Vaccine Certificate Correction Process and Links to Correct Mistakes

Vaccine Certificate Correction, rectify Errors withinside the Certificate like Name, Aadhar Card Number, Contact Number, Father’s Name, Dose date from the legit website. We know you all want to know how to get CoWIN Vaccine Certificate correction online and we will give you the details about that clearly in our article. We desire which you all will examine our article cautiously due to the fact in our article it’s been advised that you may get your vaccine certificates rectified online sitting at home only.

Vaccine Certificate Correction Overview

Authority Ministry Of Health and Family Welfare Department
Certificate Name COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate
Correcting Errors Name, Date of Birth (DoB), Gender and Age
Official Website

Vaccine Certificate Correction

You could make corrections in your vaccine certificates on line best with the aid of using visiting the authentic website, that is a totally smooth technique.

You are supplied together along with your Vaccine Certificate straight away after your first dose, which you may get online and in case you locate a few mistake on your Vaccination Certificate and also you need to get it corrected, then a few techniques are constant for that too.

Vaccine Certificate Correction Process and Links to Correct Mistakes

You can make improvements to your certificate via the CoWin application, all you need to do is provide some important information.

In the vaccination certificate, you receive all your contact details such as name, age, sex, date of birth or photo, etc., as well as details on the name of the vaccination, the place of the vaccination, the date or by whom, etc.

If you wish, you can get more details about this by visiting the official CoWin website.

How to do Vaccine Certificate Correction

  • Very firstly, you have to link to the official site of CoWin.
    which is –
  • Now, you will have to fill in the details like the phone number, through which you had registered already for your own Covid-19 vaccination.
  • Then you will get the OTP on your number, you will have to fill it.
  • And then you have to click on Verify and Proceed button.
  • Now, the next page will appear on your screen.
  • Now, on the next page, you will have to click on the “Raise an Issue” button.
  • Now, after clicking, you have to select the given option of “Certificate Correction”.
  • After that, the new page will appear where you will see an option for “What is the Issue?”. Then select Correction in Certificate from there only.
  • And then you’ll have to test your information into self-correction, anything you need to edit or fix.
  • Besides your name, you can only change two numbers of the date of birth, gender, and photo ID.
  • After that, correctly fill in all the details.
  • Finally, click on the continue and submit the details.

Vaccine Certificate Rectifying Errors

You can very without problems accurate all of the mistakes on your certificate, for which you’ll want a few essential details.

You will want a thirteen-digit beneficiary reference ID for the vaccination certificate.

The vaccines were made with the aid of using the authorities to remove the spread of the coronavirus withinside the country, which we are able to do with the aid of using visiting our nearest covid centers.

This vaccine was released on May 01, 2021, for people over 18 years of age and after application of the first dose, a vaccination certificate is also immediately issued to you.

If you want to get vaccinated, you can book the slot for yourself by visiting the legit website, after which you can get vaccinated.

Let us inform you, in line with the report, it’s been stated that once you have the covid vaccine, the coronavirus isn’t always absolutely avoided, however the probabilities of having inflamed with the coronavirus are significantly reduced.

So far, a complete of seven hundred million doses were given throughout India and still, a huge range of human beings have become this vaccine each day.

In addition, we want to tell you that you can only correct errors in your vaccination certificate once on the CoWin application.

We hope you have all the details on the Vaccine Certificate Correction in this article.

Cowin Website Click Here
DMER Homepage Click Here

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  1. I have been vacinated with COVAXIN twice in Madurai GH.
    But the downloaded certificate shows that l had one dose only
    When I checked this with 1057 number calling I was informed that that 2nd dose particulars was not uploaded properly
    kindly check this and correct the updates

  2. Applied for dose date correction. It’s been six days but didn’t get updated certificate. Status howing pending till now. What should I do? Can somebody help to resolve it. Thanks

  3. If your taking 2nd vaccine with other mobile number then only it will work’s. Like if u dont have time and your 2nd dose time limit is done. Go with any other mobile number. then any day, go to your lost sim customer care store. Take same number new sim. then do this down process
    Go to
    Now, you will have to fill in the details like the phone number, through which you had registered already for your own Covid-19 vaccination.
    Then you will get the OTP on your number, you will have to fill it.
    And then you have to click on Verify and Proceed button.
    Now, the next page will appear on your screen.
    Now, on the next page, you will have to click on the “Raise an Issue” button.
    click—-Transfer a Member to New Mobile Number—–
    after entering your old mobile number and new mobile number your will receive OTP. this will complete the process

  4. My grand mother has taken 2 doses but the Mobile number is mentioned is wrong and I cant able to download the certificate, because I’m getting the error has already registered with another number. I don’t whose number it is because its shows only last 4 digits only. How should I change number to my number so that I can able to download the certificate.

