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Rishabh Pant Car Accident, Photos, Injury, Hospital, Condition

Rishabh Pant Car Accident: Indian cricketer and wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant met with an accident on a highway. The accident took place when he was returning to delhi. To grab more details regarding the accident the kind read the complete article. You will get to know about his Accident Photos, Injury, Hospital, and Condition.

Rishabh Pant Car Accident

The star wicketkeeper of the Indian cricket team was met with an accident. According to the reports, the Rishabh Pant Car Accident happened when Rishabh Pant was returning to his home, and the accident was taken place Narsan border of Roorkee near Hammadpur Jhal. According to an eyewitness, he saw that the Pant’s car crashed the divider and caught fire. We will share a few pictures of his accident with you.

Rishabh Pant Car Accident Photos

Rishabh Pant Injury

The cricketer was hospitalized immediately after he met with an accident. According to the doctors, Rishabh has injuries on his forehead and on his legs and back due to an accident. Rishabh Pant is driving the car; he was driving his BMW, which is now in a very bad state after the crash and fire. The car fire was taken under control by the local people and the police.

Rishabh Pant Treatment Hospital

After the accident, when people saw him injured, he was taken to the Saksham Hospital on Delhi Road. For immediate treatment, he was taken to the nearby hospital, and later on, Rishabh Pant was shifted to delhi for better treatment. Because of the accident, the star wicketkeeper was injured badly.

Rishabh Pant Condition

After getting the information about Pant’s accident Superintendent of Police Dehat Swapna Kishore Singh reached the spot immediately, and the chairman of Saksham Hospital, Dr Sushil Nagar, also reached the spot. And according to their statement, the condition of Rishabh Pant is stable now. And now he has shifted to Delhi from Roorkee.

Rishabh Pant was part of India’s Test squad in its recent 2-0 win in Bangladesh. Except from India’s limited-overs squad for its home series against Sri Lanka, due to begin in Mumbai on January 3.

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  1. @Rishabh Pant & his beloved Mom, We all wish him a very fast recovery and back to action behind the wickets….its a new life for our Star Cricketer. looking at the speed of his car and post accident condition, its Allah's will that he is alive. His mission was to surprise his Mom by going home without information…ohh my God…. what a feeling. Ask the mother her feelings for her son's intention….. all mothers are same friends. lets respect them and those whose mothers are already gone can still carry out actions to make their souls happy and simultaneously become closer to the commands of Allah. My heartiest prayers for Mr. Rishabh Pant are already with him since i read the news and saw the videos of the dangerous accident. I am Engr. Babar Mohiuddin from Hyderabad, India, working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. "Our combined Best Wishes for Total Recovery of Rishabh Pant".
    My quote "Wicket keepers are the backbone of any team, most dynamic, most vigilant, silent guards of every single ball from pace to versatile and highly confusing bowlers. if the wicket keeper is weak, the team will almost become hopeless. Behind the wickets he is a Single Army. In my opinion a Wicket Keeper is the center of attraction of all after every single run. he is the saddest person when the opponent's batsmen hit 4's and 6ers".

  2. Hi Rishabh, the Indian star cricketer. I love you brave man. Get well soon and be on the ground to entertain your fans including myself. Much much love.

  3. Wish rishba speedy recovery and god bless him. I have watched his matches on tv all the time i wish he could come to USA for futher treatment I can provide rishba with with the finest quality of treatment so
    He can get back on the cricket field.


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