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GB WhatsApp Latest Version, Ban News, APK Download, News

GB WhatsApp Latest Version, Ban News, APK Download, News, and other details are provided here. Read the complete article to know more. GB WhatsApp Latest Version is now available in India. Try and what’s new!

GB WhatsApp Latest Version

The makers recently launched the latest version of WhatsApp, GB. The app has been wide spreadly used by people of all ages. The app was launched in 2009. Then it has been gone with multiple developments. The new version, as stated, is a modified version of WhatsApp. Of course, the new version is going to provide you with amazing new features, where you can hide that you are currently online., airplane mode, etc. numerous features will be in the new version.

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The new feature of WhatsApp carries more features than the previous one. The new version provides an improved messaging experience, an auto-reply feature, and many more new attributes. WhatsApp was last updated on 25th November 2022. Check in the coming paragraph.

GB WhatsApp Ban News

WhatsApp is an American company co-founded by CEO Jan Koum. The app is a free messaging app that added various features like video calling and group chats as it developed over the years. The new feature of the app is listed below check. The new version provides with fully customized, user-friendly experience that was absent in the previous version.

GB WhatsApp Latest Version

There is news that the data has been leaked. The privacy-related issue has been raised by the users now and again. The new version is also free of charge. Millions of users are entirely dependent on WhatsApp for local and international interaction with their members. Earlier, the limit to send the images was limited to 30. Now the limit is till a century, i.e., 100.

GBWhatsApp Size

The makers of the GBWhatsApp made sure to keep the size less. The users have demanded an app that requires less space. The total size of the GBWhatsApp is 48.9 MB. The app doesn’t require root. There are around 7,014,806 applications by users around the globe.

GB WhatsApp Features

The makers of the GBWhatsApp provide the new features listed below. The new version provides lots of hiding as well as an anti-delete status option.

Sr. No. Features in GBWhatsApp
1. Auto Reply
2. DND
3. Text messages Broadcast
4. Text messages Broadcast
5. Anti-revoke message
6. Share live locations
7. Outstanding effects
8. Remove multiple messages
9. Send Maximum Pictures
10. Endless Themes
11. Download Statuses
12. Amazing Font
13. Messages History
14. Alter contacts
15. Mark the unread messages
16. Select all chat
17. Hide your status
18. Best Image Quality
19. Log History
20. Language
21. Notification
22. Pop up Notifications

The new version provides a security lock to the users to keep all the chars and photos hidden from people to try to break the privacy rules. We wonder are these rules followed by the makers as well; we will get to know shortly.

GBWhatsApp APK Download

The GB version can be downloaded by visiting the official website. The procedure to get the latest WhatsApp GB app is here. The steps are very easy. Make sure you have enough storage to update the new GB WhatsApp version.

  • To start, go to the
  • Then, you can read all the new features you will be getting with the new version.
  • Scroll down and click on the download button provided on the page. Then you will be updated to the GBWhatsApp 2022.

Make sure you have a good wifi connection; otherwise, your limited data will be consumed. The new version requires knowing the location of the device.

GBWhatsApp News

WhatsApp itself has stated that the new version is free of cost. To help the users understand better, the official website has shared comparative analyses of the older version versus the new GBWhatsApp. You can visit the site and decide whether you would like an update.

The GBWhatsApp is available for both Android and iPhone users. Users who were looking for a similar update from their old WhatsApp shall try the GBWhatsApp. Though some features match other apps as well. It provides the facility to select fonts. Those who always wanted the option to download the statuses of their friends and family can do so now.

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  1. Dear WhatsApp,

    Please lift the temporary ban on my account. I apologize for violating the terms of service and assure you that I will abide by them in the future. WhatsApp is crucial for my communication, and I kindly request your understanding and consideration.

    Thank you.

    [Your Name]
    [Your Whatsapp Number]

    • You would have to delete the gb whatsapp application and download the main whatsapp application and you can access your whatsapp again


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