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Manifest Season 5 Coming or Not, Release date, Expected storyline

Manifest Season 5 Coming or Not, Release date, Expected storyline can be checked from this page now. Manifest is a supernatural drama television series first revealed in the USA on NBC on September 24th, 2018, developed by Jeff Rake. The plot centers on the passengers and crew members of a commercial airplane who turned up alive after being missing for five and a half years and being assumed dead throughout that time.

Manifest Season 5

Jeff Rake created the program, and it made its premiere on NBC on September 24th, 2018. When he first developed the concept, rake predicted the show would have six seasons. Despite this, NBC said in June 2021 that the fifth season of Manifest would not be airing. The producers of most television series, if not all of them, are petrified of whether Manifest Season 5 Coming or Not.

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Manifest Season 5 Coming or Not

We, the fans, were curious as to whether or not the television show Manifest would ever be picked up for a fifth season or canceled. The production company behind Manifest has already proved that the forthcoming fourth season will end the franchise. The fifth season of Manifest will not produce.

Manifest Season 5

To answer your question, Manifest will not return for a 5th season. The program will end after its fourth season. Manifest’s creator and showrunner, Jeff Rake, had planned for the series for six seasons, but those ideas were shelved once Netflix picked up the program.

Manifest Season 5 Release Date

As the program proceeded, viewers discovered more about the bizarre, otherworldly happenings that transpired after Montego Air Flight 828’s return, such as passengers reporting unexplainable callings, visions, and health problems. Fans are frustrated because many questions have yet to get answered after NBC announced that the Manifest Season 5 release date postponed and that there will not be a Manifest Season 5. Even though the drama was just three seasons into its planned six-season run, and the previous season ended on a cliffhanger, it went ahead and happened.

Ratings are often the basis for TV program cancellations, and although Manifest launched with good ratings, they have slowly fallen each year. Production expenses can also play a part; programs that are costly to create yet have poor ratings often need to be renewed. Lockdowns and Covid-safe standards have negatively influenced the industry, with lockdowns and Covid-safe requirements stopping or delaying TV program production. As a result, the story indicates that there will be no official for Manifest Season 5 Coming or Not.

Manifest Season 5 Expected Storyline

Severe turbulence is experienced by Montego Air Flight 828 as it travels from Jamaica to New York City. NSA deputy director Robert Vance informs the 191 on board and the crew that they had been missing for more than five and a half years as the jet arrives at Stewart International Airport in Newburgh, New York. The passengers experience what is known as “callings”—guiding voices and glimpses of future events—when they reenter society and start to understand that their lives and loved ones are not the same as they once were.

Seasons 1 and 2 streamed on Netflix before the conclusion of season 3, where they immediately shot to the top of the US Netflix rankings due to their great popularity. Although this offered viewers optimism that Netflix might salvage the program, the series was not renewed. Two months after its launch on the streaming service and after the program shattered streaming rating records, Netflix announced that it would not renew Manifest Season 5 and would only air the fourth and final season. With 20 episodes—nearly twice the typical number—in its last season, which premiered on November 4th, 2022, the bulk of the cast is likely to return.

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How has the journey of Manifest been so far?

The first episode of Manifest, which aired on NBC and included the departure of Flight 828, marked the beginning of the journey of the television show Manifest. The comedy series effectively built momentum among viewers, concluding that season as the ninth highest-rated show on NBC.

Eventually, NBC placed orders for a second and third season, but unfortunately, the audience size continued to decrease throughout the show’s run. NBC was compelled to pull the plug on the drama series Manifest after its third season because the show was not receiving the expected critical acclaim. On June 10th, 2021, Warner Brothers Television licensed seasons 1 and 2 of the show to Netflix, so it might have one more chance at success.

Now that new seasons of Manifest are available on Netflix, we are all aware of what will transpire with the show in the future. The show earned a second chance, given that it was one of Netflix’s top 10 most popular shows. On August 28th, 2021, a deal was reached to produce Manifest’s monumental last season. Since most cast members’ contracts had already expired, Netflix took precautions to ensure that they would retain the international rights to the show and the key cast members.

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    • They aren’t even filming a season 5 . So no it plainly explains that above and it pissed me off when these film and movie companies can’t even complete a planned 6 series. The ending was totally screwed up and didn’t explain what really happened. I would love for them to complete the series and bring back Mick husband.

