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The Wonder Movie Ending Explained – Complete Story Breakdown

The Wonder Movie Ending Explained – Complete Story Breakdown can be checked directly from this page now. The opening and conclusion of Florence Pugh’s mystery thriller have a somewhat offbeat feel. If you just saw The Wonder now that it is available to stream on Netflix, you can be considering how it ended so abruptly.

The Wonder Movie Ending Explained

Sebastián Lelio’s psychological thriller begs you to trust the storytelling medium’s ability to shape reality. For example, the little girl Pugh’s Nurse Lib Wright saw claims to be able to go without food, although this claim can be untrue. Let’s go through The Wonder’s themes, separate reality from fiction, and determine why the movie begins and closes strangely.

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What’s up with that strange beginning?

After seeing the peculiar opening of this historical drama, you can have been checking the movie you were about to watch again. We hear eerie choral music as we see the partially completed framework of a vintage two-story home. The camera sweeps over what looks like a set lot at a movie studio crammed with tools and other set pieces. Then voiceover actress Niamh Algar says: “Hello. It is the start—the opening scene of the movie The Wonder. The individuals you will meet, the characters, have a fierce loyalty to their tales.

The Wonder Movie Ending Explained

We ask you to believe in this story because without it. We would be nothing.”When the ship reached Ireland in 1862, the Great Famine “still throws a long shadow, and the Irish hold England accountable for that destruction,” the camera freezes on the inside of the ship. The focus is on Florence Pugh’s portrayal of the story’s lead character, English nurse Lib Wright, in close-up.

Does Anna not need to eat?

We see little Anna’s mother leaning close to her daughter’s face when she is in bed very early during Nurse Wright’s stay with the O’Donnell household. It’s unclear if we see a tender kiss on the forehead or something more ominous. Soon after, Nurse Wright tightens her supervision of the miraculous patient by demanding that the O’Donnells stay far away from Anna. Anna’s health progressively deteriorates after this moment.

After calling the committee together, Nurse Wright describes the problem halfway through the movie: “Mrs. O’Donnell, Anna’s mother, has been feeding herself out loud. She kisses her good morning and good night while cupping her face and feeding her kid with each kiss, much like a bird.” When her mother is stopped from kissing her, Anna becomes unwell soon since she is no longer getting any food.

The Wonder Movie Ending Explained – why won’t Anna eat?

Even when Nurse Wright presents the committee with her findings, Anna’s mother continues to deny the reality. She and her husband are unwilling to renounce their religious convictions. Thus they are prepared to allow the experiment even if Anna perishes. Whatever the case, Anna has “chosen” to take her own life because she thinks that by doing so, “one soul will be delivered… from Hell.”

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Anna believes her brother, who assaulted her for years when she was nine years old before he passed away, will be this soul. He was “punished” for the “Unholy” conduct with a fatal disease, but his mother claims that with Anna’s sacrifice, he will get freed to enter Heaven. Anna feels obligated to do this since she cares for her brother.

The Wonder Movie Ending Explained – What Happened?

Ultimately, Nurse Wright saves Anna using narrative and faith’s persuasive qualities. Nurse Wright persuades Anna to have a different outcome after learning the awful story her mother has been feeding her: that she can die and make her sacrifice while simultaneously being reborn as a 9-year-old again who did not experience terrible deeds. Nurse Wright puts Anna into a trance-like condition by combining the opiate liquid with milk, during which she experiences rebirth and takes on the new identity of “Nan.”

To avoid prosecution, Nurse Wright fabricates a death report for Anna and burns down the O’Donnells’ home, concealing the presence of a corpse in the process. Using the guise of the Cheshire family, Nurse Wright, William, and Nan successfully flee Ireland and arrive in Australia. Nan is seen eating again as they have a lavish lunch together.

The camera pans, and we return to the film studio to the sound of more upbeat, ethereal tones. Algar, who was previously portraying Anna’s elder sister Kitty, is now the enigmatic storyteller clad entirely in black. Again pompous, but this refers to believing in tales and the strength of faith. She murmurs, “In. Out. In. Out.”

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  1. I wondered about Nan staring at us as she was about to leave on the boat…It was quite obvious as he peered right at us almost daring us to what…Not sure…was this the case. Was the new Nan staring at us for what?


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