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Bel Air Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Story, Budget, Trailer

In between season 2, the Peacock just delivered a surprise for the fans that the 3rd season is on the way, and they are going to release soon after the completion of the 2nd season. Check the details regarding the Bel Air Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Story, Budget, and Trailer.

Bel Air Season 3 Release Date

Bel Air is an upcoming television drama series that is based on the sitcom of the Fresh King of Bel-Air; it’s a drama series which shows a different conceptual story of the boy. The first season of the series was premiered on Feb 13, 2022, by Peacock. The story is set to a classic and more black and darker storyline.

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The official release date of the 3rd season is not announced. The maker only gives a snap through their official Tweet, with the team as they are working on the 3rd season. Fans are waiting for the release of the 3rd season soon after the 2nd, so they enjoy the series in continuity. Get all details by reading the below article.

Bel Air Season 3

Bel Air Season 3 Cast

The casting list for Bel Air’s upcoming season is not released yet. Probably the leading role remains the same in Season 3. Check the list of the cast in the below table.

Jabari Banks- Wills Smiths; the boy who went to Bel Air by his mother.

Cassandra Freeman- Vivian Banks

Jimmy Akingbola- Geoffrey Thompson

Olly Sholotan- Cartlon Banks

Coco Jones- Hilary Banks

Akira Akbar- Ashley Banks

Simone Joy Jones- Lisa Wilkes

Jordan L. Jones- Jazz

Adrian Holmes- Philip Banks

Some of the new cast members were also featured in the season with the new role.

Bel Air Season 3 Story

Bel Air is a modern retelling of the 90s classic sitcom, the fresh prince of Bel Air. This story follows Will, a troubled young man from Philadelphia who is sent to live with their Aunt and Uncle in the Bel Air.

He faces much trouble in the series, like racism, class, and identity. But Will takes all this with courage. The intense delivery of the emotion and presentation of each scenario is the main originality of the series. Each and every character delivers a good emotion in the series.

Bel Air Season 3 Budget

Bel Air is a higher-production web series that delivers good-quality visuals and editing in exciting places. The budget of the series is not disclosed by the makers, But it is evident by their production and team it is high-budget series.

It also gets a good rating from the viewers. The last episode of the second season was aired in 2022. It’s been a year since to meet Bel again. His fans are looking for a grand entry in the season 3rd. After the announcement of the 3rd season, they are posting various scenes from the previous season to show their excitement.

Bel Air Season 3 Trailer

The trailer for Season 3 is not released till the time of writing this article. The announcement of the season is made by the makers and the casting team that season 3 is under process. They will release the trailer once the whole season wraps up. Usually, the trailer of the web shows is released within a few days before the premiere.

Episode Title
1 Dreams and Nightmare
2 Keep Ya Head Up
3 Yamacraw
4 Canvass
5 PA to LA
6 the Strength to Smile
7 Payback is a Bitch
8 No one Wins When the Family Feuds
 9  Can’t Knock the Hustle
 10  Where To?
 11  A Fresh Start
 12  Speaking Truth
 13  Compromised
 14  Don’t Kill My Vibe
 15  Excellence Is Everywhere
 16  Let the Best Man Win
 17  Under Pressure
 18  Pursuit of Happiness
19 Just Like Old Times

Watch all the episodes of the series on Peacock. A list of released episodes is given above. The cast member is posting about season 3 on their account on social media. A glimpse of the teaser and location are also posted on the account. Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of season 3rd of Bel Air.

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