    • Says no season 5 but to me that is crap season four left with major Cliffhanger. I’ve invested many hour watching and so want to know what happens to passengers. This is not acceptable. I’m so Disappointed with the end of series and show. Please produce further to no longer with cliffhanger. Want to know what happened to remaining live passengers and the child of the 828 fathered.

    • Says no season 5 but to me that is crap season four left with major Cliffhanger. I’ve invested many hour watching and so want to know what happens to passengers. This is not acceptable. I’m so Disappointed with the end of series and show. Please produce further to no longer with cliffhanger. Want to know what happened to remaining live passengers and the child of the 828 fathered.

      • This is the second series I have watched this week that ended with a cliffhanger and then canceled. Major disappointment. Think I am done with netflicks.

      • So inappropriate and disappointing to leave viewers without a proper explanation and ending. Was such a great series and actors. Cannot believe we are left in limbo.

      • No season 5 but Season 4 is not over. There are 20 episodes so they are releasing in 2 parts. Season 4 part 2 the last 10 episodes will come out beteeen Spring/Summer. They wrapped filming Part 2 in October.

  1. Please bring it back it’s about God and I love that even though y’all say divine consciousness that is literally God. This world needs to know about God because it’s getting darker and darker by the day and that’s why I liked the show so much it was really good talked about love and had miracles in it and made it clear of why the plane disappeared for 5 years

    • this movie has nothing to do with the one true God, the creator of this world and all the creation! Read the Holy Bible to know who God is and what Jesus did for your salvation! This world is only going to get darker as the devil prowls around seeking whom he may devour, to kill steal and destroy. God gave us free will to love Him and as turn away from His love the world will fall more and more into chaos because His Word in the Bible tells us what will give us a life of joy, peace and eternal life. we are sinners who need Jesus Christ He is the way, the truth and the life!

    • LMAO, someone else like who ?? lol Other producers??
      Other producers will find other actors lol….
      Its gotta be same Company and same actors who would have want to continue with the series ….But seems like its ain gonna happend,,,unless the miracle happend lol

  2. Me and my family realy enjoy waching the series. Are any chances to be a season 5 & 6 for Manifest?
    Thank you.

  3. The best series in a long time . We need a lot more . Zeke didn’t save Cal for nothing ! We need to see the end of that story !so much callings we miss in the future seasons !hope to see season 5 reslly soon

  4. best series I watched I'm hoping someone in there right mind can produce season 5 it can't end like this I'm loving it

  5. I think there should be a season 5 & 6
    This is a great show and shows that are doing so well should be continued.
    Please continue the series.

  6. Netflix is crazy to not keep this show going. It’s a cash cow, so many people I know love this show. I didn’t realize it had moved (thought it was just gone) then when I found out Netflix had I was stoked! Binged what I could then watched to the end. PLEASE , DON’T LEAVE US HANGING!

    • Seriously why would ya stop it on 4 and not continue with the rest that is fair to ur fans or to ppl that just started watching it I'm sure there r 100s maybe 100,000 ppl out there that would lovebfor u to continue the complete series please don't end it that way dont disappointed the views or fans of the show.
      I hope ya do the right thing for urselves the views n the fans.

  7. We watched 4 seasons and it clearly left us hanging without a true ending and many questions left unanswered. Netflix should complete what they started instead of leaving the series incomplete and viewers unsatisfied. Please finish the story and it was meant to be.

  8. My dad and I watch manifest together and it is our show. I was incredibly disappointed at the end of season 4 when I found out there were no more seasons. How do we get season 5?

  9. Season 4 left the audience hanging. It is ridiculous that it should not have a proper ending that could happen in season 5! Like all other decent series that get axes, most networks cater to blood, guts and no in-depth story line. Sad.

  10. To leave us without a conclusion and so many unanswered questions is totally unfair. We invested so much time and money to subscribe to Netflix to watch this series. A little weary about investing in another series. Very Disappointed.

  11. Ok why on earth the of the seasons have posponed its all about god for gods sake! Kids will learn how to hold on on their dreams and now wanted to take the great lesson???!!! Jessus chtist for gods sake release it!!!

  12. I really hope Netflix agrees to another Season. I have loved Manifest since it first aired. Cliffhangers suck so bad. Makes you keep wondering what's going to happen next when there won't even be a next. Like come on..😩 Why yall make me cry and do this to me. Lol. I really do hope though that Part 2 to Season 4 ends the series good. 😊


  13. Now that so many people have had the chance to view and become invested in the characters it seems a shame to throw that hook away. Perhaps like Firefly a feature film could be the solution. Or two.

