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Most Handsome Man in The World – Top 10 List (UPDATED 2023)

Most Handsome Man in The World – Top 10 List (UPDATED 2023) can be checked from here with names and bio. There is a lot of brilliance and beauty in the world, but the reality is that a lot of guys are so gorgeous that they will make you lose your ability to express yourself. They are not only attractive but also brilliant and accomplished. Because of their incredible magnetism, no one can adequately explain how they seem. After researching the internet, we came up with a list of the top ten Most Handsome Man in The World. Their appearance is so endearing that you won’t resist falling in love with their charming personalities.

Most Handsome Man in The World

If you want to find a gorgeous guy, you should look at this list of the top 10 most attractive men in the world since these individuals are such good examples of what you should look for. Let’s take a look at the expressions on their faces. Although there are many gorgeous guys in the world, these are the most handsome men. There are many beautiful men in the world. The characteristics of the top 10 Most Handsome Man in The World are so endearing that it will be impossible for you to resist falling in love with them.

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The list of gorgeous men in the world is an excellent illustration of what can be accomplished when one is willing to invest significant time and effort. You discover that you can’t stop looking at these guys. You are drawn to them because of their attractiveness, charm, and unique character. There are many gorgeous guys worldwide, and some examples are included in the list. The men on the list only illustrate how handsome men can seem.

Most Handsome Man

Top 10 Most Handsome Men

#1. Robert Pattinson

Most people know Robert Pattinson best for his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight film series, yet, he is one of Hollywood’s most diverse performers. Robert Pattinson’s facial structure has been discovered to be 92.15 percent correct, proving he is at the top of the list of the World’s Most Handsome Men in The World. This information was gleaned from the Science and Golden Ratio of Beauty’s (Perfect Face Measurement) report.

#2. Hritik Roshan

There is not the slightest doubt that Hritik Roshan 2023 deserves to be in the top 10 list of the world’s most gorgeous people, just as Hritik Roshan now is. Because of his good striking features, particularly the extraordinary beauty of his eyes, he gets compared to a Greek deity. In addition to being regarded as one of the most well-known actors working in the Indian film business, Hritik Roshan is also highly well-known for his dancing abilities and dance style that he does. Additionally, Forbes has featured him on their annual list of top-paid actors on many occasions.

#3. Kim Tae-Hyung

Kim Tae-Hyung is not just an actor but also a singer, songwriter, and record producer. It was in the Seo District of Daegu, South Korea, where he was born. He began his career as a musician in 2013, and he has since written several songs that have been popular, including “Sweet Night 4 O’Clock,” “Even If I Die It’s You,” “Scenery,” and many more.

#4. Tom Holland

Thomas Stanley Holland was born in 1996 and began his career as an actor at a very early age at THEATRE West End in London. Thomas Stanley Holland is an actor. After appearing in films such as Spider-Man in Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man in Homecoming and Far from Home, Captain America in Avengers, Civil War, and Infinity War, and Spider-Man: No Way Home Worked, he gained a significant amount of notoriety on a global scale.

#5. David Beckham

If you like football, you must also like David Beckham, a famous football player. David Beckham is one of the world’s most desirable football players. A significant accomplishment for David is the fact that he has scored more than one hundred goals while playing for the Manchester United club.

#6. Idris Elba

Idris Elba was given the title of “Sexiest Man Alive” by People Magazine in 2018, and many other publications have put him on their lists of the world’s most gorgeous men for the year 2023. In addition, he has played the role of Heimdal in Thor: The Dark World, Thor: Ragnarok, and Avengers: Infinity War, all of which are critically acclaimed films and television shows. These include the BBC One series Luther and the HBO series The Wire.

#7. Justin Trudeau

In addition to being the current Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau holds the record for being the second youngest Prime Minister of Canada, after only Joe Clark. Not only does he have a lovely face, a friendly smile, and a charming attitude, but he is also a great guy who is well-known for his love for his fellow humans.

#8. Bradley Cooper

People magazine has named Bradley Cooper to their “Sexiest Man Alive” list on many occasions, and our ranking places him in the top 10 most gorgeous men in the world. Cooper rose to prominence on a global scale after making an appearance in “The Hangover Film.” We also recognize him as the actor who provided the voice of Groot in “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Avengers: Infinity Wars.”

