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Heartland Season 17 Release Date UK USA, Cast, Episodes List, Trailer

Heartland Season 17 Release Date UK USA, Cast, Episodes List, and Trailer can be checked from this page now. There is doubt among fans if Heartland will be renewed for yet another season, even though it is a little early to expect Heartland Season 17. Over the past several seasons, Heartland’s popularity has skyrocketed, and millions of fans are demanding more episodes.

Heartland Season 17

Heartland has gone a long way since the debut of its first season in 2007. The program recently passed the longest-running one-hour drama on Canadian television, and there’s a good chance it won’t lose it anytime soon. Based on the announcements for the first two seasons’ show became available in early June, we can anticipate hearing about the third season in 2023. Heartland’s popularity is rising exponentially, which gives hope for the series’ continuance.

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Heartland Season 17 Release Date

Heartland Season 17 has not yet received a formal renewal. The show’s Season 17 will likely premiere in the fall of 2023 if it gets renewed. The show’s 15th and 16th seasons were announced in June and became available in October. While that might seem like a long wait, remember that Heartland Season 16 is still in progress.

Heartland Season 17

Additionally, like seasons 12 and 13, it wouldn’t be unusual for the show to release two seasons in a single year. Heartland Season 17 will consist of somewhere between 10 and 15 hour-long episodes. In response to requests from viewers for more episodes, the show’s parent network CBC recently added five more episodes to the current season.

Will There Be Heartland Season 17?

The statistics give us many reasons to be optimistic about the future Heartland seasons. With 17k votes, the show has a rare high rating of 8.5/10 on IMDb. The fifth-most streamed television show in the US last year was Heartland. The series was watched for an incredible 29.5 billion minutes, greatly exceeding other popular shows like Lucifer (18.3 billion minutes) and Squid Game (16.4 billion minutes).

These statistics are not surprising given that Heartland is relevant for the entire family without the parents worrying about foul language, nudity, or violence. Additionally, Heartland was the seventh most viewed series on Up Faith & Family, its equivalent streaming service outside of Canada.

According to vice president and channel manager Angela Cannon, the show is a respected part of the service’s streaming library. She remarked, “The fandom surrounding Heartland is amazing. The newest seasons of this fan-favorite series are brought to Heartland viewers months before because “fans know that UP Faith & Family is truly the US home for all things Heartland.”

Heartland Plot Details

It’s difficult to predict what stories will be featured in Heartland Season 17 while Season 16 is still going. The cherished family drama won’t disappoint fans, no matter what the new season proposes. One potential plot line is Lyndy taking on a more significant position in the show as Amy’s helper for training horses.

The youngest child in the family has already made her mother happy by showcasing her aptitude for working with horses in the recent season. As Lyndy begins elementary school and embarks on new experiences with her classmates, we’ll also get to observe Lyndy’s character develop.

As Season 16 made clear, Amy is now dating, and it won’t be long until she meets someone special. This person might be a new or an existing character like Sam. To Jack’s great relief, Tim and Jessica may potentially move on to the next phase of their relationship and locate their own home. Who knows, Lou and Peter might wed again, and Katie and Logan might start to fall in love.

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Heartland Season 17 Cast Details

Your favorite characters will return for season 17, including:

  • Amy Fleming played Amber Marshall
  • Lyndy Fleming by Ruby Spencer and Emanuella Spencer
  • Lou Fleming Morris, played by Michelle Morgan
  • Peter Morris, played by Gabriel Hogan
  • Jack Bartlett, played by Shaun Johnston
  • Lisa Stillman, played by Jessica Steen
  • Tim Fleming, played by Chris Potter
  • Jessica Cook, played by Michelle Nolden
  • Caleb Odell, played by Kerry James
  • Katie Fleming-Morris, played by Baye McPherson
  • Parker Yang, played by Ava Tran

In the 16th season, Shawn Roberts as Sam Langston and Drew Davies as Logan will have more screen time. They might be more prevalent in the upcoming season. Many viewers were shocked to learn that Mallory and Jake Church would return this season. It will be intriguing if they appear more frequently in the upcoming season.

There hasn’t been any mention of Alisha Newton (Georgie Fleming-Morris) in the last episode. She may still be present for the upcoming season, though. Finn’s Robert Cormier won’t be making a comeback because he recently passed away from injuries.

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  1. Heartland is one of the best series I have ever watched
    I must say I was very disappointed the way they ended season 16
    So many loose ends

  2. Please review for season 17…. We watch it faithfully, and enjoy every episode.
    Show cases family values while portraying the ups and downs in most family dynamics.

  3. Georgie please come back. Please don't make Rick and Carl a regular. This would ruin what this shows has accomplished and many would stop watching!

  4. Looking forward to Amy meeting someone special. In my opinion Sam is not the right match for her. Thrilled that Lou and Peter are back together. Would love to see Mallory and Jake return. Love all the other characters but most of all want to see more of Georgie and Quinn!

  5. Our family never misses Heartland, and can’t wait for season 17.
    Have to agree with one of the above messages regarding Rick and Carl. Small doses are ok. Rick is sweet in his part but not sure if we need their drama.
    We are pleased to see more of Kailib. He and Ty were always a close team and he brings some humour to the program.
    The actors are amazing and we especially enjoy watching the Miracle Girl with the horses. Thank you

  6. Our family never misses Heartland, and can’t wait for season 17.
    We are pleased to see more of Kailib. He and Ty were always a close team and he brings some humour to the program.
    The actors are amazing and we especially enjoy watching the Miracle Girl with the horses. Thank you

  7. I really like watching Heartland. A nice family show with the exception of it seems Lou And. Others has a wineno problem To me it’s not a good example for the kids watching. Just saying. Thanks all. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🙏

  8. Absolutely love and am so obsessed with Heartland! There's just something so special about this show and the characters!! Really hoping to see more of Georgie and Quinn! And it would be nice to see Amy find a new love. I really just love all of the characters!!
    Please, please give us another season!!