  14. surely there needs to be another season, it all has been left as a cliff hanger. I want to see what happens to Eden and Zeke and surely Angelina needs to be caught. something needs to be produced.

  15. No! Are you aware of how many people you have left HANGING? I love this show. From the first episode to the end of Season 4! Do you seriously think this is the way to handle loyal fans? I heard a rumor that your answer was to make Season 4 a 20 episode Season so loose ends could be tied, well that didn't happen so now there is another 10 episodes out there that I would surely LOVE to see. I am tired of Networks and Streaming Services playing with me! Come on, I am among a large group of people that would really sing your praises if you were to do the RIGHT THING here. Oh, I am sure I am talking to myself here, I get the feeling all you think and/or about is money! Alas…so be it. We think of money too, like NOT paying for the months after months of subscription services to you when you consistently come up short!

  16. I really hate that there isn't going to be a 5th season of Manifest. I love that show . it is the best show on Netflix. Please don't cancel Manifest.

  17. My husband and I started watching the series just last month December 2022. We fell in love with it and I enjoyed every moment of watching it. It was very suspenseful and kept you on the edge. I cannot believe that you're going to end it with season four when there was no answers to what really happened or what's going to happen and how things are going to end. Would really love to at least see one more season and how it ends because right now I feel in suspense, and I would spend all my time watching this, and there is no real end. Please give us a final end to this. Thank you.

    • No season 5 but Season 4 is not over. There are 20 episodes so they are releasing in 2 parts. Season 4 part 2 the last 10 episodes will come out beteeen Spring/Summer. They wrapped filming Part 2 in October.

  18. We teach our children the importance of keeping vows, to be truth tellers, then they get into a show that promises 6 seasons then the company reneges on a promise! Please keep your word, Netflix. Stand up and be different, be an example.

  19. i liked the series so much and im really exited know what hapens next. i would really like to have season 5

  20. Manifest is an AWESOME series! One of the best I've watched in a long time! Millions of people spend a lot money paying for Netflix and this is what viewers get?? this makes me want to cancel Netflix…

  21. We really, really need seasons 5 & 6 of Manifest filmed. Excellent story lines, great acting, great scenery and great plot. Everyone I know loved it!!!! We need this type of show nowadays to bring hope back.

  22. So all of the 828 passengers get incarcerated, Zeek is dead, Cal looks like he is healthy again, Dr Aria Gupta double crosses Vance and the team. Angelina has part of the Omega Sapphire burned into her hand. So many loose ends and Netflix not supporting a Season 5. Instead we have to listen to the Whining of Harry and Megan rather than a continuation of a really good entertaining show.

  23. I'm sick and tired of netflix starting a season and then canceling it leaving everyone hanging.
    but honestly not just netflix All studios do this! already canceled prime, hulu! netflix is about to go on the chopping block next, its bad enough they keep increasing subscription fees!

  24. Manifest has been a pure joy to watch and has kept us on the edge of our seats.
    If ratings go down, then companies should complete the show instead of leaving it on a cliff hanger and then cancelling the show.
    It makes perfect sense to do it that way.
    That's my opinion anyway.

  25. It is so annoying to have a great show made and then cancelled before the story has ended. Please – Somebody – make this show end on a high note!

  26. Just binged season 4. Hopefully there will be a 5. Might as well get rid of netflix if they continue to stop storylines. Happens way too often. Will wait and see what happens. awesome show Manifest

  27. Please don't leave us hanging! I have watched this series from the first airing and want to know the ending. I had originally heard the last episode was to air after 5 years on the death date. That was great planning and would love to see that followed up on.

  28. Getting real tired of these shows sucking you in then dropping the story line!!! Same happened with Blood Line. Great story, then you were like…"nope"! very frustrating, why not finish the series,.you we apparently committed to filming it in the first place.

  29. Okay so I'm at the ending of manifest season 4 these clip hangers are not okay. We need u to bring the last 2 season immediately because I am really into it so ha 100 other million people don't bring something for us to watch and now bring them last 2 season

  30. Why would you leave us all hanging like that? I'm not religious but I love the supernatural. It's ridiculous to build a fan base then just end it with no answers. No more Netflix for me. This isn't the first time, either.