  5. रजिस्ट्रेशन करतानि माझा मोबाईल नंबर त्यांनी चुकवला आणि माझि जन्म तारीख पण आता माझ Certificate कसे मिळनार

  6. I’ve lost my registered mobile number with covin, both vaccination are done. Iam unable to get the vaccination certificate without my mobile number. How can i change my mobile number, please guide.

  7. Dear Sirs,
    I Mr. PALLIPEEDIKAYIL EASOW MATHEW had taken my 2nd dose COVISHIELD vaccine dated 20th April 2021 (Batch No. 4120Z011) and MY wife MRS. MARY MATHEW had taken 2nd Dose COVISHIELD vaccine dated 20th April 2021 (Batch No.4120Z011) and my son MR. KENITH PALLIPEEDIKAYIL MATHEWS had taken 2nd Dose COVISHIELD vaccine dated 01st September 2021(batch No.4121P178) unfortunately the final certificate has not yet been uploaed.
    Therefore, kindly upload the certificates at the earliest.

    Your immediate action for the above is highly appreciated.

    Thanking you,

    Sincerely yours,

    P. E. Mathew,
    Mobile No.9980207749

  8. I lost my sim through which I had registered for vaccination. I already got vaccinated with 2nd dose but am now not able to download the certificate as the OTP is going to lost sim. Can you help ? Please call me at 8956303164,

  9. `DOB is incorrect but unable to update via cowin website since there isnt an option, previously my year of birth was incorrect but i correct but unable to correct the DOB.

  10. I took my first covid vaccine on 30/03/2021 in QRG Medicare Ltd. Faridabad (Haryana) & I downloaded my certificate online in which my details were all correct. Then I took my second doze on 13/05/2021 at ESI Sector-55 Faridabad (Haryana) but there were two mistakes in my certificate 1) My name was incomplete without surname 2) Age was wrong i.e. 56 against 65. & Certificate was showing Fully vaccinated (two dose) which was ok. Then, Now on 03/01/2022 I corrected my name & age & submitted online. But the revised certificate showing corrected name & age but in place of fully vaccinated wrote partial vaccinated & 2nd dose due date 21 Sept. 2021. What is this ? Please help me out . I talked to the concern people at 1075 but they are unable to understand.

    • मेरा मोबाइल नंबर गलत हो गया है मुझे मोबाइल नंबर चेंज कराना है

      • मेरा मोबाइल नंबर गलत हो गया है मुझे मोबाइल नंबर चेंज कराना है क्या कोई मेरी मदद कर सकता है

    • Many ways u can change it , go in raise an issue on cowin portal ,
      For more help u can message me on instagram I’d :- ishrat2258

  11. Sir mera papa ka name cowin app se delte ho gya vaps kaise ayega sir plz help for my situation plz sir plz action on my topic sir🙏🙏

    • I UDDIPAN DUTTA and my wife Avantika Dutta have taken preventive dose (booster ) on 17 January 2022 at National Institute of Malaria Sector 8 Dwarka Delhi. After that a composite certificate was given showing 1/2, 2/2 and preventive dose. The date of 1/2 dose is errenously shown as 15 April 221 where as it is actually 01 March 2021. I have one page provisional vaccine certificate of first dose which records the Vaccine date as 01 March 2021. Do I need to rectify the new certificate and how.

  12. I UDDIPAN DUTTA and my wife AVANTIKA DUTTA have taken preventive dose(booster ) at NIM Dwarka Sector 8 Delhi. A composite vaccine certificate issued from CoWIN shows1/2 dose erroneusly as 15 April 2021 ( same as 2/2) where as the actual date is 01 Narch 2021. I have a one page provisional vaccination certificate issued on 01 March 2021 with correct date .Do I have to rectify the latest composite certificate issued and how.

  13. Hi sir ,

    I have done with 2 doses , but in the cowin certificate its showing only partially vaccinated, so now what should I do , how can I correct this mistake

  14. i had my first dose of vaccination on march21st2021. and second dose on may 6th2021. vaccination name is covaxin. but in my cerificate dates are wrong and vaccination name is also wrong. how can i rectify it. please do helpme.

  15. sir in my certificate my 1st doze is 21st January, 2021 and 2nd dose is 28 feb, 2021. date of dose wrongly entered. how can I ractify, plz suggest. I need to take 3rd doze.

    • but in my certificate 1st dose entered 8th Feb 2021 and 2nd doze 3rd Sep, 2021. Corrected dose which i have take as above mentioned in my previous comment.

  16. I can’t download my vaccination certificate .my addhar no 819892193004 . Mobile no6006031303 .I got my first dose 6/3/2021 Srinagar
    Second dose 17/4/2021 Mhow
    Covishild Bach no first dose 41207031
    Covishild Bach no second dose


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