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Ao Ashi Season 2 Release Date, Characters, Episodes List, Trailer

Ao Ashi Season 2 will soon be announced by the makers of the Anime series. The Season 2 of the famous Anime Ao Ashi is all the fans have been waiting for. Currently, Ao Ashi Season 1 is running and winning the hearts of Anime lovers. All the fans are now waiting for the release of Season 2. Check out this whole article to get more information about Anime like Ao Ashi Season 2 Release Date, its Characters, the List of Episodes, its Trailer and much more.

Ao Ashi Season 2

The Ao Ashi Season 1 is about to end and everyone is already excited for the release of Season 2. According to some sources, Ao Asi Season 2 will be released in the year 2023. Season 2 will carry on the story of the football player Ashito Aoi who is a High School student.

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There were 24 episodes in total in the Ao Ashi season 1. The Ao Ashi Season 1 with English subtitles is streaming on Netflix Japan, Crunchyroll and Disney+ international. The episodes are only streaming in South East Asia Countries such as  Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan by Disney+ international.

Below, we have mentioned all the additional information related to the Comedy anime Ao Ashi Season 2 such as Ao Ashi Season 2 Release Date, its Characters, the List of Episodes, its Trailer, etc. Keep reading the article to know more information.

Ao Ashi Season 2 Release Date

The last episode of the season was aired on 24th September 2022. As soon as the season end, the demands for the releasing of the season 2 are rapidly increasing by the fans worldwide. Season 1 is getting a lot of good and satisfactory response from the viewers.

The release date of the Ao Ashi Season 2 is not confirm yet but soon it will be announced by the makers of the anime series. The Season 1 is not even over yet but everyone is excited for the season 2 already. We will update you as soon as the release date of the Ao Ashi season 2 will get announced.

Ao Ashi Characters

We have mentioned the list of the main characters of the Anime series Ao Ashi below. Check out the whole list and comment your favorite character in the comment section provided at the end of this article. The main characters of the Anime series Ao Ashi are as follows:

1. Ashito Aoi

Ashito Aoi is a High School football player. He is the main lead of the series. He plays in the Tokyo City Esperion FC’s Youth Team. We can see the struggles of Ashito Aoi to become a famous football player and his love for the game in the series. Kouki Osuzu gave his voice for the character of Ashito Aoi.


2. Tatsuya Fukuda

Tatsuya Fukuda is the coach of the team Tokyo City Esperion FC’s Youth Team. He has a great eye for the young football talents and a passion for football. He is the one who recruits Ashito Aoi in the team. The voice artist who gave his voice for Tatsuya Fukuda’s character is Chikahiro Kobayashi.


3. Hana Ichijo

Voice actor Maki Kawase is the voice artist of the Hana Ichijo’s character. Hana Ichijo is a high school first year student in the series. She is football fan and helps out the Tokyo City Esperion FC’s Youth Team.


4. Eisaku Otomo

Eisaku Otomo plays in the Tokyo City Esperion FC’s Youth Team as middle fielder. He has childish and irritated personality. Tatsumaru Tachibana gave his voice for Eisaku Otomo’s character.


5. Souichirou Tachibana

Souichirou Tachibana is also a football player in the Tokyo City Esperion FC’s Youth Team. He plays forward in the same team as Ashito Aoi. Seiichiro Yamashita is the voice artist for the character of Souichirou Tachibana.



There are some other characters as well such as Keiji Togashi, Kanpei Kuroda, Jun Asari Marchis, Yuuma Motoki, Ryuichi Takeshima, Haruhisa Kuribayashi and Nagisa Akutsu. These characters are playing supporting roles the Anime series.

Ao Ashi Episodes List

There were a total of 24 episodes in the Season 1 of the Anime series Ao Ashi. The final and 24th episode of the season 1 was uploaded on 24th September 2022. After the finale episode of season 1, fans are eagerly waiting and demanding the release of Season 2.

The Makers and the Production company of the Anime series, Studio Production I.G., Shueisha, NHK, Bandai, etc. have not released any official announcement related to the releasing and production of the Season 2 of Ao Ashi. As the season1 has 24 episodes, we can predict that there will be 24 episodes in the season 2 as well.

Ao Ashi Season 2 Trailer

There is no official announcement of the Season 2 of the Anime Series Ao Ashi yet. Hence, there is no trailer also but it is expected to be uploaded in 2023 as per the sources. The making of the season 2 will probably starting soon.

We will update you once the confirmation of the season 2 will get announced. Until then, enjoy watching the first season and recommend it to your friends and family.

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      • You can't believe 🥶 I watch all 24 episodes of Season 1 and now I am so excited for it's Season 2 😃. Please anime makers release it as soon as possible. I clearly know that everyone one like Aashito aoi but the two I get inspired from him i.e 1) Confidence & 2) Practice for improvement.

  1. when the first season of aoashi was released on Disney+Hotstar i thought it will be boring but i didn't have nothing to watch so i just watched it and i dont know that when do i finished his all episode in just 2 day literally 24 episodes…. and now I'm searching here and there for aoashi season 2 i.. I… can't wait for it plz ashito come back as soon as possible I can't wait for it plz 😞😭😭…… please😫🙏🙏💓

      • Watch Summertime Rendering on Disney+Hotstar, I am sure you will love it. One of the best Masterpiece I have watched in My life. And yes, one of the best Anime on Disney+Hotstar.

        Highly Recommended!

  2. i was having nothing to watch while having dinner. so i started watching this show and the next thing i remember it was 5 a.m in the morning and i was searching for next season.😃

  3. I love this season how much, for this I have no word. This was amazing 😍👏, and the characters of this series, especially aoashi and Hana, too good. I can't wait for season 2. Please makers quickly upload the second season.

  4. I can't wait for season 2!!! I've re-watched it like 3 times! I'm planning to watch it again after I've finished re-watching Ace of Diamond for the nth time. I love Ao Ashi, I want to watch season 2 soon plz!!


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