#9. Chris Evans

It is impossible to compile a list of the world’s 10 most gorgeous men in 2023 without including Chris Evans, also known as Captain America. Evans received fame for his Steve character in MCU movies. In addition to movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he has worked on films such as Fantastic Four and The Red Sea Diving Resort (Human Torch).

#10. Zac Efron

In the list of the Most Handsome Man in The World is the actor Zac Efron, better known for his work in movies and on television. Zac Efron began his career as an actor and singer when he was only 11. He began working professionally in the early 2000s by appearing as a guest on various television programs.

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      • some people are just too blind to differentiate between a man without beard and gay. you should better get your eyes check. maybe then you will find you are the one
        who is gay here. aka not an army but a human being

      • you are hater. browse inet & u will be surprised with evidences that V didn't do any plastic surgeries. it was proved hundreds times by many surgeons and his child's photos year by year. bcz Taehyung has 100% Golden Ratio Face gifted by mother nature
        Kim Taehyung must be #1 on the list

        • If u r talking Abt V then rip for u cz u know nothing Abt them just live in ur well u r not made for world to face just be attached to ur mama lap and have nice dreams.

      • First is that before you criticize, look at who you criticize… and BAGTAN is not an option. He is not gay, he never confirmed that if he is, not only by putting on makeup does it mean that he is gay, secondly, he does not do it with pleasure, he does it because his company forces him, bts cannot do it many things just because they are kpop idols. examples that they are not allowed to do, they cannot have a change of look until they ask for permission, they cannot have girlfriends, they must not get tattoos (a member did it without being afraid of what the agency was going to say), they cannot publish anything on social networks, they must act cute in front of the cameras even if they don't want to, they ship them with other idols even though there is nothing between them companies do it just to gain more fame, and that's why there are idols who go through depression until they decide commit suicide, because they have to live their whole lives under the orders of their companies. While all of you are making fun of each other through a keyboard, bts are fulfilling their dreams. so stop criticizing them without really knowing what they went through and what they are going through. "Nobody was born ugly, we just live in a society that criticizes for everything" -Kim namjoon

  1. You’re only mentioning celebrities, what about the general population? Even some celebrities that deserve to be here aren’t here, example like; Ryan Gossling, Stromae etc. etc.

    • if Hrithik Roshan was a model then other people who you call supermodel or most handsome might have to hide there face. hritik roshan deserve to be on number 1 because he is Greek god .

  2. I think these type of survey may not be published, as due to this the people don't have good looks may be felt inferiority.

  3. taeyung from bts is most most handsome and second is jeon jungkook from also bts update again your list sir…. 🥰🐇🐯

    • tujhya papa ka sangu ka Kay bindok porgi za zaun homework complete kar Aali kutli BTS wali
      bhak tujhya aaichi
      Jay shree ram jay shree krishna

  4. I don't like Leo but (no offence to him) WHERE THE HELL IS HE?? I MEAN , OK, HE'S NOT THE MOST ATTRACTIVE NOW BUT, COME ON!!! 😭🤣🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  5. there are more handsome men in every street of the world, more accomplished in every city outside the showbiz world.

    come out of your sterotype survey and see the actual world. all the men you suggested are soar to o the eyes. they give pain to my eyes

  6. #John Mayer 🇺🇲
    #Lionel Scaloni 🇦🇷
    #Chris Hemsworth 🇦🇺
    #Jensen Ackles 🇺🇲
    2 morochos, 2 rubios, fin de la historia… 🤤

    • Bro u need to Google the meaning of handsome and cute …. Learn English first before putting up comment's.

  7. Actually v don't even have plastic surgery first go and check out then speak something against him
    And something for you

    Smooth like butter
    Hater in the gutter

  8. where is Lee Min-ho on this list? and no Arabian and Nigerian/ African men are on this list?😀. whatever measures you are using to pick the most handsome seem limited. There is none yet on this list,just some popular men you mean.

  9. Koreans are Gay
    they are just piece of plastic surgery
    One should appreciate the reality who struggled with their reality and made their name in this list
    Pattinson, Holland and Cruise are best

    • all of the Korean boys are not gay :/ and if they are میتونی براشون بساکی بیبand plz first check out then say v is plastic surgery 😂

    • Just because your skin is fill with pimples and acne doesn't mean it's plastic surgery for others . Bro u just need to visit dermatologist and get a skin care routine u will have good skin like them . Don't be jealous

    • Did Kim taehyung or any other korean celebs come and privately tell you that they are gay??? Bro stop hating!! Peace✌

    • First Koreans are not[ the word you use]
      And it just not a piece of plastic surgery
      he is really handsome
      Kim taehyung deserved it 💜
      Bts also do struggle in their life
      And now they become famous
      This is the reality ✌️💜

    • Тоя Kim Taehyung гетеро сексуал(он не гей),а остальное фансервис.У Taehyung самое красивое в мире мужское лицо!У Тае очень красивая душа и внешность.У него нет пластических операций!

