out for the American idol in auditioning you can reach me at 916-507-7056

  9. I don't know how to apply for American Idol I can sing I promise you but i don't know where to start it told me to register online but i can't find the register online form

  10. “Because the word”America” is used in the name of the program, it goes without saying that all candidates MUST be LEGAL residents of the United States AND have LEGAL authorization to work in THIS country” SO why did we see a foreigner from the country of GEORGIA win a Golden Ticket? 2/26

  11. Because the word “America” is used in the name of the program, it goes without saying that all contestants must be legal residents of the United States and have authorization to work in this country! Then why did we see a women from the country of GEORGIA signing? 2/26/23

  12. Hello me and my furry friend would like to sign up for American idol we would love to sing our abcs for you🥺!

    By the way this is a complete joke just pranking her lol!

  13. hi I would love to sign up for this because it has been a dream of mine for years and I love to sing.

  14. hi, im peyton i love singing in the shower. i am a retired singer from select sounds and id love to audition for american idol. i think that id do great and i would just love to have a chance to do so. thank you for your time!!

  15. I’m 23 I’m big hearted an got a lot of faith an I wanna be on American idol I have music on YouTube already out it’s under “TDope” I need to be save so I can save my whole family

  16. I’m 23 I’m big hearted an got a lot of faith an I wanna be on American idol I have music on YouTube already out it’s under “TDope” I need to be save so I can save my whole family an I have a so much faith an well manners an ect..

  17. Hi, my name is Brandon Lorenzo Howard. I am a Christian Inspirational Indie Artist. I am trying to find out when and where is the next audition here in California, 2023. I hope it is not too late!

  18. Why is there an age requirement? Why can't someone be over the age of 29? That does not seem fair?

  19. I want to sign my bff Cecily key I want to surprise her amazing incredible singer I pray 🙏 in Jesus name that y'all accept her

  20. Hi my name is Nona burns I live in Odessa Texas I want to be a singer I have been singing since the 8 th grade I am 32 years old know but I would like to do something with my life and I would like to sing with Luke Bryan because he is one of my favorite singers I love his new song build me a daddy because I can relate to that song


  22. my names Dalton moore I'm 18 years old I write my own music , I live in maggievalley nc started writing music as I was going through basic for the army but I decided to get separated to follow my dream of a country music singer I would love to audition and give it a shot , email u can reach me at [email protected]

  23. howdy my name is Dalton moore I'm 28nyears old from maggievalley nc , I joined the army 6 months ago and as I qeant through I found out I could write music ever sense I was Lil I've been singing but I would love to give it shot plz get back to me

  24. Hi, my name is aluna I am 10 turning 11 and I would love to become a singer because that’s my career I want to become a singer. My mom and dad have trained me basically and I would love to go to Hollywood and audition

  25. I will what to be sing on America idol am Tiana Marie Rodriguez 37 year old
    Jesus talk the wheels

  26. American idols talent is unbelievable. 2023 show cases more true established Artists.
    just watching Duet week and seeing performances that are self lead.
    I have a hard time that the Judges critique Artists like it's there first Audition, clueless, and new to the stage.
    I see they are amazed and I don't hear they are growing. Come on Idol. I am sure a lot of these Artists are interested in reccord deals.
    win /win

  27. hay my name is shalu Gupta my age 18 years my high 148 cm and 50 kg I am Indian dance and sing k-pop idol

  28. Hi my name is Trinity Chaney I’m 13year old,love to sing being singing every sense i was 5year old

  29. hie my name is Presley Dylan Randle I'm 28 years old born an raised in Blue Springs Mississippi ……I graduated from east union attendance center …..high school .. in 2014 ……….I was raised up in church … my grandmother an my papaw he was a societ pastor I grew up singing in church I even joined the praise an worship team an I even started out playing drums by ear in church ………my grandmother sang in the quior every Sunday ………I was raised in up in church an deaditcated too the lord by my loving family ………..I mostly spend my child hood listening too the old throw back country songs …… my dad is a country musician singer an sing writer I spend most of my time listen too my dad write songs an record them in the studio. ………back in 2011 I was picked an chosen out of 300 hundred people too go too the academy acm lifting lives music camp for one week an write with Gary Allan an oddie blackmon an Brett James I even got too meet Carrie underwood an little big town an wynnona judd an I even got too perform live on stage with Darius Rucker at the grand ole Opry

  30. I woul like to apply. I am being honest I use to be a singer when I was younger I was a in corse but I didn't have the brass one to jump out to be the lead singer an I am a big Whitney Houston music fan I can't stop watching an singing her songs

  31. Hi! I'm Madison Morse and I'm 18 years old. I also live in Louisiana.
    And I would like to try out for American Idol.
    I don't know if I'll make it as a singer or not, but I won't know if I don't try!

    • Oh, and I like songs from Disney movies like Descendants and Z.O.M.B.I.E.S.
      I also like songs from Pokemon, Digimon, Winx Club, ect.
      I forgot to add that.

  32. hi my name is payton its always been my dream to be on american idol id like to audition im 14 yrs old and ive been singing sense i was a baby i love country music


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