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Kantara OTT Platform Fixed, Release date, Movie Duration, Subscription

Kantara OTT Platform Fixed, Release date, Movie Duration, Subscription charges and other details can be checked from here. Reviewers and moviegoers praised the Kannada movie Kantara, which will soon be accessible on an OTT service. Rishab Shetty stars in the film, and it was a hit with both audiences and pundits.

Kantara OTT Platform Fixed

Although it was first made available in Kannada, the movie has been dubbed into many languages and is scheduled for further distribution. Rishab Shetty’s film Kantara, for which he functioned as both the scriptwriter and the director, would do well at the box office.

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Kantara is now prepared to stream online after a successful run-in theatre. It garnered a lot of positive feedback and got many generally good reviews. Fans are patiently waiting for the movie to become available online so that they can watch it in the comfort of their homes while unwinding and taking it easy.

Amazon Prime Video, the Kantara OTT Platform, has acquired the digital rights to the movie for a staggering sum. It is expected that it will start streaming in November 2022. If you wish to view the film online, you will need a paid subscription to Amazon Prime Video.

Kantara OTT Platform

Kantara OTT Release Date

According to official sources, the Kantara OTT release date will be in November 2022, and it will be streaming on one of the most popular OTT platforms, Amazon Prime Video. Because the platform has acquired all the digital rights to the film Kantara in exchange for money. Now, the streaming of this movie will begin in November 2022. If you have a paid membership to Amazon Prime Video, you can view this movie on the internet platform from the comfort of your home when it becomes available.

If you are interested in finding out how to sign up for a membership to Amazon Prime Video, you should read the following piece very carefully. In addition, Kantara was met with an overwhelmingly positive reception during the premiere of its theatrical release on October 10th, 2022. It was pretty thrilling to see how much money Kantara movies earned on their first release day contributed to their total box office take.

Kantara OTT Platform Fixed – Movie Duration

The audience gave Kantara a positive evaluation upon its debut on October 10th, 2022, for large-screen viewing. The running time of the Kantara movie is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

OTT Platform Subscription

As is well known, Kantara will soon be available on the OTT platform. Kantara Movie will go live on Amazon Prime Video in November 2022. The Kantara OTT Platform will now premiere, where he will get overwhelmingly positive feedback from viewers all around the globe. As a result, since its publication, Kantara has likewise gotten a resoundingly positive reception from the public. We wish to inform you that Kantara will appear in Indian theatres on September 30th, 2022. North Indian films responded favorably to it once it got announced in Hindi.

After the film’s enormous success in Hindi dub, the filmmaker intends to distribute Kantara on the OTT platform. He registered with Amazon Prime Video to broadcast Kantara on the OTT platform. The premiere date of this movie on the OTT platform Amazon Prime Video, for which all the digital rights have been acquired, will be announced shortly. It would help if you now chose when Kantara becomes an OTT platform. Anyone with an Amazon Prime Vido membership plan can view this movie comfortably from their home.

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Kantara OTT Story & Lifetime Earnings

As everyone knows, Indian filmmaker Rishabh Shetty created the thriller, action, and drama film Kantara. Kantara, in which Rishabh Shetty plays the protagonist role, is based on the indigenous cultures of Kambala and Buta Kola. Several performers performed various parts in the movie as allotted by the director based on the plot. When discussing Kantara’s lifetime earnings, we find that 3.50 crores are about how much the film has made since its premiere. Kantara’s first take was around 50 crores, which will continue to rise daily.

Kantara was made by Hombale Film, which was previously a part of the KGF 2 series. It is Rishabh Shetty’s first movie, and it will be a massive smash in every language once it is released. You will soon be able to view Kantara on Amazon Prime Video, which owns the rights to broadcast this movie on its platform after the enormous success of the film’s theatrical debut.

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