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1899 Series Cancelled, Reason, No Next Season, News

The popular mystery drama is no more be shown on the OTT platform. Some people commented it is the best show ever, and its viewers highly recommend it. But unfortunately, the 1899 Series Cancelled. Read to know the reason why there will be no next Season. News of the show is completed in the article.

1899 Series Cancelled

Yes, we know that it is not good to know that the upcoming ‘1899’ series has been cancelled. It will no longer be viewed on Netflix. The show is created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar. Though, the reason why the 1899 Series was Cancelled, is unknown to know many.

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Netflix cancelled the series ‘1899’ in Jan 2023. The fans can accept the fact that their favourite show will not be coming for the next season. They do not want the show to end on a cliffhanger. The viewers are hooked on the story and want to see more of the mystery-thriller tv series. It received a lot of praise for its casting, cinematography, directions, and acting.

1899 Series Cancelled

1899 Netflix Show

The first season was released in Nov 2022. It contained 8 episodes that were uploaded on Netflix for the viewers. The german show ‘1899’ was liked by many. The episodes of 1st season were 50m each. The show is built with amazing visual effects. The show is also available in English, Spanish, French, Polish, German, Danish, Portuguese, and Cantonese.

1899 Series Cast (Season 1)
  • Emily Beecham
  • Aneurin Barnard
  • Andreas Pietschmann
  • Miguel Bernardeau
  • José Pimentão
  • Isabella Wei
  • Gabby Wong
  • Yann Gael
  • Mathilde Ollivier
  • Jonas Bloquet
  • Rosalie Craig
  • Maciej Musiał
  • Clara Rosager
  • Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen
  • Maria Erwolter
  • Alexandre Willaume
  • Tino Mewes
  • Isaak Dentler
  • Fflyn Edwards
  • Anton Lesser

With such a huge multilingual approach, it gained followers from all over the world. The show is about a group of Europe immigrants from Southampton, UK travel on a streamer named Kerberos to the USA for a new life.  

1899 Cancellation Reason

There are many views regarding why the series was cancelled. The main reason why it was cancelled was declared by the makers yet. The series might get cancelled due to it was not able to reach the viewership target Netflix.

The other reason that is surfacing after the cancellation of 1899 is the internal method of Netflix calculating the show’s success. It checks the efficiency scores and impact value. On the basis of these, they decide whether the show has to be continued for more seasons or not.

Though, the series was in the Top 10 between 13th Nov to 18th Dec for a good 5 weeks. The viewership was around 257.15 million hours. Still, it did not remain on the list for further.

1899 Show No Next Season

In 1899, a TV thriller was developed, spending million to give the audience a sail through the imaginative world. The debut was solid compared to other contemporary shows, but it sadly will not be continued.

The no next season was confirmed by the makers themselves. They were planning on producing more earlier, but now the show is over. It is strange that such as successful show won’t be returning with a second part. The fans are hoping for a sequel and requesting the platform to amend the decision.

1899 Series News

Baran bo Odar shared the news through his Instagram handle. He breaks the news as, ‘We would have loved to finish this incredible journey with a 2nd and 3rd season as we did with Dark. But sometimes things don’t turn out the way you planned.’

He continued, ‘We know this will disappoint millions of fans out there. But we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you were a part of this wonderful adventure. We love you. Never forget. Bo & Jantje’. The fans are questioning the OTT’s decision to cancel the show and not leave them on edge.

We will update you regarding the new platform that might be signed for the next season of episodes. 

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  1. I loved the series…was deeply drawn into its dark, brooding quality. But once you've given the plot away, where is there to go but over and out? It is a gem, complete unto itself. Bravo!


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