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Palki Sharma Upadhyay Bio, Husband, Age, Net Worth, Education

Palki Sharma Upadhyay, one of the prominent journalists and anchors of our nation, is making the headlines. The reason is her upcoming show that promised a January launch. We have provided all the information regarding it along with Palki Sharma Upadhyay Bio, Husband, Age, Net Worth, and Education are mentioned regarding the famous TV journalist. Read and know her journey so far.

Palki Sharma Upadhyay Bio

As she shared the news that her new show was going to arrive, everyone was very curious about her next venture. Palki stated that she is going to launch on 26th Jan 2023 on Firstpost. The show is named Vantage -Take on the World. The promotional video shows that the show will be telecasted as Weeknight with Palki at 9 PM.

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She quit her popular Gravitas show on the WION channel. She left the show on 2nd Sept 22. She was in the post of Managing Editor. The reason that caused her to take such a decision is yet unknown. But we are glad that we can now have ‘no drama news soon’ by Palki.

Palki Sharma Upadhyay Bio

Palki Sharma Upadhyay Husband

Palki Sharma married Saket Upadhyay. He is a senior NDTV journalist. He completed his studies at Delhi University. They got married in the year 2008. He is also 40 years old. They have one daughter and Jason together. He hosts the prime Time show.

Palki Sharma Upadhyay Age

Palki Sharma was born in Pilani, Rajasthan. She is currently 40 years old. She was born on 29th May 1982. She was brought up in Delhi and completed her basic education there. Then she studied Journalism course. And also is a certified French Learner.

She is around 5’7″ in height. Not much is known regarding her parents. She has one sister, her name is Sanchita.

Palki Sharma Upadhyay  Net Worth

Palki is one of the leading anchors of the nation and has made a strong reputation through her work in the past years. Having such a great career in Media, she has worked with multiple news channels. She began working with the Doordarshan channel, which is India’s largest broadcasting TV network. Then she worked with Hindustan Times in 2004, where she began writing stories about social issues.

Then she CNN News18 in 2005, where she was given the post of an anchor and senior editor. There she worked for the above decade. This all contributed to her knowledge as well as her name and fame. She also interviewed known personalities, including ministers, actors, sportspersons, artists, authors, social activists and others.

She is also a designer and has finally worked toward this passion by opening her own brand. Palki’s saree brand name is Revya-saree.

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Palki Sharma Upadhyay Education

We couldn’t agree more on the fact that how vital is the role of education in one’s life. Let’s look at the education that she attained throughout her school and after. Palki was brought up in the capital city, Delhi. Her schooling is from Loreto Convent, Tara Hall in Shimla.

She added a Masters’s degree from IIS University, aka ICG Institute of Educational Research and Development, Mansarovar Jaipur. She is an alumnus of ICG, and you can watch her view on education on the college’s site as well.

Moreover, she has also qualified as a C1 French Learn from Alliance Franchise de Delhi. She belongs to a well-to-do family.

More About Palki S Upadhyay

Palki Sharma has many awards, including the Best News Reader award in 2007. Her show ‘Gravitas’ was also honoured with the ‘Best International News Show’ in the English language in 2020.

Those who have been admirers of Palki Sharma Upadhyay’s work shall watch her upcoming show, and do let us know your views in the comment section of our website.

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  1. Good that she is back. After Komal G B Singh I am so happy Palki showed strong and talented women are in Media. I always refer these two to my Grand Daughter who is pursuing journalism.

  2. I have been admirerbof Palki Sharma Upadhyay since her " Gravitas" days in Wion. I am 75 years old & wait daily for her "Vantage Show ". If I happen to go to bed early, I make it a point to put alarm for 10:00 pm to watch her Vintage show. I am in no doubt CNN NEWS 18 has become number 1 in viewership dut to her contribution also. Best wishes for her to continued contribution.

  3. As I found Palki is one of the best news reader in the tele-vision media. She has introduced a new style of news reading and her knowledge level is too good. Hope she will have to reach the audience shortly with a good news channel. Her stint in wion has proved that she is the asset for the nation.

  4. We can now expect, perhaps, the lone channel in India which isn't controlled financially – and therefore editorially – by any business house. As a corrolary, the single channel which will give us objective and unbiased news. And by an anchor who will deliver it with a well modulated voice without giving in to histrionics. Eagerly looking forward to it!

  5. Hello everyone. I am a big fan of Palki Sharma Upadhyay because she is a talented journalist.I used to watch Palki news in Gravitas which is my sweet memories, but now I think I have to be used to watch her in Firstpost news 😕🤦‍♂️😅👌👍

  6. Addicted to 9 PM English News First post….and her stint in WION with her presentation Gravitas was enough to get hooked to….the "no-dramatics" news programme of 45 minutes. Palki with her dressing sense, facial composure and above all flawless english language diction….is certainly incomparable to any one presently on TV news. Keep the good work going, Palki. The only disappointing part is …we certainly miss you on Saturdays and Sundays. Further, please show the "Date of the news programme" in the thumbnail the First post poster daily.

  7. I heard Palki sharma since one year and her oratory skills are excellent and her vocabulary is worth mentioning All the best to her in her new endeavours
    PurushOthamarao R

  8. T M Thomas Vaidian

    It is a great thing to know that Palki sharma continues in news media.You are very successful in the field.Thank you.

  9. she is a great anchor and she is a talented woman in the Media. like her English language and her presentation. all the best Palki Sharma.wishing youall the Best in your new venture.

  10. Palki is not only articulate, she always looks keenly interested in the content she goes on to present that particular day-
    International reporting is safe, I always wanted to see her presenting things related to affairs close home….

    Anyways she has CLASS, and mostly she does what she wants to do….her independence is earned 👍

  11. Her pronunciation of English in GRAVITAS news analysis is very very clear and smooth and clearly understandable. Great anchor and news presenter. My hearty appreciations and blessings


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