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The Last Kingdom Season 6 Coming or Not? Release Date, Cast

Well, although, the countdown has already begun for season 6 by the fans. And we are all really excited to watch what will happen next in the coming episodes. Read and know whether The Last Kingdom Season 6 is Coming or Not. Release Date, Cast, and other sneak peeks of the upcoming season are provided in this article.

The Last Kingdom Season 6 Coming or Not?

The story-based drama will be back with all new episodes of storytelling. The Last Kingdom has received hundreds of positive reviews regarding its action scenes and overall making. Those who like period dramas shall definitely give it a try and watch its episodes.

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The fans want to have finished watching the season fifth that was released in 2022. Season 5 was expected to be the last one in the ‘The Last Kingdom’ series. But the character of Uhtred was appreciated mainly by the people, and they wanted to continue watching him in the role.

The Last Kingdom Season 6 Coming or Not

The Last Kingdom Season 6 Release Date

The date, as per its official telecasting channel Netflix is 6th March 2024. The fans want some authentic news as to whether or not we will be seeing more of the series. Well, we will let you here to confirm the rumours.

The fifth season was released on 9th March 2022.

The Last Kingdom Season 6 Cast

We are shortly going to enjoy the robust cast of the Last Kingdom doing more fight and action. The cast that we will be seeing the season 6 is mentioned below.

Actors Characters
Alexander Dreymon Uhtred
David Dawson King Alfred
Emily Cox Brida
Tobias Santelmann Ragnar the Younger
Adrian Bower Leofric
Thomas W. Gabrielsson Guthrum
Simon Kunz Odda the Elder
Harry McEntire Aethelwold
Rune Temte Ubba
Joseph Millson Aelfric
Brian Vernel Odda the Younger
Amy Wren Mildrith
Charlie Murphy Iseult
Ian Hart Father Beocca
Eliza Butterworth Aelswith
Thure Lindhardt Guthred
Eva Birthistle Hild
Gerard Kearns Halig
David Schofield Abbot Eadred
Peri Baumeister Gisela
Peter McDonald Brother Trew
Mark Rowley Finan
Alexandre Willaume Kjartan
Julia Bache-Wiig [no] Thyra
Ole Christoffer Ertvaag [no] Sven
Björn Bengtsson Sigefrid
Cavan Clerkin Father Pyrlig
Arnas Fedaravičius Sihtric
Christian Hillborg [fi] Erik
Jeppe Beck Laursen Haesten
Toby Regbo Aethelred
Millie Brady Aethelflaed
James Northcote Aldhelm
Adrian Bouchet Steapa
Ewan Mitchell Osferth
Simon Stenspil [da] Dagfinn
Timothy Innes Edward
Thea Sofie Loch Næss Skade
Ola Rapace Earl Sigurd “Bloodhair”
Magnus Bruun Cnut
Adrian Schiller Aethelhelm
Kevin Eldon Bishop Erkenwald
Jamie Blackley Eardwulf
Stefanie Martini Eadith
Finn Elliot Young Uhtred
Ruby Hartley Stiorra
Richard Dillane Ludeca
Dorian Lough Burgred
Steffan Rhodri King Hywel Dda
Nigel Lindsay Rhodri
Eysteinn Sigurðarson Sigtryggr
Amelia Clarkson Aelflaed
Harry Gilby Aethelstan
Patrick Robinson Father Benedict
Phia Saban Aelfwynn
Micki Stoltt Rǫgnvaldr
Harry Anton Bresal
Ryan Quarmby Cynlaef
Jaakko Ohtonen Wolland
Ossian Perret Wihtgar
Ewan Horrocks Aelfweard
Sonya Cassidy Eadgifu
Rod Hallett King Constantin
Bamshad Abedi-Amin Yahya
Ross Anderson Domnal

The music of the Netflix show, John Lunn, is an Emmy Award-winning composer of Scottish origin. The cinematography is shouldered by Chas Bain.

The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die

As the series got so much appreciation and love from the audience. A 2-hour follow-up film to the series The Last Kingdom was shot by the makers. The news was earlier shared with the fans on 24th Oct 2021.

The filming of the movie began in the year 2022. Those who are still with the charters and want to watch more will be delighted to know that the movie will be released shortly.

They can expect the release in mid-2023.

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About The Last Kingdom Series

The historical drama is based on the series of novels by Bernard Cornwell named ‘The Saxon Stories’.

The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die will most probably get a Netflix release. The fans will be shared the news through some glimpse of the movie surely.

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  1. I hope there will be a season 6 of The Last Kingdom. I was really saddened when Lady Aefelfled died. The young woman playing her part was so wonderful! She truly embodied grace and regality with a humility that were traits of a real queen. I, like many other fans were hoping that Uhtred and the queen would eventually become a married couple. Of course there were so many twists and turns, it was almost impossible to predict what would happen next. I liked Game of Thrones, but I loved The Last Kingdom!

  2. best show on Netflix Uhtred was played perfectly this a a series I can literally watch over and over again and still be glued too the television. please bring it bac for a season 6 after the film!!!!!

  3. L-am revăzut de cel puțin 3 ori tot serialul și tot nu m-am plictisit, este cel mai bun serial istoric pe care l-am vizionat vreodată. Felicitări realizatorilor și actorilor…au fost magnifici! Ma bucur ca exista și o continuare, pentru ca am citit cartea și era păcat sa nu aibă și filmul un final adecvat cărții. Mulțumesc Netflix!

  4. Please bring back season 6 I am desperately waiting for that all the characters were playing good in the last kingdom love it a lot from India .


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