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Diwali Essay 2022 in Hindi, English from 10-20 Lines, Upto 1000 words

Diwali Essay 2022 in Hindi, English from 10-20 Lines, Upto 1000 words is available here. Read and do your work now. Write your Diwali Essay in Hindi and English by reading the article.

Diwali Essay 2022

Now that the festive season is around the corner, everyone is very excited to finally have some celebration and fun. As you all know Diwali is the biggest festival which is wholeheartedly celebrated in India. It brings with itself a variety of things cleaning is being initiated at homes, sweet smell of gud and till, markets are full of buyers, and then there is homework to be completed. Parents who are stressed about their kids’ assignments can also check the article once to get an idea.

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On such occasions of fun, the children are forced to finish their homework first. They are only allowed to play and light crackers if they complete their work. They are also given essays to write on Diwali. This is where we can help you out. It is celebrated in different ways in numerous religions in India and other countries as well.

Diwali Essay English 2022

Here we provide you with the essay in both Hindi and English language so that you can complete both homework from one place. You can share the story behind why we all light up the Diyas and celebrate Diwali or can share your own eco-friendly Diwali details.

दिपावली का त्यौहार image

Diwali, as the word connotes is about the diyas, or ghee-filled, small earthen bowl with batti we light on Diwali. The festival celebrates the homecoming of Lord Rama. The story is often shared through the Ramayana performed by various artists. The festivities begin with Dhanteras, when the god of wealth, Kuber, is being worshipped for prosperity. Then comes the Chotti Diwali or the day before Diwali, that day it said that after cleaning our homes, offices and other surroundings we shall clean ourselves and enhance our looks. Then on the occasion of Diwali people worship gods and goddesses such as Ram, Sita, Hanuman, Ganesh, Laxmi and Saraswati, as well. Sweets are shared among the people, and everyone visits each other homes and wishes them well. Then the kids light crackers and celebrate the ending of the exile period of Ram.

This way the festival is celebrated in India and the festival is also celebrated in other countries such as Singapore, Mauritius, Malaysia, Nepal, etc. The festival is all about the togetherness of family members and sharing happiness among everyone. This Diwali Essay in English is provided to help you; you can share it with your friends as well.

Diwali Essay in Hindi 2022

Those who are in search of writing the essay or Niband in Hindi shall check the following article. The Hindi article below can help you write in a Hindi notebook quickly. The essay is provided below.

दिपावली का त्यौहार

Diwali Essay in Hindi is provided above. You can also take the help of a newspaper, where you can add what is happening now this Diwali in your city and state. You can also make people aware of the increasing pollution and request them not to fire fooljadiis, anar and other pathakas or crackers.

Diwali Essay Upto 1000 Words 2022

The article will help you write up to 1000 words essay in no time. Read the complete article and also add a few points from your side to make it the best. This way, you will be able to finish the homework on time and enjoy the lighting to crackers with your cousins and family member. On the occasion of Diwali, gifts are given, and people host feasts to celebrate them. As the day is considered very auspicious, many people buy homes, vehicles, jewellery and other things. Diwali Essay in Hindi and English can be checked on this page.

Do not forget to wish Diwali to your classmates and teachers in advance. You can also draw something to give as a card to them. Make sure you celebrate the festival with precaution. Take care of young ones and keep them away while burning fireworks. Hear the story, and you can watch movies made on Diwali story to know why we celebrate Diwali and what its importance is in Hindu culture. The festivals are for those who want to celebrate with respect and want to learn about other cultures.

Diwali Essay in English from 10-20 Lines 2022

The essays on Diwali can be made with other points as well. We are mentioning here a few of them. Make your own essay from the following points:

  1. Diwali is a festival about sharing happiness and joy around.
  2. Diwali celebrates the homecoming of Lord Rama.
  3. Everyone decorates their house by lighting up diyas and putting up lights.
  4. On this day we worship gods and goddesses and pray for peace and prosperity.
  5. We shall not burn crackers and instead celebrate Diwali in an eco-friendly manner.
  6. The festival symbolizes the win of Truth over false or good over bad.
  7. People put up different stalls of sweets, decorative items, clothes, shoes, etc., to sell.
  8. On this day young ones take blessings from elders and wish them Diwali.
  9. A variety of delicacies are prepared at home and then later offered to guests on Diwali and the next day.
  10. Rangolis and Mandanas are made on the veranda to decorate the house with colours and flower petals.

This is just to provide you with an idea of how you can write. You can always add more and minus the points you don’t find nice in your Diwali Essay in Hindi English. The best way in fact is, to sum up, your own Diwali experience and write it down as an essay.

Thank you for visiting We wish you all a very Happy and safe Diwali from our team.

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