CBSE 10th Answer Key 2022 Term 1 All Subjects Answer Sheet

CBSE 10th Term 1 Answer Key 2022: The CBSE of Central Board of Secondary Examination has conducted the term 1 examination today, after appearing in the term 1 Examination of Class 10, students are looking for the Answer Key. If you are one of them whose has appeared in CBSE 10th Term 1 Examination, then I inform you that, through this article you are going to get the CBSE 10th Term 1 Answer Key 2022, in order to get the answer key of CBSE Class 10 Term 1 all examination you have to read the article till the end.

CBSE 10th Term 1 Answer Key 2022

The CBSE or Central Board Secondary Examination’s 10th Term 1 questions were not so tough or not so easy. The candidates who appeared for the examination said in some interviews that the paper was good, but things went fine for them.

CBSE has conducted the Term 1 Examination for various subjects, for every individual the question paper, there is  an answer key to see how many questions you have touched correctly.

One thing that you know is that CBSE doesn’t publish any answer key for the term 1 Examination, all the answer key that you will find on this article is made by us or our team.

CBSE TERM 1 Exams 

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CBSE 10th Answer key 2022 Term 1 All Subjects Answer sheet

CBSE 10th Term 1 Answer Key 2022 Overview
Country India
Organization CBSE or Central Board of Secondary Examination
Exam Class 10 (Term 1)
Answer Key Available Below
Exam Conducted On 30 November 2022
Examination Subject Social Science
Official Website

Today (30 November 2022) the CBSE 10th Term 1 Examination was conducted for the social science, the question of social science was in may set, the answer key, that is given in this article is for the set 4, if you question was of other, wait for some time, we will publish the answer key for other sets too.

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CBSE 10th Social Science Term 1 Answer Key 2022 (Set 4)

Central Board of Secondary Examinations’s class 10 Term 1 Social Science Set 4 questions has 60 questions, for every single question,  the answer key is given below.

Questions Number Answer Key
1 d
2 a
3 a
4 a
5 b
6 a
7 c
8 a
9 c
10 c
11 a
12 b
13 a
14 d
15 b
16 d
17 b
18 c
19 d
20 a
21 b
22 d
23 d
24 d
25 b
26 d
27 a
28 d
29 d
30 b
31 a
32 d
33 a
34 a
35 a
36 a
37 d
38 a
39 a
40 c
41 a
42 a
43 a
44 c
45 c
46 a
47 a
48 a
49 c
50 d
51 b
52 a
53 a
54 c
55 b
56 c
57 a
58 d
59 c
60 a

If your question’s set number was not 4, then don’t be, we will publish it as soon as possible. Our team is making the answer for another set, so keep visiting the article for the answer key of another set of Social Science.

The amazing thing about the CBSE 10th Social Science term 1 question is that question number 40 has two same options, both the option A and the Option C were similar, so some candidates answer A as the answer and some answer C as the answer of question.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year the CBSE 10th Term Examination was not conducted in the, not only the term 1 examination even the Annual examination was not conducted, this year, things are normal so the CBSE conducted the term 1 examination for the year 2022.

We hope that you have found this article informative, after reading this article surely you have gotten the CBSE 10th Term 1 Answer Key 2022. Even after reading this article if you have any questions or queries related to CBSE 10th Term 1 Answer Key then ask it by commenting below, we will try to answer all your questions and queries as soon as possible.

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219 thoughts on “CBSE 10th Answer Key 2022 Term 1 All Subjects Answer Sheet”

  1. I am confused with the answer keys of question no. 25 and 35, respectively. Both the answers are supposed to be “b” and not “a”.

  2. Hii
    I have doubt in 38th question the correct answer should be option B not A
    Both assertion and reason are correct but reason is not the correct explanation of assertion.

  3. In answer key answer of 54 th question is option C but I think answer is option B as marginal farmers own land less than or equal to 1 hectare but Laxmi owning 2 hectares so how the answer will come marginal it should be medium

    • Marginal = Less than 1 hectare
      Small = 1-2 hectare
      Semi-Medium = 2-4 hectare
      Medium = 4-10 hectare
      Big = 10+ hectare

      Well options are itself wrong so i guess CBSE will give marks to both marginal & medium.