  31. Please ignore my previous comment, as I did not know that there would be a second part to season four. As long as there are no major cliffhangers in the end, I'm good.

  32. like so many others, I didn't know Manifest had been moved to Netfix, I have binge watched all 4 seasons and I'm about to start the last episode of season 4… if there isn't going to be a season 5 I'm not going to watch the last episode. This is so frustrating, we as viewers get sucked in and then you cancel a show and leave everyone hanging! If the cast is available and season 5 has been written, why not go ahead with it?? You clearly have an audience that wants to see it.

  33. How do you expect to keep a captivated audience when you keep cancelling shows? How can anyone be willing to even pay a supsctription?

  34. Agree!! it's time we stop watching Netflix series. Seems everytime they lure you in, they end it without an ending. They got me with Outerbanks, then Stranger Things, now Manifest. So done with their series. My brother was trying to yell me about one he was currently watching the other day. I told him I dont do series from Netflix anymore. He claimed this was his first and if it was canceled on a cliffhanger it would be his last. I told him to prepare for it:( Drop their ratings & they will stop this. We could just pick up a good book start reading and burn it half way thru, try this instead of their series.You will get the same satisfaction;/

  35. great series but you can't leave it there! you have to finish it, to many shows these days leaving fans in frustration. There should be an ending filmed to close shows properly, so have a thought for fans. People hate getting left in the dark!!! that's why you lose viewers, if you can't finish what you started the don't expect people to be loyal, always film an ending to close it ,film the end of it first.

  36. We need a season five of Menifest, me and my husband just watched it and we loved it. But we wouldn’t have watch it if we knew it was going to leave you hanging. Please finish it out.

  37. Netflix sucks ass for not continuing the series.
    They should have one more season or at the very least make a two hour movie to conclude the series. This is such bullshit!!

  38. it is inconceivable that we be left hanging at the end of season 4 without any resolution. Although ratings may have dropped (at least that is what they claim), and/or production costs have risen, it won't break Netflix. the fear of a reduced profit margin is a poor excuse to sabotage a top 10 series and millions of devoted Manifest followers. Shame on this decision.

  39. My husband & I are not ones to get into shows, or, series, but, we loved manifest!!! We need closure on this series. Just give it to those of us who took the time to watch every episode.

  40. Please Please bring a season 5. There are plenty of people who love this show and are hoping for a season 5. Please do us Manifest lovers a favor and bring season 5.😔

  41. I really enjoyed all 4 seasons. I still would like to know if Cal stone will survive his cancer again or will he die? will Zeek continue to remain mikall's husband or not or will jerek continue to try and get his ex fioncé back? what happened to adrian after he was kidnapped by angela's mother? After Angela got the piece of the saphire from the lava, will she continue to use the the stone? 😡I really hate when the season stops at season 4 abruptly! it should continue till season 6!!!

  42. this is bullshit . like we wasted all that time in this to what have it end like it did. whoever disison this was well screw you.

  43. so what's up with season 5 and maybe a 6th. there is noway. u can not just leave us with Angelina having the sapphire in her hand, Zeke catching cals sickness. what happens I need to see the rest. what happens to everybody. and just like cal said it's (thiere) not finished yet.

  44. I normally don't write reviews on anything but got hooked on this series and wanted to say how sad and mad they are not filming season 5. Seriously?? If Jeff Rake could read all of these comments, he could clearly see he needs to bring this show back!!! How could you leave us hanging like that!!

  45. This is very disappointing and sad. Can’t believe that ya’ll are going to just drop the show like this. I started watching this show with my mother when it first aired and it took me a while to get back to watching it since she passed away 3 years ago. 🤬😡

  46. Just got done watching last episode of season 4. Looked up when season 5 is going to be out and find out there is no more?!?!! Are you kidding me??!??!?! This is Bullllllll!!!! Left everyone hanging 🤬🤬🤬

  47. I love Manifest. I was very disappointed that the show would not be back for fifth season. You left everyone hanging after fourth season. Please bring it back !!

