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Richest Country in the World 2023 Top 25 Richest Countries List

13Richest Country in the World 2023 Top 25 Richest Countries List. This article provides complete detail about Richest Country in the World. Read to know more.

Richest Country in the World 2023

Countries like America, Qatar, Norway, etc., are on the list of the wealthiest countries in the world, but a small region remains on the top of this list. Gross Domestic Product per capita estimates the economy per person in a country. The most accurate data is expressed through this, but wealth distribution is not shown through GPD. To be at the top of the list, many things are considered, like price structure, per-person income, etc. In a rich country, if you want to rent an apartment, it will cost 500 dollars per month, but in a poor country, you can rent a palace for the same price.

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Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a small country in Western Europe, is at the top of the list. It is a landlocked country which shares borders with Belgium, Germany and France. Luxembourgish is this country’s national language, but French and German are also used in administrative and Judicial matters. It is one of the smallest European countries, with 2586 square kilometres of area. The population of this country is also very least in Europe. It is a developed country with the world’s top GDP per capita. This country is a founding partner of the European Union, OECD, United Nations and Benelux.

Richest Country in the World

Top 25 Richest Countries List 2023

India also has good GDP, but here the population is so much. The population must also be smaller to be on the list of the wealthiest country. You will read about the top 25 wealthiest countries in the world in this article.


Luxemburg being on the top of the list, has a GDP of 140,694 dollars per capita. It remains on this list due to its low population of 645,397. This country produces a large quantity of steel. Top companies Amazon and Skype have their offices here.


Singapore is on second on this list, with a GDP per capita of 131,425. This country has very low tax rates, and also the headquarters of the Asia-Pacific Economic Corporation is here. The population of this country is 5,453,566. It is the richest country in Asia.


The Republic of Ireland remains 3rd in this list but is first for foreign direct investment. Its per capita GDP is 131,034 of Ireland. This country concentrates on high-tech, life sciences, financial, etc. services for better development. It has the fastest-growing economy. The GDP of this country is just doubled in the past 10 years.


A country with Petroleum and natural gas helps in more than 70% of govt revenue. Qatar earns 85% from export, and it has 60% of the gross domestic product. It has 113,675 dollars per capita GDP with the second largest exporter of natural gas in the world.


The fifth position in this list occupies by Switzerland, with 84,469 dollars per capita GDP. It has a tiny population and is the land of wealth, as many millionaires live here. It is a European country and is known for many inventions. Switzerland was established in 1848 and became developed in a short time.


Norway is the largest exporter of oil in the world. Per capita GDP of 78,128 dollars. It was the poorest country in the three Scandinavian kingdoms, with an economy based on agriculture, timber and fishing.

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates got the seventh position in the list with a per capita GDP of 77,272 dollars. It is the fifth largest in the middle east, and the revenues come from petroleum and natural gas. Also, tourism is one of the significant sources of revenue.

United States

United States, where the income of women has increased fastly after the 1970s. The GDP per capita of the United States is 75,180 dollars. The top income in this country in 2019 was 103,012 dollars, and more than 60% of families have two or more revenue earners.


Brunei is a very small country situated on the northern coast of the island of Borneo in Asia. Half of the population of this country is under 30 years of age. This country creates its revenue from the reserves of petroleum and natural gas.

San Marino

San Marino is in the tenth position of this list which creates its revenue from tourism, banking, and manufacturing of furniture, fabrics, clothing, paints, spirits, tiles, ceramics and wine.

The remaining 15 countries are in the below list

Rank Country GDP Per Capita
11 Denmark $69,845
12 Netherlands $69,715
13 Taiwan $69,500
14 Austria $66,680
15 Iceland $66,467
16 Andorra $65,372
17 Sweden $63,877
18 Germany $63,835
19 Australia $62,192
20 Belgium $62,065
21 Finland $58,659
22 Bahrain $57,921
23 Canada $57,827
24 Malta $56,338
25 France $56,200

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  1. most interesting and informative info. However, it will be more interesting if all countries of the world are comprehensively compiled.

    • The most corruption country in the world is Nigeria and they have produce the most worst president's of all time, Nigeria government is wicked to its people and doesn't care about the growth of the nation, all they care is stealing money and killing the innocent citizens who has stand up against there evil doings. The world really need to put eye on Nigeria because it's citizens are suffering, there law accepted democracy but the Buhari government isn't making use of the system.

    • it's based on GDP, China has such a huge population and many vet poor in the rural areas that brings the average down.

  2. Why wasn't Kuwait mentioned as one of the Richest countries. You have left out Kuwait, so your information is not accurate, thank you for the incomplete info –

    • I agree with you. These riches never trickle down to the poor in our country . I live in Ireland and laugh at Ireland being on any rich list, we have over 11,000 of our citizens homeless, and queues at food banks growing daily.

  3. Why not include Saudi Arebea in richest country list because that's purely Muslim country and have Islamic law in country but non beleave countries jeules and soon very near all those would be in HEll time has started that fine desteny Day ofJujment is too near awake up and surrender all non believer Natations in from of GOD almighty and follow Quran last Holy Book and act your deed accordingly to be successive

  4. Mari age 31 saal ha or ma Malaysia mein work krta ho mugay shadi k luy aik larki chaye jis ki age 18 se 25 k durmeyan ho
    Mari apni shop ha Malaysia mein

  5. it is not the population which makes india poor. the reason being there are no exports to any part of the world. it's only imports. hence it is unable to earn foreign exchange, therefore its very poor.

