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Nepal Plane Crash Video – A Passenger Shot Video During Crash

Recently the news was reported regarding a plane crash in Nepal. There is a loss of the people who were in the plane, and a video is surfacing of the unfortunate event shot by a person in the plane. Check all the details regarding the Nepal Plane Crash Video – A Passenger Shot Video During the Crash, which shows what happened at that time. Read the article to know. 

Nepal Plane Crash Video

The aircraft twin-engine ATR 72 from Kathmandu with 72 passengers crashed badly before arrival at Pokhara. It is a significant tourist destination in the Himalayas. As per reports, around 68 people are confirmed to be dead that were in the aircraft.

Nepal Plane Crash Video by a passenger during Crash

The team was able to find a mobile of a passenger that had the last visuals of in and out of the flight. The plane crashed while the video was being recorded by the passenger. There were a total of 4 crew members. The plane took off from Tribhuvan International Airport at 10:33 in the morning, and when it was about to land, it got crashed near the banks of the Seti river.

A Passenger Shot Video During Crash

The passenger’s name is confined as Sonu Jaiswal, who was doing a Facebook live the moment before the crash happened.

In the video, the city view from the top is seen in the beginning, and then there are flames at the end as the plane explodes. The rescue operation is going on. The dead bodies of the passengers that were on the plane are being rescued by the rescue team.

The video recorded the screams and cries of the passenger as the aircraft caught fire, and there was suddenly no noise from the people as it crashed on the ground.

5 Indians and 14 foreigners Died

Around 5 passengers were from Ghazipur, a city in Uttar Pradesh. They left Varanasi on Jan 12, 2023, to visit Nepal. They took the trip as they planned to visit the Pashupatinath temple to do the darshans.

They have been identified as Abhishek Kushwaha, Sanjay Jaiswal, Vishal Sharma, Anil Kumar Rajbhar and Sonu Jaiswal.

They booked the Yeti airlines ticket to reach Nepal. There were passengers from other countries as well: four from Russia, 2 from South Korea, and one each from Argentina, France and Ireland. The rescue operation is done by the rescue workers.

Recent Updates

The minute news reached the families in India; people started mourning the deaths of their loved ones. Our PM, Mr Narendra Modi, has tweeted expressing his concern and sadness regarding the Nepal plane crash.

He stated on his media handle, ‘Pained by the tragic air crash in Nepal in which precious lives have been lost, including Indian nationals. In this hour of grief, my thoughts and prayers are with the bereaved families.’

After the incident, the photos taken by different people were that were on the plane when it crashed began circulating. The photos of the two pilots.

A 5 member committee has been constituted to look into the matter and ensure no further plane accidents occur.

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