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Chocolate Day 2023 Wishes, Images, Quotes, Status, Shayari, Date

Chocolate Day 2023 Wishes, Images, Quotes, Status, Shayari, Date: If you want to celebrate happy moments with your loved ones presenting chocolate is the best idea from ancient times. They are not only delicious treats, but they are also the perfect gift to express your feelings. The article read about the significance of  Chocolate Day 2023 and Wishes, Images, Quotes, Status, Shayari, and date. Read the full article to know the exciting chocolate story.

Chocolate Day 2023 Wishes

It’s already Valentine’s week ongoing. The whole week is celebrated as a festival all around the world. During the festival week, the third day of the week is celebrated as chocolate day. Chocolate plays an important role in everyone’s lives as we are old or young or children. Each of us is just melted towards the chocolate as its melts in our mouths. On this day, just open the magical happiness box under the layer of chocolate for their loved one. Chocolate Day is not limited to your beloved ones. Its significance is spreading happiness like chocolate creams to family members and friends.

Happy Chocolate day

If you are shy and afraid of showing your warm-hearted care to them, just gift them a chocolate box this year to make them happy and feel special. Or a date with the loved one can be said as a Chocolate date. Chocolate has little effect on health, but the relationship can be a compromising effect if it improves bonding. On a special day, we don’t stop by eating the Chocolates, and true Chocolate Day is celebrated by spreading the smell of choco with all the members by applying photos and stories on social media and saying some sweet shayari with truly mouthwatering quotes; they all make the chocolate day celebration at fullest.

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Chocolate Day Images 2023

Here we add some images for your Social media; let your social media dip in the sweetness of chocolate. Make sure no one will escape from the choco blast.

Chocolate Day Quotes 2023

On the chocolate day, this is hard to find out the perfect caption that exactly matches your feelings. A list of quotes is given below for your ease.

  • I searched many shops to buy the best chocolate 4 you, but I didn’t get any chocolate sweeter than you.
  • After roaming the whole city, I finally found the sweetest chocolate in my room.
  • Happiness. As simple as a glass of hot chocolate, bitter and sweet.
  • My dear,
    You are so soft, like dairy milk,
    You are so silky, like Cadbury milk,
    You are so lovely, like my sweetheart.
    Happy Chocolate Day!
  • This is a chocolate message, For a dairy milk person, From a five-star friend, For a melody reason, And a KitKat time, On a munch day, In a perk mood to say Happy Chocolate Day.
  • It’s Chocolate Day…
    These are for you, with hugs, kisses, and love too!
  • Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate.
  • What you see before you, my friend results from a lifetime of chocolate.

Chocolate Day Status 2023

On this special moment, how can we forget the lovers who always want to tell a shayari to impress his/her loved one. A bunch of shayari for poetic peoples.

  •  I am dairy; you are milk,
    I am a kit; you are Kat,
    I am five; you are a star,
    in short,
    I am sweet, but you are my sweetness..!!
    Happy Chocolate Day
  • You are a bar of chocolate, so you are sweetest,
    You are a star, so you are brightest,
    And you are a lovely girl, so you are my dearest!
  • Bina pukare hume saath paoge.
    Karo wada k dosti aap b nibaoge.
    Matlab ye nahi k roz yad karna.
    Bas yaad rakhna us waqt jab
    akele akele chocolate khaoge.
    Happy Chocolate Day My Dear
  • Tyohar Pyaar Ka Aya Hai Sang Apne Khushiya Laya Hai. Na Rahe Koi Bhi Rang Feeka Kar Lete Hain Pehle Kuch Muh Meetha.
  • Mitha Intazar Aur Intazar Se Bhi Yaar Mitha,
    Mitha Yaar Aur Yaar Se Bhi Pyar Mitha,
    Mitha Pyar Aur Pyar Se Mithi Apni Yaari…
    Happy Chocolate Day!

Chocolate Day Wishes 2023

  1. May this Chocolate Day give you a lot of love and Happiness…!!
  2. I want to be with U until the sun falls from the sky. . .
  3. I’ll love U until the day after, forever. …
  4. Love is heat… You are sweet… When two Lips meet each other. Then Love is complete…. . . !!
  5. If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love. . .
  6. ‘LUV is like chewing gum; it tastes ##only in the beginning! _But friendship is like chocolate,_ it tastes till it ends!’ …
  7. It’s a chocolate day. And I am looking forward to getting dipped in you’re sweet and passionate LUV. . . . !!
  8. “Chocolate symbolizes, as does no other food, luxury, comfort, sensuality, gratification, and love. ”
  9. “If I die eating chocolate, I’ll die happy.
  10. Money talks. Chocolate sings!

Chocolate Day Date 2023

Chocolate is the third day of Valentine’s week. Valentine’s week starts from the 7Feb till 14 Feb. On the loving week, Chocolate represents the sweet nature of love. This year Chocolate Day will be celebrated on 9th February 2023 in the mid of the calendar week. Stay happy and eats a lot of chocolate with your special ones.

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