  6. Hi
    I think there is some mistakes in this article like as follows:
    1.Switzerland established at 1948.
    2.Norway is the largest in the world exporter of the oil .

  7. Please it is my Name Charlisco Chikezie, Trinity Motors Store Company . Lisco among the world richest men on earth, let people start hearing about me now.
    And I wish Norway ahead of riches . God bless American.

  8. This isn't verifiable, the richest country on planet earth is found in Africa and its call Nigeria. No Country is as rich as this country in terms of mineral resources! except for the Politicians who has succeeded in turning the riches of Nigerians into family riches, go and verify!

    • the truth is Africa is the most richest country in the the world .. they kept you people fight each other.. so could grab all the gold n diamonds etc. the wealth of your country for them.

  9. Where is Saudi Arabia,, very strange,, one company only in Saudi is richest than all the mentioned countries,, Aramco is out of the charts,, the profits exceeds 100 b $ per year,, only profits not income,, this is only one company

  10. This century is the century of Chinese ,they will be the richest through sheer hard work and innovative technologies ,I am astonished to see their rapid growth and innovations

  11. More like poorest countries in the world! GDP is better determinant of riches more than actual deposits of riches in form on tangible natural resources? Gdp is complete bs made up by poor nations to mask the fact that they actually have nothing! Top 1% of these countries own everything while the rest of 99% cant even afford food in 2023 hahaha wake up!

  12. More like poorest countries in the world! GDP is better determinant of riches more than actual deposits of riches in form on tangible natural resources? Gdp is complete bs made up by poor nations to mask the fact that they actually have nothing! Top 1% of these countries own everything while the rest of 99% cant even afford food in 2023 hahaha wake up!

    • Yes, would be interesting to know where the money is, it certainly doesn't trickle down to the majority of our citizens. Struggling to heat our homes and feed our children. Over 11,000 homeless. Queues at food banks lengthening daily. Our country being included on a 'rich list' may warm a few fat cats hearts but it certainly won't warm our citizens homes.

  13. "Oh Canada, my home and native land. True patriot love in all of us command" made the list. Of course it would and did. A demographer described the country as having the caring nature of England but the efficiency of its U.S.A. neighbour.

  14. Russia is number one in term of natural not yet exploitable resources. Hence the Western World is getting envious and started a proxy war against it.

  15. The Countries mentioned here also have politicians with families too. Youguys should go and sort yourselves out with how to manage your resources. For now, Nigeria is not in the list, sorry.

  16. Ridiculous how Canada is #23 and we have huge land, tons of resources and small population.
    I wonder why? Priminister and government corruption maybe???

  17. I'm really surprised that United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, China and Japan are not included in the Top 25 Richest Countries in the World, it's quite unbelievable!!!

  18. Where is Bangladesh.
    I think somewhere is going wrong. Our country's cabinet and our prime minister where they are repeatedly talking about progress, our country is supposed to be number 1

  19. Hmm! GDP
    I think it's safe to say that the rating was about countries with better wealth distribution..
    Normally, Africa countries should dominate the list due to all forms of resources but for mismanagement from our own leaders and, deliberate effort of some "Power That Be" to keep Africa in perpetual poverty.👌

  20. the country with the highest GDP per capita ist Liechtenstein with nearly 170k dollars. I wonder why Liechtenstein is not on the list.

    • You’re right Mark, I guess the one who wrote this info not really know the reality, cuz they’re properly racist! Why they miss 4 of the real richest countries? And a lots of miss information. I’m disagree with many things they’re write. And am sure the one who write all those are the American 😂🤪
      However, am glad to find this page after I check on the world population of the Asian population. That’s really surprised me.
      The continent of Asia covers 29.4% of the Earth’s land area and has a population of 4.746,327,662 as of Tuesday, February 28,2023, based on the latest United Nations estimates. The Asia and the Pacific region is home to 60% of the world’s population.
      – some 4.3 billion people. Asia ranks number 1 among regions of the world (roughly equivalent to “continents”), ordered by population – and includes the world’s most populous countries, China and India. The combined population of both China and India are estimated to be over 2.8 billion people as of 2022.

  21. You are very correct sir and I pray that things will work out as you have said and as we reason together as people with one thought one purpose it will be possible. Thank you Dr🙏

  22. The assessment is based on GDP. Fine.

    Where do those countries with people whose lives are not or hardly dependent on money.

    They have abundant land to farm their food, raise animals, get free building materials from the jungles over their own land, have hectares of free land, need no electricity or fuel to pay, no rentals or taxes of any sort to worry about, free clean fresh water to drink and more.

  23. Bharat(Hindustan) was once a great and wealthiest country in the whole world, that's why everyone wanted to invent a new route to India. Hampi was the only richest place on earth that time.

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  25. The real and actual criteria to evaluate the richness of a country depends on the respective country's debts with World Bank and IMF, parallel to the country's Export turnover, Gold/Forex Reserves.


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