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Pathan Movie Review – Hit or Flop? Critics Tweets, Audience Theatre Reaction

After a long time of waiting Pathan Movie is just released in the movie theatres catch all updates regarding Pathan Movie Review, Critics’ Tweets, and Audience Theatre Reactions in this article.

Pathan Movie Review

Pathan movie is an Indian Hindi action thriller film that is directed by Siddharth Anand and produced by Aditya Chopra by YRF Spy Universe. This film is the 4th instalment of YRF Spy Universe. Pathan was released in India on 25 January 2023 in Imax and 4DX and standard formats. Dubbed versions are in Tamil and Telugu language.

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Pathan is the most awaited film for a long time, and the film comes into a crisis for its songs. The lead cast of the movie is superstar Shahrukh Khan and everyone’s favourite Deepika Padukone. The movie started breaking records before release, a total of 5.21 lakhs tickets are booked in advance booking and this breaks the record of K.G.F Chapter 2 and ranked 2nd position after Bahubali 2: The Conclusion.

Pathan Critics Tweets

Pathan is the first Indian movie released in the novel ICE theatre format. It is released on 9000 screens worldwide, where 5000 screens in India and 450 Screens in Tamil and Telugu versions. The movie stays in controversies from their song “Besharam Rang” when Deepika features in a saffron Bikini in the song, which became a controversial point by the Hindutva groups. They said its song promotes obscenity and disrespects the saffron colour.

Many Groups and leaders vandalised malls and tore the poster of the movie to promote the film. There are many critics’ that are commenting on the movie like it was a disaster and a headache before its release of the movie. Many viewers posted as it was a waste of money and time don’t go.

One person said that “Movie was basically a copy of the old concepts and just created a fake hype in the market. This film will hopefully be the last of this veteran actor. I am sure he was a good actor in his prime but now it’s time to take up age-appropriate roles for these oldies and not act like they are still starting out in their career. In fact, this movie has no head and no tail. An absolute waste of time and money according to me. They really need better storylines in order for Bollywood to click again in this market. To all those blindly supporting this movie, stop marketing the movie like it’s the best movie to come out in ages. It’s a shame and doesn’t fall for such tricks.”

Pathan Movie Cast

  • Shah Rukh Khan as Pathan
  • John Abraham as Jim ‘Outfit X’ leader
  • Deepika Padukone
  • Ashutosh Rana as Colonel
  • Salman Khan as Avinash Singh “Tiger ” Rathore ( cameo appearance )

As the movie is led by superstars music of the film doesn’t disappoint you. Music is composed by Vishal- Shekhar and Sanchit Balhara and Ankit Balhara.

Pathan Audience Theatre Reaction

Visuals fromGaiety Cinema Shows that fans started screaming on the entry of Pathan. Fans are praising the action scenes of the movie “Breathtaking action sequences. The clash between Pathan Vs Jim is extraordinary. Cinematography is at another level.

Always high expectations for SRK but had an average expectation for John & SRK’s wish to see him getting huge appreciation might be fulfilled by Pathan,” said by a fan on Twitter.

Before the release of the movie everyone wants to know about the storyline and the review by the cast SRK give them an answer that this movie is a power-packed movie and it’s the kind of film that should be watched in an audience-packed hall. As the movie is released today everyone seems excited about the movie.

Pathan Movie Hit or Flop?

The trailer of the movie is also loved so much by the audience. Social media is flooded with the excitement of Pthaan, as SRK comes with a blockbuster power-packed movie after 4 years. Everybody wanted to watch the new avatar of SRK.

He is playing the role of a RAW field agent; in Pathan RAW field operative agent is exiled to take down “outfit X”, which is a private terrorist organization that is planning a nuclear attack on India.

Katrina Kaif also gives a shoutout to Pathan said ” My friend Pathan is on a dangerous mission” fans also praise Salman’s cameo by saying that Salman Khan’s cameo is a treat to watch Pathan. he stole the entire show and the theatres turned into stadiums within seconds.

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  1. The best action movie that India has ever produced, and entertainment loaded from start to end. Must watch movie. SRK, Deepika, John and Salman were outstanding.. Ashutosh n Dimple also acted fabulously

  2. Hi the movie is not up to standard. Srk looks old and should retire. Dancing with young girls looks like a perv

  3. All same stories either terrorist is the subject or soldier going rouge against his homeland… Nothing new and some 5feet8 inch wierdo fighting with 6 feet 2 inch person… Another blunder.

  4. All same stories either terrorist is the subject or soldier going rouge against his homeland… Nothing new and some 5feet8 inch wierdo fighting with 6 feet 2 inch person…

  5. the movie was AWESOME !! it made us on the edge of our seats , john was amazing too our boi bad shah did phenomenal job for someone who was taking a break 🙂 gg yrf gg

  6. Shahrukh khan might be working on metaverse project now… We will find Salman Khan with Shahrukh in Karan Arjun 2 for sure and Salman came out of the blue and left in Pathaan…. Hope i have given hint to Shahrukh about Karan Arjun 2. SRK please think about it… I will help you script wise. Starcast i first recommend Omfoo Chacha from tiktok.