  48. My husband and I have been watching this series nonstop only to find out there will be no season 5 or 6. What a bummer To invest so much time into a program and not have an ending.Well,shame on you Netflix

  49. This is one of the best TV series I have ever seen. I REALLY want the series to continue. PLEASE finish the series.

  50. Really see no point in subscribing to Netflix if they often discontinue funding to the best shows which clearly have a strong fan base. Never have I known so many people around me to be interested in the same series. Then an article comes out saying “fan base not big enough” “need more $” I smell lies. Netflix makes their money of subscription alone and as for series that is one of the most popular so the views are likely through the roof and what we hear are excuses. Maybe the show incorporated too much negative government involvement and wasn’t good image to show the sheeple who watch rv and obey? Idk just a theory really. Really liked how they included several spiritual views and the involvement of the divine. And how they showcased the crazies who twisted the word of god to their own benefit. Maybe they lost viewers who leaned towards atheism? But there are so many spiritual folk of many backgrounds who can take interest in this show. Truly it’s Netflix loss if this is discontinued. For not believing in the viewers who are believers and how strong our influence is. We don’t need a tv show to recognize the divine wonders of real life.

  51. So season 4 episode 10 is the end ??? No , I’m so disappointed!!! We are all left with so much unfinished. I wish I’d of never started watching this now that there is no ending to it at all to come !!! WHAT A LET DOWN NETFLIX…. 😮‍💨😞✈️

  52. your decision to not finish what you started is an irresponsible disregard of customers leaving us hanging with no conclusion . I wasted many hours; since you have this disrespect of your customers I will treat you the same way and cancel NETFLIX. I hope millions more do the same.

  53. They said that the viewing was going down each yr. How so? Especially with everyone here is just as mad as I am at the way things just stopped on a freakn cliffhanger. Writers have a BAD habit of doing that on shows. I'm a writer and I'd NEVER leave anyone "hanging" like that! Good flipping grief! 🤷🏽‍♀🤦🏽‍♀😡 I know of 19 movies/dramas that are the same way.

  54. I want MANIFEST to finish series. I enjoyed it so much. Please bring it back and finish what you started…Please.

  55. I would wake up in the middle of the night to watch a few episodes because this was such a great series. Now to find out there will be no more seasons is just about unthinkable!! There are so many unanswered questions that it is not fair to your customers of this series. It took me a while to get over the fact that Mick was not going to be with the love of her life and found new love with Zeke. But to end that with Zeke dying and not letting Mick get back with her true love is not fair. There are just too many unanswered questions. You must have a season five please, have a season five! We’ve got to see how the illness is with Cal & how it turns out with the end of time. So please, have a season five and put your customers out of our agony!

  56. people we need to petition Netflix! Demand they provide a season or two more, or CANCEL your subscription!
    get emailing peeps!

  57. Whoever is in charge for not letting season 5 and 6 happen your idiots. There are many questions that need to be answered. Manifest was an excellent mini series. It must be continued. A lot of fans want to see what happens. We’ve watched it for so long just to not complete it. Apparently you don’t know a good show. Please make it happen.

  58. I agree with everyone else there has to be a proper ending it's a fantastic series I have not gotten into a series for a longtime and this is the best one I have ever seen so please finish this one properly. it was suppose to be 6 so finish it after 6. So please do finish it the proper way right to tge end, thank you.

  59. this is the third show I invested my time on watching and all three have been canceled.
    NOT good Netflix!!
    I believe if you keep doing this you will lose a lot of subscribers

  60. Netflix you are such a disappointment, so many people love this show. I'm going to cancel you. I'm sick of you canceling shows just when they get started. What's wrong with your senior staff, who make these stupid decisions? Don't listen to those dough-heads! Cancel them! Hire new staff! Listen to your PAYING subscribers. Keep Manifest going. It involves God and His miracles. We need God on our messed up planet these days Are you going to cancel Him too!

  61. Please bring back the best show created with continued season 5 and possibly 6! Us attentive and zoned fans would like to see if Mick and J get back together after Zeek took Cal’s death over!!
    Please! My entire family of 46 are tuned in to your show continuously and discuss each episode after viewed!!!!
    Leominster Massachusetts!!

  62. Manifest is a great sci-fi series like we haven't see for a long time. It just make no sense at all for Netflix to have produced season 4 if it was to end it again on a greater cliffhanger. I want to see what comes next as it leads to a follow up… I hope the production is once again picked up. This show is even more fascinating now than the first seasons – please finish this storyline down to season 6 as it should be!

  63. I am so pissed off, this has good ratings, I know alot of people who love this are u going to leave it like that, that's crap..I'm so into this show..come on people we gotta do something!!!!!!!!!

