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In the Dark Season 5 Release date, Cancelled or not, Cast, Plot

Will In The Dark return for a fifth season? Following season 4’s enormous popularity, the show has made a lasting impression on the viewers’ hearts. A fascinating subplot that is quite captivating is one of the show’s many qualities. The program manages to be both distinctive and popular. Continue reading to learn more about In the Dark Season 5 Release Date, Cancelled or Not, Cast, Plot, and more.

In the Dark Season 5 Release Date

After several seasons of incredible plotlines and characters that fans grew to love, sadly, The CW has decided to end the show. It is bad news for those who enjoy the mystery-thriller aspects of the series. The series’ first season came in April 2019. After considering the audiences’ expectations, the producers immediately launched the second season in January 2020. Additionally, In The Dark Season Three premiered in June 2021 due to the show’s success and fan base.

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Because of the attention and love that the audience continues to provide, the fourth season got released by the producers in June 2022. The creators, however, realized that continuing with another season wasn’t any more advantageous for them. So they decided to refrain from the potential of an In the Dark Season 5 and make Season 4 the series finale.

In the Dark Season 5 Release date

In the Dark Season 5 Cast

The cast of the popular crime drama In The Dark is exceptional. Perry Mattfeld portrays the series’ main protagonist, Murphy Mason, a blind lady in her mid-20s, while her roommate, Jess Damon, who will be her best friend and understanding roommate, will be played by Brooke Markham. Casey Deidrick will play the character of Max Parish. Morgan Krantz will play the character of Felix Bell, who will be Murphy’s coworker.

Is In the Dark Season 5 Worth Watching?

Before watching the series, the audience evaluates a show depending on its ratings and reviews. In the Dark has a lot of positive reviews and high ratings on both IMDb and rotten tomatoes, so if you’re interested in watching it, don’t hesitate and get started.

In the Dark Season 5 Cancelled Or Not?

According to Deadline, the Dark Season 5 Release date got cancelled because the CW no longer considered it financially successful. Due to streaming and a prospective sale, mergers are about to happen. Additionally, The CW has begun reducing its workforce. The only reasons In the Dark continued broadcasting for as long as it did were Netflix and mainly positive reviews, yet it was never one of the channel’s top-performing linear shows.

Despite having a fair number of viewers, the series only received mediocre to mixed reviews from critics. Additionally, many fans are still hopeful that the program will renew if the Season 4 episodes generate enough interest and viewer demand. Although, it’s unlikely that In the Dark will get a fifth-season renewal.

Where Can I Watch In the Dark Season 5?

The show had 42 episodes across its four seasons and was available on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. Because there won’t be an In The Dark Season 5, you won’t be able to access it on any of the platforms.


Murphy is a headstrong, blind woman in her twenties who “stumbles through life in a drunken haze.” Her only companions are her kind-hearted roommate Jess and Tyson, a young drug dealer who rescued her from a terrible mugging. Pretzel, her guide dog, finds what she believes to be Tyson’s body, but it disappears before the police can get there. Murphy clings to the only thing that can make her feel peaceful when they don’t appear interested in learning what happened to her mate. She decides to look into the crime on her own while faking her exciting dating life with her miserable job at “Guiding Hope,” her parent’s guide dog training facility.

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