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Matter Aera E Bike Price, Range, Charging Time, Top Speed

With people’s inclination towards switching to EVs, there have been many developments in this field. Electronic vehicles are undoubtedly the need of the hour. In fact, more and more such eco-friendly options should be considered by the masses. In this series, we are sharing information about the Matter Aera E Bike Price, Range, Charging Time, Top Speed and other details gathered in this article. Read more exciting updates.

Matter Aera E Bike Price

The Matter Aera E-Bike has shortly launched in the nation. The bike Aera 5000 variant can be purchased from the showrooms now. If you are also one who loves to drive a bike, then you shall check out this new eco-savvy option for sure.

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The Matter Aera E-Bike is available at a range of prices. We have shared the list of prices that is available. You can check the price of the upcoming variants as well.

Matter Aera E Bike Price

Matter Aera E Bike Range

The bike costs around Rs. 1.43 Lakh to begin with and can range up to Rs. 1.53 Lakh. The bike will be operated on a rechargeable battery like other electronic vehicles.

Matter Aera E-Bike Price List (Variants)
Aera 5000 Rs.1,43,999
Aera 5000+ Rs.1,53,999
UPCOMING Aera 4000 Rs.1,35,000 Expected Price
UPCOMING Aera. 6000+ Rs.1,70,000 Expected Price

The e-bike also is proving 4G connectivity. You won’t have any key as it provides a keyless functioning. It has LED lights right through. You are also going to get a bifunctional led projector.

Matter Aera E Bike Specs

The Matter Aera bike provides multiple facilities to the riders apart from causing less emission. It provides a manual gearbox. The e-bike has a liquid-cooled motor and provides other features new to the Indian motorbike domain in India.

Key Specs Details
Range 125km/Charge
Battery Capacity 5 kWh
Acceleration 6s
Motor Power 10000
Brakes Double Disc

The other specialisations are listed in the table regarding the E-bike. It will give the riders connective features facilities such as auto-reply to calling and accident detection while they are on the journey.

Matter Aera E Bike Charging Time

The charging of the E Bike Matter Aera will be with a liquid-cooled battery. It is going to have a 520Nm at the wheel. It is available in two colours for now. If you want to purchase, you can look for colours online apart from black.

The charging time taken by the Matter Aera E-Bike is 5 hours. You can recharge your vehicle anytime. It is not required you to exhaust it completely to charge it back. It is the first e-bike which will have a 4-speed gearbox.

You can check the following as well:

Matter Aera E Bike Top Speed

The maximum speed at which you will be able to ride this bike is from 125km to 150km. This also may vary as per the variant you select. It provides a 03-year warranty on the vehicle as well as the battery.

Generally, most e bikes are limited to 20mph. It is an Ahmedabad state startup. This summer, the deliveries will begin for the Matter Aera E-Bike. It provides people with Bluetooth connectivity.

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