  4. In answer key answer of 54 th question is option C but I think answer is option B as marginal farmers own land less than or equal to one hectare but Laxmi was owning 2 hectares so how the answer will come marginal it should be medium

  5. Yup, I feel the same that 25 and 35 are supposed to be option B not A. Then I don’t know out of nowhere it’s “A”…

  6. Questions 25 and 35 answers are given clearly wrong. They should be B. In 25 if assertion and reason were reversed then it could have been A . Question 35 is clearly B .

  7. Regarding question number 25 the answer must be option b not a because reason is not correct explanation to the given assertion…

  8. For question 25 answer will be option B and not A
    Because both no explanation is there.

    If the assertion and reason are interchanged then the explanation will be provided otherwise now it is not explaining

  9. No the correct answers for Q.25 & Q.35 should be B and not A.
    Relation does not mean that the Reason is explaining the Assertion.

  10. For 31st question the reason is absolutely false .. It is clearly given in the Britain section that the English was only dominant and for 25th The answer shld be b .. The reason is not stating crct explanation of assertion nowhere..

  11. The answer to question 25 and 35 would be most definitely b only. Once Russia occupied Poland, they forced their language in Poland and due to this the Polish started to use their own language as a weapon of resistance. It can’t be that the language was imposed because polish used their own language as a weapon. This does not make sense.

  12. Secondly for question 35 also, majority is followed in certain democratic countries like Sri Lanka but this does not happen because it undermines the unity of the nation. This only happens because some people want to practice majoritariansim. Please try to understand that simply because assertion and reason are related this does not mean that reason is the correct reasoning of assertion.

  13. 25,35 and 54th ques should have their answers B.
    Medium farmers have land of about 1-2 hectares while marginals have less than 1 hectare (ques 54), there’s no reason why a should be the answer.

    In ques 25 and 35, the statements are true, but the reason doesnt further explain it, it isn’t the cause.

    Each question has a 2.5% weightage, how do we let it go because of cbse’s mistake?

  14. Please check 25 and 35 they must be b as you can see clearly that reason is not the correct explaination. But assertion is the correct explaination of reason when reversed please check it

  15. Cbse should check the answer key again ……. bcoz in question 25 and 35 student has douth….answer is b for both the question …

  16. Yes, the answers of que no 25 and 35 should be b.
    Both statements are correct but they are not the reason for the assertion.

  17. 25th question explanation:
    A reason should answer the question “why”. The Russian language was not imposed because Polish was used a symbol of struggle. It is the other way around, polish was used a symbol of struggle because Russian was imposed. Assertion is not because of Reason, Reason is because of Assertion
    Hence, it is not the correct explanation, so answer is B.

  18. Question no. 31 is also wrong it should be C but marked as A . How can cbse marks 3 Answers wrong? CBSE Check once again

    • First of all, this is not any official CBSE site. These answers are NOT released by cbse. CBSE releases the ans key only after the results.
      And ya, I have same issue with Q31. Could anyone help me.
      The correct ans should be C but it’s written A.
      The statement ‘ Ethnic groups of Britain extended its influence’ is grammatically incorrect which creates all confusion.
      My concern is that all ethnic groups didn’t extend their influence…please help me too

    • It is A…they have made mistake only in 25 and 35 q
      The ethnic grps – English did extend influence and siezed power from monarchy…so ya R is ryt ans correct explanation also

  19. Being related does not mean that reason will be correct explanation of assertion….so answer of Q25 and Q35 should be b and not a and as far as Q54 is concerned…it is clearly mentioned in NCERT text book that Laxmi is a small and marginal farmer so I don’t think there should be any doubts on that.

    • But in NCERT it is not mentioned that Laxmi is a marginal farmer. Moreover, the word marginal is used in the textbook only about 2 times ie; Pg no 32, not mentioning its definition.