  64. Very disappointed and fed up with series that start on one network get u hooked and then switch to another you don’t subscribe to. That is what they did with Yellowstone and wouldn’t surprise me if that’s what they do with season 5 and Manifest. Sucks 😢

  65. Why do we get drawn into these series'that we actually enjoy and then learn they will not be returning. Someone needs to put a stop to this. It's ridiculous. A warning or something it may not be continued. A lot of people would not bother getting hooked and baited again.!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. I watched all seasons would love to see a season 5 i loved this series please reconsider on doing season 5!!!…

  67. Can y’all pls do a season 5 because we really don’t know what happened after season 4 ended. Like it left us hanging and confused.

  68. I cannot believe you would leave such a series hanging like you did. Cal coming alert again and Zack dying. What the heck. Oh and the bad person getting away. That’s a little crazy. To save yourself at least do a Series 5 and bring it to an end. For everyone in the series and everyone watching

  69. Bring on seasons 5 & 6!! This show/series is so good!! Let us fans know what happens. So disappointing if Netflix does not make this happen.

  70. "Manifest" needs to have a season 5 so you're not leaving your fans hanging. You need to finish the story so we know what has happened to all the people of 828 and their families.

  71. meaning to say, i just wasted my time then… i knew cal could save zeke once again but lile zeke is going to be alive after 1 year i thought of that. or cal is going to be a small boy again. but but people will get 5yrs and half older 😆 damn literally i wasted my time really going to work with 2 hrs of sleep coz of this damn.!

  72. eagerly waiting for next season. The series is super good and
    very interesting…..Don't disappoint us…..

  73. There was finally a show that wasn't a carbon copy of so many others. I hate when you watch and are invested in the storyline and they drop it and leave you hanging!

  74. کسکش غلام دنگ این همه قسمت و دیدیم حالا میگی بقیه رو نمیسازیم میک بیچاره چیکار کنه با میسازی یا بیام بسازم دیوس غرامساز

  75. It's interesting Season 5 is not being renewed, but Season 4 doubles in length. In reality, Season 4 Part 2 (Episodes 11-20) is Season 5 in essence. This could be a contact / administration issue. All in all I look forward to S4 part 2, and hope it will at least complete the story arc to a satisfying level.

  76. I watched the 1st season and loved this show. Somehow I lost it. just acqired Netflix and couldn't believe it was on there then I saw 4 seasons and I've had a binge run. I love this show. I'm sorry after the 4th season it will be finished. I only have the last half of season 4 left.😭😭😭

  77. Ugh! I want to see the ending. I am invested. Netflix should always finish what they start. Why am I paying a membership, the highest membership for an app than I pay for any other app, and I can’t see the ending of what I paying for… 🙁

  78. wtf please do the season 5 and 6 do to popular demand please I'm dieing here I want to know what happens!!!!!

  79. they must to making a number 5 E with 12 season maybe, because we need to know the " 2 june 2024, the will be alive.

    • yes, EXACTLY 🙂 I want to see what would have happened that date 2.6.2024 before we even go in to it….

  80. I feel if the producers or Netflix decide to make any series, they should honor the whole show!. If not don’t even start it, so nobody waste their time and effort on your productions!!! Losers of movie making.

  81. Honestly…. I'm angry!! There better be a completion, this is like the 7th Netflix series I have gotten into, absolutely loved, then they just drop it incomplete. Maybe I should just drop Netflix…

  82. It really is upsetting to get so involved in a storyline for four seasons without an ending is like reading a book and find out the last chapter has been torn out!!
    Won’t be investing my time anymore with these producers programs, you can’t trust them!!

  83. I want the 5th season. You can't wast time of the poeples that was watching all of the four season. So be kind to do the 5th season and be sure that will end for good.

  84. Please bring back the series MANIFEST. I really miss the show and it’s just too much hanging. In the midst we need some good closure. Please bring it back PLEASE!

  85. God-damn you Netflix!
    could you consider airing season 5 and 6 for goodness sake!
    I mean, it can't just end here!!!!!

  86. Omg I just finished watching the last of manifest and I was so upset with the ending. Unbelievably and then they said final season 4 coming June 2nd. I was still upset because I like to binge watch shows so when I seen there were 4 seasons I was waiting for a good ending , but but was it not a good ending. And then find out it will return in June 🙁


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