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Ola Electric Move OS 3.0 Release date, New Features, App Download

With we becoming so dependable on vehicles, as we are moving forward. There are hardly a few who walk on foot to travel from one place to another. This has caused massive pollution and affected the lives on Earth. In order to help with these issues, OLA Company began manufacturing Electronic Vehicles. Read the article about the Ola Electric Move OS 3.0 Release Date and New Features. The app will help you with the new updates and is here for the user who has switched to an eco-friendly way of commuting with an EV.

Ola Electric Move OS 3.0 Release date

We are all aware that excessive exploitation and usage of petrol and diesel is causing the production of greenhouse gases. We are experiencing breathing issues and other health problems consequently. OLA, an Indian company from Bangalore, initiated Ola electric in 2017. The company has recently introduced a new software update, Ola Electric Move OS 3.0.

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The release date of the OS 3.0 was in Dec month, per the tweet by co-founder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal. OLA Electric users can avail of the new update. The running cost of EVs is comparatively lower than the one that runs on fossil fuels. The electricity charges them that renewable sources of energy can generate.

Ola Electric Move OS 3.0 Release date

Ola Move OS 3.0 New Features

The new software will make the experience of the users more smooth and more high-tech. The new version will even give you the option to customize everything to your likes. OLA electric provides you with a customised dashboard. You can install the widgets just like your phone. It even provides you with the option to change the way how it sounds.

  • Enjoy Party Mode
  • Different Moods option
  • Hyper charging
  • Advanced Regeneration

The riders are given the option to select from the light and dark modes. The modes from which the riders can choose are Bolt, Vintage and Eclipse.

Ola Move OS 3.0 Other Qualities

Other than the above features, we pointed out. There is more to the Move 3.0 update. With low maintenance and lesser noise pollution, Ola electric vehicles are in the race to become advanced like the phones we carry all the time.

  • Profiles

Through the Ola Electric app, you can create more than one profile on your scooter. This will provide you with a feature to share with your family and friends. In the Scooter Access section, click on Add Another Rider to add.

  • Party Mode

The Party mode feature will let to turn up any song, and then you can groove to the synchronized light show at any place you feel like dancing. The headlight of the OLA scooter will get in sync with the kind of song you are tuning into.

  • Answers Calls

The riders will get the call notification on their dashboard of the scooter. They will be able to respond without taking calls by hand.

  • Proximity Unlock

The new feature lets the smart tech unlock the scooter if you stand close to it automatically. It will unlock after sensing your proximity to it.

Ola Electric Move OS 3.0 App Download

The new feature of the scooter can be availed by going to the App update application. There you have to search for the Ola Move OS 3.0. The update will be downloaded with the help of the network. The scooter also provides the facilities like the hill Hold and easy access to documents while you are on the go.

The official site of the scooter is There you can get more information regarding the new software. You can explore the unknown by going to new roads as the navigation is provided on the dashboard screen. It will tell you the speed and distance. It will guide you to make your next move.

If you were planning to buy a two-vehicle, go for the one that can contribute a little to lessen the pollution.

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