    • First Koreans are not gay just you wake up to reality
      Kim taehyung deserved it
      He is the most handsome man 💜🔥
      Bts also do struggle in their life and Now he becomes Famous 💫

    • They are not gays..okay pls know the difference if you like some people don't insult the other because of that okay.And v didn't do any plastic surgery or anything pls remember that..

  10. whoever made these analysis should be prosecuted 😏, cauz there is nothing like most handsome in these world. Everyone is handsome in their own right

  11. There's definitely a lot of weirdos making comments!
    More than likely a bunch of young and dumb social media followers who also lack writing skills.
    BTW, these men are not, by all means, "Not" the most handsome in the world.

  12. At the top should be hrithik Roshan ,
    Robert Pattinson doesn't deserve a place in this list . Henry Cavill absence in this list is a surprise and what surprise me is JUSTIN trudeau making in the list .
    Tom Holland Ranking is too high no offense but he doesn't deserve that place.
    Chris Evan should come third and Kim taehyung at second. Not a fan of k pop or any east Asian cult follower but to be honest Kim is good looking . Am proud to see a mongoloid descend making the list. I Don't know about BTS ARMY AN ANTI BTS debate. It will go on forever like who is better RONALDO OR MESSI . For me it's always looking at the positive side . Those poor boys from Korea had work so hard and made it up to the top of the world by themselves and that's worth appreciating. Their story wasn't a fairy tale run . They had their share of misfortune and failure for ages but they had make it to the big stage. They are what is known as " SANITATION WORKER SON CRACK UPSC" story , they didn't had good financial backing . They work their Ass of and challenge they world top artist and thats a story worth appreciating. Their song style and their dressing are a lil off way at times in my own dressing taste but I respect them with their choice .

  13. It's always V
    I just don't want him to compare with anyone
    I Don't care if he is on list or not
    He's handsome that's all

  14. Where is W.Regragui name.?? Becoz he is mOst handsome, attractive and nice man in the wOrld. ❤I am 26 and he is just 47,48. Just 21 years difference🙈

  15. it's your opinion , not the majority. Hold the survey and you will see a huge number who will choose Kim Taehyung #1 the most handsome not giving a chance for others 🤣

  16. Kim Taehyung is #1 Most Handsome World's man acknowledged by TC Candler based on independent judgements and many other surveys for years and he has 100% Golden Ratio Face !

  17. its wrong most handsome people in the world not in the world our own village or city handsome not in the world

  18. You guys are just being ridiculous, I can show you many photos of Taehyung that proves he's supposed to be worldwide handsome 😒, not Robert or some Tom who happens to be famous for wearing a spider custume 🤣

  19. Trudeau…..are you effin kidding!
    He is about as handsome as cow patty in the farmers field.
    And as dumb as the rail fence around the farm.

  20. a few Americans and few Koreans are not the world.
    you have not even considered the Turks..who have probably the most handsome men in the world.
    the Koreans don't look like men.
    Patterson is handsome?

    Do a real survey. include all the countries. Choose really handsome men..not actors you like.

  21. All the humans in this world are equally handsome and beautiful.level of beauty or standard of being handsome is level of humanity,character,love and sympathy,care and ampathy,Rt human path,respect of others,sincerity.
    shapes and designs are very much temporary and dynamic.Acual is how a human is from inside real shape ,design that everlasts even after demise of this statue

  22. Armys stop showing your biasness

    And haters not have any right to judge bts to start with

    Why is everyone making it a huge mess whilst its just a list that changes every year
    And i as an army wanna say
    We cannot change public opinion by fighting over it ,we should be calm and smart enough to let this small things go

  23. Dear All
    Assalam-0-alaikum !
    Our level of beauty and being handsome depend on how much a good human we are for which u must be loving, caring, honest, sincere, truthful, loyal, characterful, respectful to all human and moral values as these are persistent and everlasting features of all handsome and beautiful people . Facial appearance, hairs , eyes etc are dynamic and fade away with cruel time so it is not true standard.

