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CBSE Paper Leaked or not? What CBSE Says & Warns students

Every now and then, we get to read the news of paper leaks. Although, the maximum number of times they tend to be false. As we all are aware that the CBSE Class X and XII exam were being conducted. Amid this, there is concern about whether the CBSE Paper Leaked or not? What CBSE Says & Warns students about the rumours. Read the complete detail now.

CBSE Paper Leaked or not?

To refute the rumours regarding whether CBSE Paper Leaked or not? Authorities have taken the step; the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) have issued an official notification addressing the concern of students.

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Despite such strict rules and regulations, incidents of such sorts are occurring. This affects the examination of lakhs of students around the nation. The CBSE has stated that the rumours are fake, and the exam will be concluded on 5th April 2023 as scheduled previously.

CBSE Paper Leaked or not

What CBSE Says?

Until the CBSE organisation itself denied the rumour, students were in confusion. The board, in its official notification, pointed out the following

  • It is ensured that the exam will be continued as decided till the fifth of April 2023.
  • The authorities have stricken and strengthened the for the smooth organising of exam.
  • Those who will be found guilty of the act of spreading rumours through social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms will be punished severely.
  • Those who were found guilty will be convicted on the basis of varied provisions of the IPC and IT Act.

The Delhi Police Special Cell (MAC) and CBSE are constantly working to keep a check on such incidents and punish the culprits.

CBSE Warns Students

The board has warned students not to pay heed to such news or messages. They shall prepare and do well in their exam.

They have shared that there are unethical groups /people who are spreading rumours through social accounts, be it Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or others.

Such groups are luring the parents and students and demanding money in exchange for fake papers.

If the students are found guilty of taking the exam through unfair means or spreading fake rumours, then actions are to be taken against them as well.

CBSE Requests Parents

The boards have also required the parents to guide their wards. They shall tell them not to indulge in such acts and pay heed to corrupt information in hope of getting better marks than others.

They shall not pressurise their wards for the top score and help them with their studies as much as they can. The students are more likely to fall prey to such groups when they are under pressure to get good marks, and failing that might cause them problems later. They shall notice if they find their ward doing any of such acts and some him or her to do so.

The Class X and XII exam will be regulated as before and with more vigilance on the part of the institutions, teachers and invigilators.

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CBSE Exam Public Alert 2023

If you want to reassure regarding the fake news, you can go up to the official site and read by yourself.

  • Visit the Central Board of Secondary Education’s official portal.
  • Then in the LATEST@CBSE section, look for the Public Alert link.
  • As you tap on the link, a pdf document will open. Please read it and share it with kids/parents.

Central Board of Secondary Education will issue further such notification on their authorised portal only. Hence, visit it regularly.

The students should be aware their study time will be hampered and hence their performance ance if they involve in such activities of spreading rumours. It is advised to invest time in preparing for the exam.

We wish the students all the very best for their exam days!

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