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Cruel Summer Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Story, Budget, Trailer

There is no doubt that Season 2 of Cruel Summer is ready for renewal. Season 2 is going to release soon by the makers. Read the post for Cruel Summer Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Story, Budget, and Trailer details.

Cruel Summer Season 2 Release Date

Cruel Summer is a US Teen drama story which is a hit. There is a fictional town where two girls, Kate and Jeanette, tell their story of the day when one of them disappears. There is huge suspense in the story. Fans are getting excited about the renewal of the second season of the series.

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The complete series is available on Amazon Prime, where all the episodes can be seen on a Prime account. Those who watched the season 1st read all the updates of the 2nd Season of Cruel Summer. All details are briefed down below.

Cruel Summer Season 2

Cruel Summer Season 2 Cast

The original cast member list of the Season 2 is not provided by the makers. The leading role of the story is played by Olivia and Chiara Aurelia; they lead the story in a mysterious direction to unfold many secrets. The casting list for season 1st is given below.

Cast  Character  Cast  Character
Olivia Holt Kate Wallis Nathaniel Ashton Ben Hallowell
Chiara Aurelia Jeanette Turner Michael Landes Gerg Turner
Froy Gutierrez Jamie Henson Sarah Drew Cindy Turner
Harley Quinn Smith Mallory Higgins Barrett Carnahan Derek Turner
Brooklyn Angela Prescott Nicole Biderback Denise
Blake Lee Martin Harris Ben Cain Rod Wallis
Allius Barnes Vince Fuller Jason Douglas Nick Marshall

Fans hope the complete list of their character must be released soon; it has been a year they have been waiting for the new season. Read the storyline of Cruel Summer in the below section.

Cruel Summer Season 2 Story

The official storyline of the Season 2 of Cruel Summer is not released on Amazon Prime, but the complete synopsis of the series will be released soon before the premiere. The story of the series revolves around two teen girls. All the episodes of the series tell the story of the same day in a different year. The story turns up the table when a disappeared girl comes back and looks at her friend, taking all her identities to become famous.

Each episode of the series tells the perspective of both girls. In the whole season, the episode alternate between the girls. At the start of the episode disclaimer with a voice is also present.

Cruel Summer Season 2 Budget

The budget of Cruel Summer is not disclosed publically. As per the series visuals, and scene editing, it looks like it is a higher-budget series. In the series, the location and site are showed are managed to show the 1990 street view, which costs many additives in this era and every costume is chosen in the 1990s time to give a realistic experience.

The budget will be updated as soon as we get any further updates regarding it.

Cruel Summer Season 2 Trailer

The trailer of Cruel Summer is unavailable at the time of writing; otherwise, we will post it in the article. The trailer and teaser of the series will be released soon, and fans are eagerly waiting to get a peep into the series.

Sr. No. Episodes  Directed By
1. Happy Birthday Jeanette Turner Max Winkler
2. A smashing Good Time Bill Purple
3. Off with a Bang Kellie Cyrus
4. You Don’t Hunt, You Don’t Eat Laura Nisbet-Peters
5. As the Carny Gods Intended Daniel Wills
6. An Ocean Inside Me Kellis Cyrus
7. Happy Birthday, Kate Wallis Alexis Ostrander
8. Proof Daniel Wills
9. A Secret of My Own Alexis Ostrander
10. Hostile Witness Bill Purple

Those who didn’t complete the season 1st can watch it now on Amazon Prime video; the show is airing on it. It has ten episodes; the list of the episodes is given in the above table. We will update the latest news about Cruel Summer in our post. Till keep binging on season 1.

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