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Indian Idol Winner – Season 13 Winner Prediction & Prize Money

You might feel sad at the season’s final season as the show is going to end just to return with another season. We have mentioned the Indian Idol Winner – Season 13 Winner Prediction & Prize Money in the article. Read to know who is likely taking the trophy this season.

Indian Idol Winner – Season 13

The very famous singing reality show that has been watched by us is coming to its closure. The season’s audition was initiated in July. Then the show was organized from 10th September 2023. The current season judges, Himesh Reshammiya and Vishal Dadlani. Aditya Narayan hosted the show in the beginning then the spot was taken by Bharti and Harsh.

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The winners of Indian Idol Season 13 have been searched by all of us curiously. We are crossing our fingers, hoping that our favourite one gets to win the trophy. The show selects the winner after auditioning contestants from all over the nation.

Indian Idol Winner - Season 13 Winner Prediction

Indian Idol Winner – Season 13 Winner Prediction

There are a few who has been closely observing the performance and hence can bring to you who is likely to get the Season 13 Winner trophy. The winner will be awarded and applied at the final episodes. Those who are watching the show from the beginning shall not miss the very moment.

Name Age Hometown Status
Bidipta Chakraborty 18 Kolkata
Rishi Singh 19 Ayodhya
Shivam Singh 19 Vadodara
Senjuti Das 26 Kolkata
Deboshmita Roy 22 Kolkata
Chirag Kotwal 21 Jammu & Kashmir
Navdeep Wadali 20 Amritsar Eliminated (8th)
Sonakshi Kar 20 Kolkata
Vineet Singh 33 Lucknow Eliminated (10th)
Kavya Limaye 19 Vadodara Eliminated (9th)

The table above will provide a rough of who might win the Season 13 title. The fans and followers were given a chance to vote for their favourites through the SMS system. The final episode will give us the final contestants and a winner. So don’t miss the episodes.

Indian Idol Winner so far

The show has recognised major talents of the country. We have mentioned the list of those who were able to win hearts and points from judges.

Seasons Champions II Prize Money Runners up Year-wise
1 Abhijeet Sawant Rs 50 lakh Amit Sana 2004-05
2 Sandeep Acharya Rs 1 crore N. C. Karunya 2005-06
3 Prashant Tamang Rs 1 crore Amit Paul 2007
4 Sourabhee Debbarma Rs 1 crore Kapil Thapa 2008-09
5 Sreerama Chandra Mynampati Rs 50 lakh Bhoomi Trivedi and Rakesh Maini 2010
6 Vipul Mehta Rs 50 lakh Amit Kumar and Devandra Pal Singh 2012
7 Jr 1 Anjana Padmanabhan Rs 25 lakh Debanjana Karmakar 2013
8 Jr 2 Ananya Nanda Rs 10 lakh Nahid Afrin 2015
9 LV Revanth Rs 25 lakh Khuda Baksh 2016-17
10 Salman Ali Rs 25 lakh Ankush Bhardwaj 2018
11 Sunny Hindustani Rs 25 lakh Rohit Shyam Raut 2019
12 Pawandeep Rajan Rs 25 lakh Arunita Kanjilal 2020
13 Yet to be broadcasted Rs 25 lakh Yet to be broadcasted 2022

The contestants belong to different regions of Indian states. They have been awarded cash prizes as per the season they participated in.

Indian Idol Champion- S13 Prize Money

The one who will get the most support from the audience, along with the audience’s approval, will win. The winner is most likely to get 25 Lakhs rupees. The amount has been given to the previous winners as well. We are not yet shared whether they will improve the cash price or not.

The winners got the name and fame from all over the nation. They also get to work with professionals after winning the title as per their capabilities. The fans are also supported by posting photos and videos of their favourite contestant to win.

Though the show tends to face, much criticism causes fake emotional drama building up TRP. The claim has been made by previous hosts, contestants, and judges as well. Still, the singing reality tv drama. It can be said to be the only Music show that has been telecasted on TV for so long.

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  1. i am watching the indian idol 13 contest from usa and format for selecting the winner is somehow leaves the winner with some mixed feeling. allowing the public a big roll in determinig the winner seems a bit unfair. my humble suggestion is, let a panel of expert determine the WINNER.

  2. We are very PLEASED to see Shree Chirag Kotwal come second. It was shocking the way he was insulted and tarnish his reputation and down grade him.
    IT IS HIGH TIME – SONY T.V KICK OUT Himesh Reshammiya, for the next episode. He is just bully and show off for himself. He was busy match making for Rishi Singh and
    Bidipta Chakraborty.
    Next series, replace, this big headed, failed Himesh.
    Thanking You in Anticipation
    From – Manu


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