  24. beauty is in the eye of the beholder
    you should appreciate all
    they all have something special and unique

  25. These things about most beautiful man or woman is about your choice. There are more beautiful man who are not the richest or more popular on screen. You cannot say most beautiful in the world. I dont know how you decide to select the "most beautiful man" . even the secondary actors are the cutest and more beautiful. it's a shame a out your decision.

    • Yes❤️ .Kim Teahyung is most and one of the most handsome man in the world and Univers.No body can change the truth.

  26. First of all ARMYS bashing is childish.
    We are not all young, I am 66 years old and I am a huge fan.
    Best looking is a personal preference, but Kim Taehyung is, arguably, drop dead gorgeous.
    These lists are meant to be entertaining and not serious.
    And BTW Justin Trudeau is the best looking head of state.

  27. The ranking is sensible. Robert has kept this spot for a while and Hrithik is strikingly stunning. Another point to it, why this list is mostly filled with actors and if that was so, then why Kim is there. Except Kim, rest all have proved their mettle in film industry.

  28. The way the powerful abuse globalization is debilitating human kind! Where are Jesse Metcalfe, George Clooney, Ben Affleck… not to mention my son – I'll try late to post his picture – I am not first to say this. so, this kind of discussion should be suspended for the sake of people's mental health – don't use 'the most' without solid ground!

  29. Where is Chris Hemsworth ????
    Should be on the top of the list!
    Where is Jason Momoa?
    Where is that crown prince from Dubai?
    Where is that ex boyfriend from Kendall Jenner? He's such a handsome guy.

  30. korean people are very polite, very responsible towards their country, people and family….person who have that qualities need not require any ratings ..they are above that position… not only them bt person who ever have such qualities should rule anyone's heart…so I purple 💜 V and other 6 members

  31. Afcors but Kim teayung is most handsome man in the world one an only most handsome man in the world ok one an only

  32. Sa nag sabing hnd deserved ni KTH ang spot nia ..ikaw hnd mo deserve maging masaya.… hnd ka siguro mahal ng nanay mo.… 😏 drop … 🫰🏼

  33. kim teahyung is most handsome in the world 🌎 u agree r not but armies agree this always wt do this mean 3rd no way but jin is wwh that is also a truth missing jin oppa u can also write Jin's name Mmm

  34. Excuse me, Mr. Trang Le!!! I hope you are not blind!!! If you are calling Jin from BTS a "not handsome person", your eyesight must be very weak !!! And FYI, Jin from BTS has improved a lot in his dancing and singing skills, and he also deserves to be on this list because he is equally as handsome as Kim Tae – Hyung. He has improved his vocals and is now a better singer than Kim Tae – Hyung. If you love another celebrity, don't mutter something bad and false about this idol. This attitude of yours indicates that you are a very cheap and cruel person… If you are telling that Jin is not handsome, then you must really check. your eyesight… This also indicates that you are a very bad and cruel hater of Jin and BTS… You must never say anything bad or cheap about any idol or celebrity, which is an extremely cruel thing to do…

  35. Kim Taehyung has been the World's most Handsome man since 2016 and nobody can decline this truth. Being an Indian I can say that Kim Taehyung is way too Handsome than Hrithik Roshan. People might think me as selfish but I don't care.So haters who think that Kim Taehyung doesn't deserve the first position please let me tell you that you don't even deserve the last and I am damn sure that you look like a 💩💩 .
    And not only Taehyung all the the members should be first enlisted for being the most handsome and then other personalities can be taken into consideration. So haters if you are not feeling well you should do few things
    1.Check your eyesight and get a pair of spectacles
    2. Clear your stomach and stop TALKING 💩💩
    3.Focus on your work and studies
    NOTE: BTS fangirls maybe 14 years girls but well I'm 21 so age is just a number.
    Well other ARMYs you can also add some points to this if I've missed any.

  36. I don't really think V deserve to be on that list .. armies obsession with that guy is so gross..real beauty is not on the face but comes from the inside and I don't really care what people think.. Not a fan of bts but I think Jini is kinda cute..the fact fans goes throwing their self at this group and keep arguing for people who Will never know them is so boring..

  37. I couldn't believe that Henry Cavill was not on this list???? I've been around a lot of years and I don't think I've ever seen anyone quite like him.


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