  20. In question 57, correct option should be ‘b’ increase in productivity as the passage mentions that Laxmi will be able to grow a 2nd crop, I.e. productivity increases. It does not say that higher irrigation will give more yield.

  21. In question no. 40, i saw option A and C are same. I wrote optA and in answer key its showing opt C. Will i get more 0.8Marks for it?

    • This is a fault on the part of CBSE. As far as I conclude that since both options were same and correct, marks will be given to all who wrote A or C. Both options should fetch marks (0.8)

  22. Hey, is it given in the NCERT book that farmers with less than 1 hectare of land are considered as marginal farmers? I couldn’t find it. If it’s not there, then we shouldn’t consider something given in the internet.

    Btw, I too think the answer of 25 should be b (everyone knows why so I lm not saying it again).

  23. Ok so there is dominance in big democracies because it undermines because it undermines the unity of the nation, are u literally serious, it’s clearly b, u go and check, and yes please study ncert thoroughly as it clearly mentioned power sharing is the very spirit of democracy

  24. In question no. 40 option no. (a) and (c) are the same
    I request to board checkers to give a bonus because these are the same and some had marked option (a) and some option (c).
    So, please…….

  25. 35 and 33 also in textbook they gave mining deforestation over irrigation all 3 are main reasons only for land degradation but mining is correct

    • Landslides Happen in Hilly areas and there its asked about plains…
      And you can search on the internet that Both Wind and water are contributing 84% in soil erosion.
      Even if water is not there wind is everywhere…..Also Sheet erosion ( which is caused by water) happens only in slopy areas (refer to ncert pg. 11) and wind erosion happens both in slopes as well as flat areas (refer to ncert pg 11).

  26. Answers for 25 and 35 should be B
    25th – the A and R have been interchanged if u look closely….ask WHY russia imposed the will the reason be BECAUSE POLISH BECAME A STRUGGLE

    35th – majority exists in few democratic states but WHY…is it because IT UNDERMINES UNITY OF STATE ??

  27. nope! it’s correct the answer will be option a….Check out the reason is correct i mean it is explaining the assertion

  28. Science Exam, Section A 1st question.
    I am confused whether answer is a) Magnesium oxide or c) Magnesium hydroxide?
    Please let us know.

  29. In today science exam, Section A, question#1,
    not sure whether answer is A) Magnesium oxide or C) MAgnesium hydroxide.
    Please let us know

  30. Yes, 25 should be B, but I think that 31 should be C, because only the English people extended their influence and not all the ethnic groups of Britain. So R is wrong statement and hence Answer of 31st question should be C

  31. Science paper was very tough I think Cbse should consider many things as there are maximum students who cannot do such type of tricky question paper specially in covid time where people are facing financial as well as mental stress.

    • Yes… I think CBSE would give extra marks for many questions…becoz they are also confused in many such type of tricky questions..

  32. The question number 10 should Have Answer As (A)- wind as there is only mention of wind causing soil erosion on flat land(plains) and no mention of running water anywhere related with plains. Running water was only associated with slopes in Ncert, henceforth it should Be (A).

  33. CBSE should check the answer key many answers are wrong it is very tough to check the papers again so I need to know what will happen like we have filled the correct option and it is wrong in the answer key what to do next CBSE… Please make other papers easy now…

  34. Question 35 it’s B because both are correct but not related at all and question 31 it’s c as ethnic groups means all the groups of Britain but not all tried to increase their influence it only England .. as well as question 57 it’s Should be c because it was mentioned in the para that Laxmi will be able to take a second crop if the irrigation facilities are improved that implies she will be able to change her crooping pattern and grow two crops in a year .Morever if we give chemical fertilizer to a land then only the production will increase … Providing irrigation won’t make the land produce more that what it used to produce !!!

  35. In SSt Exam Series JSK/1
    Of 10th,it must be A option as the answer.(Wind)
    Of 38th,it must be B option(the distrust turned into widespread conflict because the govt.did not give Tamils their Independent State in North-East part of Sri Lanka,clearly written in NCERT.


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