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Justin Bieber Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height, Family, Career

Justin Bieber Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height, Family, Career, and other details about the singer are here. Read the article to know about the rockstar! Justin Bieber Net Worth, along with his wonderful songs, can be found in this article.

Justin Bieber Net Worth

There would be hardly anyone who has not heard of Justin Bieber or his songs. The singer began very young, at the age of 13. He gained massive popularity with his debut song “Baby” in 2009. The singer has released many songs so far. The net worth of Justin Bieber has counted as 285 Million Dollars.

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His work comprises making music, writing songs, dancing, acting, and singing. The actor has sold 140 m. records, as per stats. JB’s monthly salary is around seven million Dollars. He is a Canadian singer

Justin Bieber Biography

Justin Drew Bieber was born to Pattie Mallette when she was very young. She raised the boy by herself. She once recorded her performance in a competition and shared it with her relatives and friends. He participated and sang “So Sick” (sung by Ne-Yo) at age 12 and stood 2nd. Her mother kept on posting YouTube videos that brought many likes and attention.

Justin Bieber Net Worth

Justin Bieber’s song videos cover R&B songs posted on Youtube. The videos were founded by Scooter Braun, who later became his manager, then a marketing executive. He took him to Atlanta and started to record tapes. They made history that we all know. He kept on releasing videos of different genres. He gave stage shows and did tours around the globe.

J-Beebs Age

Our favorite JB was born on 1st March 1994. Yeah, right, his birthday is coming. He is 28 years old at present. While growing up, he learned to play guitar, piano, drums, and trumpet. He is a faithful Christian. He has multiple tattoos on his body that depicts his beliefs. He has a cross made on his chest.

JB Height

Justin Bieber is an average-height man. His height is 1.75 m or 5’9” feet inches. He has blond-colored eyes. His weight would be 70 kgs around. The list of things he likes includes the color Purple, his favorite movie is The Notebook, and Jessica Biel is his favorite actress.

Bieber Family

Pattie Mallette, Her mother, and his father never married. She decided to keep the baby and raise him on her own. His maternal grandparents raised him. He has younger half-brothers and sisters from his dad and stepdad. He was in a relationship with actress and famous singer Selena Gomez. He was later linked with model Sofia Richie.

Justin Bieber engaged Hailey Baldwin, a model, on 7th July 2018. Before marriage, they dated for around a year. Then they had an official ceremony on 30th September 2019. That broke the hearts of millions of his fans.

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Justin Bieber Career

Justin Bieber began his career with Usher singing the song Baby. He then collaborated with various artists. He is well known for Never Say Never, Up, That should be Me, What do you mean? , Sorry, Stuck in the Moment, As long as you love me, Yummy, etc. The other popular songs are listed below check.

Justin Bieber’s Songs
STAY  STAY • 2021

All I Want For Christmas Is You Under the Mistletoe • 2011

Baby My World 2.0 • 2010

Beauty And A Beat Believe • 2012

Ghost Justice • 2021

Peaches Justice • 2021

Stuck With U Stuck with U • 2020

Yummy Changes • 2020

Love Yourself Purpose • 2015

Love Me My World • 2009

Sorry Purpose • 2015

What Do You Mean? 538 Hitzone 75 • 2015

Never Say Never

My Worlds: The Collection • 2010

Mood- Mood (Remix) • 2020

Hold On Justice • 2021

Off My Face Justice • 2021

10,000 Hours Good Things • 2021

Mistletoe Weihnachts Hits 2022 • 2022

Boyfriend Believe • 2012

Anyone Justice • 2021

Nothing Like Us Believe Acoustic • 2013

One Time My World • 2009

Eenie Meenie My World 2.0 • 2010

The artists sang more amazing songs. You can listen to them by searching for him online. His singles include 1 Less Lonely Girl, Love Me, and Favourite Girl, launched in New Zealand, Australia and US.

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