  7. My god….what a disaster, this movie was absolutely shit & wastage of time. Simply beyond tolerance. I feel sad for John Ibrahim, doomed again. 🫣

  8. कुछ स्पेशल nhi है मूवी में
    कोई logic भी नहीं है
    और content के बारे में तो सोचना भी मत
    कहानी पहले से ही सबको पता है
    जिम नाम का #RAW का एजेन्ट गद्दार है और #pathan नाम का देशभक्त
    सबसे घटिया तो BGM है कान फोड़ देता है
    विदेशों में ये आपसी लड़ाई लड़ रहे हैं और वहाँ की security सो रही है कमाल है वहाँ की पुलिस तक को पता नहीं चलता और ये वहाँ मिसाईल चला रहे हैं मतलब हद है
    zero logic है एकदम zero
    हाँ पर किशोरों को पसन्द आ सकती है action और #dipikapadukone के glamour की वजह से
    अच्छे दर्शकों को बिल्कुल पसन्द नहीं आएगी
    ISI RAW के साथ मिलकर लड़ रही है हद है
    कमरे में chopper उड़ रहा है
    दुबई की सड़कों पर आतंकी और Pathan लड़ रहे हैं और वहाँ की security सो रही है
    last scene तो logic का genocide ही कर देता है
    just action है nothing else
    सच बताऊँ तो एक अच्छा दर्शक इसे पूरी देख भी नहीं पाएगा

  9. Pathan is really interesting movie. SRK ji has worked really hard . Fabulous job. SRJ ji you are always GENIUS 🙏 ❤️

  10. Only Villainous performance of JOHN, Dimple mam, Ashutosh Sir better, otherwise movie is worstest shabd nahi mere pass.

  11. worst movie
    Television channels are paid to promote this films. But all are failed. Films is down on box office.

  12. असली पठान आँटे दाल के लिए लड़ रहा है और यह नक़ली पठान की वाहवाही चल रही है ख़ैर
    मूवी अभी तक की सबसे घटिया रही है और इस से बेहतर है आप साउथ की और बेकार मूवी देख लो वो ज़्यादा बेहतर साबित होगी

  13. Totally agree with your comments. Although a great fan of Shahrukh, I must say the movie is not good at all, a big disaster. The movie is doing well only due to SRK's comeback hence went to watch the film.
    To be fair although a SRK fan, I feel John Abraham stole the show with his looks, action and acting, overall has over shadowed SRK.
    Sorry SRK but I'm being frank, you need to come in some matured and sensible movies as these movies don't suit your age. Hope in future u make better choices with your films.

  14. Really Flop Movie. Such a big range and Big budget movie….But they Directed very badly. There is no real reason of emotion. Many ways it is disconnected. Dipika looks very bad in many places. Over all time waste.

  15. Pathan is the super hit movie, and a must watch film. Those andhbhakts and bastard hindutva group who only knows how to lick BJP's fart could say pathan is not a good movie. I hate BJP, for they do absolutely nothing other than spreading hatred on the name of religion, and are only targeting Muslims.

    • Don't bring politics and religion in creative mind of yours while commenting on Paathan!! Many other Hindu actors movies ALSO FLOPPED recently. Always look out the content of movie….absolutely lacking in Paathan.

  16. Pathaan is one of the best movies so far!!
    Huge huge HUGE congratulations to SRK, Deepika and also John cause despite the whatever the haters say, the fact that Pathaan was a HIT remains💯

  17. आज तक जितनी भी मूवी देखी सच में मुझे तो सबसे बढ़िया मूवी यही लगी
    I like this movie

  18. You call this a movie Oh my God it’s just a waste of time on a dramatised hype .Nothing shown anywhere is even close to reality If the cows could fly is the core concept My My time has come to wave goodbye to Mr khan and his age old colleagues actors and give way to newer themes and actors How much dough do they want to mint at the expense of illiterate viewers Cmon be your age However no politics please

    • Tucks wat a waste Terrorists in fry and guess who’s to be a saviour alas a old Pathan and a half nude dame shucks Headless documentary

  19. Bollywood must reinvent itself. Pandemic has changed the viewing pattern worldwide. OTT platforms contents are intense and stories are enthralling. Paathan lacks in both the fields. it is mere waste of time and money….. SRK should retire now. The movie is always about SRK which seems predictable and boring in todays mature audience.

    Bollywood must adapt good story lines, pragmatic slick approach and young talented actors Gen z audience will chose better content with innovative concept !!

  20. What a heap of crap these people are talking.. then if it is a bad movie then the millions of people who went to see it and go back are stupid? It does not say much for the taste of your people!! Pathaan is a fantastic movie.. and all the actors were brilliant and the box office collections speak for it!! The naysayers and the haters are just anxious to spew unwarranted venom!!! SHAHRUKH KHAN .. India’s pride!!!

  21. It is Super dupper Hit cinema, Khan is always king, in Bollywood cinema, Nobody can touch SRK in Bollywood cinema, it is not my words, world wide comments.

  22. Watching Pathan Movie created a severe Headeache ………. The Movie in real is a Flop the figures shown by Media may be false or The Collection may be true as in India it was released in 9000 Screens So audiences had no option to watch Other Movie….. The Outgoing cost is more as it was released in 9000 screens ….So the Profit is 100% less …. Pathan is Flop movie

  23. Shahrukh looks so old in Pathaan that didn't feel like watching the movie …an average and overrated movie…Shahrukh doesn't suit Deepika now…till Om Shanti Om they looked good…saddening some of the Actors still don't realise it . Apologies I was a die hard fan of him but I would prefer watching talented Actors now……after all change is constant


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