  9. I have watched Heartland faithful from season one. was very very disappointed when I could no longer see this show. The last episode I saw was 15. wish I could see the rest. I read up about it all the time. but not really the same as watching it 😕 please cbc bring it to USA some how!!!!!
    Thank you🥰❤🙏🙏🙏

  10. Love this show and it's family values,we are now watching the reruns almost better the 2nd round. Thanks for a wonderful family program

  11. My wish list for Heartland 17 and 18 …l
    Love all the other characters but most of all want to see Lyndy and would love to see her with Amy developing more advanced horse whispering episodes.And Amy finding a new guy!

    I would love to see Mallory and Jake return. So much character in Mallory waiting to be developed !
    Also Caleb and a crazy funny buddy for interesting funny shenanigans and predicaments with Jack,Tim ,Quinn and Mallory and Miss Parker!

    Please keep Jack forever… I do hope to see him in more mystery plots with Tim ,Parker ,Yang and would be great to see Luke return to Heartland and more of Georgie and Quinn and show jumping .

  12. My husband and I have watched all the series and love the Heartland show. It’s so good and family oriented. We are rewatching some of the series now hoping the new season will start soon. Jack and Lisa are my favorite. They are so sweet together. Please make another series.

  13. I love Heartland. So much that I'd like to stay at a dude ranch for a few weeks. I want to learn to ride a horse and see all that's involved with running a ranch. Jack is amazing and a great head of the family, Lou and Peter should remarry. An amazing series. started cover over at Season 1. So looking forward to Seasons 17 and 18. Would love more episodes per season. Twenty to twenty-two. Smiles….Absolutely love this series,

    Donna, Baltimore, Md.

  14. I love the fact how Heartland has been one of the cleanest shows to watch. Parent's and children could watch without feeling the need to fast forward. However, recently I feel the need to fast forward through Rick and Carl scenes. Pease remove their storyline.

    • I'm surprised you don't enjoy the fun banter between Rick and Lou. it will be interesting to see how Rick and Carl juggle parenthood and a mayoral campaign. I think they are a great addition to the Heartland family.

  15. Heartland series have reflected successfully the most puriest family relations that l ever
    WATCHED & ADMIRED and strongly MUCH NEEDED to be continued especially in our daily life nowadays. All respect and appreciation for the amazing professionalism of the Cast.

  16. We love Heartland. We have watched all episodes and waiting for the new ones to aire. Now we're watching from the beginning for the 3rd time.

  17. I wish Heartland would come to the United States faster. It seems like it’s been forever since I watched season 14 please do something about this. I do have a Uptv and watch it a lot.

  18. I began watching Heartland in the Fall of 2020. I watched it from the very first episode. I absolutely love Heartland and all the characters that make this story so very real. I began to watch it when I was diagnosed with a rare life-threatening illness Addison's (Primary Adrenal Insuficiency). Heartland gave me an escape, to where I could focus on this beautiful story based in Alberta. I have always loved horses, since I was very young. I rode horses in my late twenties. I am grateful to Heartland and all the great actors who make this so real and a true joy to enjoy. I look forward to Season 17. Hopefully, I will be healed by the time the next episode starts. Thank you for the escape to relaxation and a dream ranch of horses.

  19. love the characters and story lines of each and how they explode their gift of acting on an interesting development Heartland grips you everytime you watch even new shows peek your enthusiasm I'm sure I'm not the only one when I say Heartland is great dynesty of talent and we as viewers have the privilege of watching this group of talent come together from the oldest to the youngest to collaborate a Story like Heartland
    keep up the great work we all love it. Thank you…👍👍👍👍👍

  20. Heartland is my favorite TV show, I have lost count how many times I have watched it and really want to see more, please please renew. Thank you to all who brought heartland onto our screens and into our hearts. All the actors and actresses are amazing and the storylines have been so inspiring, I can't tell u how much this show has gotten me through some rough times and answered questions about my own life. I have Bipolar Disorder and PTSD. To say that this show has probably saved me from myself is an understatement. Heartland is my go to series and always will be. To anyone who hasn't seen it and thinking of watching it, I highly recommend it. I never want it to end! Thank You for heartland x

  21. I found Heartland on the Live Roku channel & loved it, but when I watched it it was not in order. I called my library & they had the 1st Season and watch d it. Library had to get the next seasons from other counties here in California, got through Season 5 and found out it was on Peacock Premium so have finished 14 seasons in less than 3 months. Just ordered Season 15 from the library and have to get it from another county, will take about a week. I love love love Heartland and cried through all of Season 14 when Ty died. I realize why he wanted to leave since this was his big gig after Acting School and he was 36 years old but I really miss the happy interaction between he and Amy, wish he could have stayed till the end.
    Please please please make this easier to watch in the USA.

  22. I started watching Heartland on the BYU channel and then on Netflix and had to get Up Faith and Family channel to watch the New seasons and New Episodes now it seems like it's been a year and a year and half since I seen the last of season 16 cat you hurry up and put season 17 on up Faith and Family ASAP a HEARTLAND DIE-HARD FAN from Chicago, Illinois USA

  23. every season after season 13 is garbage. They are desperately trying to keep the show running with stupid new characters and ridiculous storylines. This went from a really great show with really great writing and stories to trying to please the TV network and the stories have taken a toll. The show stop being good after Ty left. Nobody cares to see Amy move on with somebody else and the ridiculousness of the storyline is just truly sad. As far as I'm concerned, heartland ended after season 13.


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