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BharOS Vs Android Features, Launch Date, Required Configuration

India’s population is working in each and every field to embody the dream of becoming atma-nirbhar bharat translates as a self-reliant India. In this series, efficient techies have developed a new OS that will be functional on phones. It can be used instead of the present widely used Android. Read to know in detail about the BharOS Vs Android Features, Launch Date, Required Configuration and related information here.

BharOS Vs Android Features

The BharOS is made by the native company, JandK Operations Private Limited and is incubated by the IIT Madras’s non-profit foundation. The OS is not much different in structure from Android as it is designed on the basis of the Linux Kernel. But indeed, there are a few points that stand the locally built OS apart from the popularly used Android operating system.

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The makers have provided a new system to help deal with the privacy issues faced by users in India. Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, Union Minister for Communications, Electronics and Information Technology and also the Education Minister, tested BharOS this Tuesday. Let’s look closer at what is different about the indigenous mobile phone operating system.

BharOS Vs Android Features

BharOS Features Versus Android

The homemade OS is a significant step towards reducing the dependency on the foreign-based OS that the majority of the population of the country and world uses.

  • No Default Apps (NDA)

This is undoubtedly a great feature that is absent in the Android OS. When we purchase android-based phones, multiple in-built apps that take up a huge space in the phone and might not be utilised by us as a user. This feature will let you install the app you find necessary to use.

  • Native Over The Air (NOTA)

The next feature we are getting is NOTA; it will keep us automatically downloading the security feature and new fixes in our phones. We will not have to perform any action manually regarding this. This way, the phones will be working on the latest version available. In Android, we often have to check and then do the updation of the new version.

  • Private App Store Services (PASS)

The Operating system will provide a list of Apps that have passed the security and privacy criteria of the OS company. This feature is lacking in Android as the very next app gets access to multiple aspects without even us noticing as we install them. Therefore, it will safeguard us from those apps that are not safe.

BharOS Launch Date

The company, JandK Operations Private Limited, aims to provide security and safety to its users. It is going to provide more control to the users over their mobile phone devices.

As per the reports, the MoE has officially announced on Twitter that the operating system BharOS has been released today. (as of 19 Jan 2023).

It is a free as well as the open-source operating system. This is planned to be made available to both private/individuals and public organisations that require it.

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BharOS Required Configuration

It currently is home to approx a billion Crore phone users, and the new OS will definitely bring a huge impact. We all know how vastly and remotely Google’s Android is used. Phone users have reportedly increased every year. We have become so dependent on phones that they have become part of our lives now.

We all rely on phones for our sensitive and private data, and every now and then, we get to know about privacy being breached by apps and OSs.

Considering this, all the development by the J & K Ops Pvt Ltd. company has indeed taken a big step towards resolving the issue by being more independent on the Android OS. We will update you here regarding the required configuration as soon as we collect the data for the same.

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