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Vineeta Singh Biography, Net worth, Early Life, Career, Family

We have done some good research to let you know all the good and bad that goes into becoming one such successful woman. Though society has lined up thousands of menial tasks on women’s lists time and again, we prove to them what much more we are capable of! Let us know Vineeta Singh Biography, Net worth, Early Life, Career, Family and other unknown facts, including her big cosmetic brand in India.

Vineeta Singh Biography

Vineet Singh is a known name in the cosmetic industry. She is an entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, businesswoman and judge of a reality show as well. Vineet was born in 1983 in the city of Anand in Gujarat. She went to DPS school in RK Puram. New Delhi. Then she enrolled in the B.Tech course where she pursued Electrical Engineering at IIT Madras.

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After this, she did MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad. During this course, she learned through internships with leading markets. There she learned about opening a business and sharpened her other required skills.

Vineeta Singh Biography

Vineeta Singh’s Net Worth

Vineeta Singh has ventured into and developed other brands as well. Her company, ‘Sugar’, is around 300 Crores rupees. The company’s growth is great, and her products have buyers all around the world now. Apart from this company, she has also invested in and founded the Fan Bag, which also adds up to her net worth.

Vineeta Singh is one of the judges of the reality show ‘Shark Tank India’, which premiered in India. The show is going to be coming back with another season where we can see Ms Singh advising and collaborating with the contestants.  As per the reports, she is paid around 5 Lakhs for each episode she records.  She has also invested in a few products and businesses of the contestants that appeared on the show for the investment. 

Vineeta Singh Early Life

Vineeta Singh was born in Gujarat. She did her schooling in Delhi. Then later, she studied hard and then got into IIT. Then she enrolled on the MBA course. After finishing, she got offers from various companies, but she declined in order to set up her own. Then she shifted to Mumbai in a tiny flat.

She started a business which failed. She did running to get away from the stressful times, and it helped in calming her mind. Then she also took part in marathons. She had participated in around 20 marathons and also in a few triathlons.

Then she tried again with another brand called ‘FAB BAG’, a beauty subscription brand. During the research, she found out about the need for a good Indian cosmetic brand and then ‘SUGAR’ was born.

Vineeta Singh Career

After finishing her MBA with good scores from IIM Ahmedabad, Vineeta got an offer to become a director at Quetzal Online Pvt. Ltd, a recruiting company, based in Mumbai. There she worked for 5 years. Then she co-founded a beauty product supplying business called Fab Bag. FAB BAG, who has just completed 10 years. Vineeta’s ‘Sugar’ brand is also one of the many associate brands on the portal.

Vineeta Singh is the co-founder and CEO of “SUGAR Cosmetics”. She started the company in 2015. The brand has become very popular since its initiation. There are more than 3 thousand stores that are open for the customer in various cities of India.  She shared that her team is of around 1500 employees, and 75% comprise women employees only.

Vineeta Singh Family

Vineeta’s mother is a learned woman and is a PhD. Holder. Her father’s name is Tej Singh. He is a Scientist at AIIMS, New Delhi. Kaushik Mukherjee is her husband, who was her former classmate in college. They married on Dec 4th 2011. They have two kids together. Both are boys. Their names are Vikrant Mukherjee & Ranveer Mukherjee.

Vineeta Singh has been awarded many awards. She was honoured with the Start-up of the Year in 2019 by the entrepreneur Awards. She was featured In Forbes magazine as one of the ‘Most Powerful Women in business’ in Dec 2021.

We take extreme pride in watching Indian women taking the lead and ensuring to bridge the gap for other women as well.

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