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CEED UCEED Syllabus 2023 Exam Pattern, Selection process

CEED UCEED Syllabus 2023 Exam Pattern, Selection process and other details are provided here. Proceed to read the article and all the information regarding CEED UCEED Syllabus 2023.

CEED UCEED Syllabus 2023

CEED UCEED is approaching, and candidates need quick access to the UCEED Syllabus. The examination has majorly two parts, Part A and Part B. The CEED 2023 is scheduled to be held on 22nd January 2023. The syllabus of the exam is provided in this article. Please read and prepare well.


Common Entrance Examination for Design is, as you know, a joint exam for the entrance to UG courses in technological design. The exam will be conducted by IIT Bombay. The exam is held annually at all Indian Institutes of Technology and Indian Institutes of Science. The CEED 2023 syllabus is provided in the table below.

CEED UCEED Syllabus Part A

No. Subject/Section Syllabus
1 Visualization and spatial ability Pictorial and diagrammatic questions to test understanding of transformation and/or manipulation of 2D shapes and 3D objects and their spatial relationships, knowledge of practical and everyday mechanical and scientific concepts.
2 Observation and design sensitivity Ability to detect concealed properties in ordinary things, people, situations, and events and think critically about them. Applying attention to certain details, analysing, reasoning, classifying, inferring, and predicting. Ability to discern subtle differences in visual properties and aesthetic outcomes.
3 Environmental and social awareness General awareness of environmental factors such as climate, population, water, vegetation, pollution, weather, natural resources, etc., and their implications on the design of products, images, infrastructure, and environment. Awareness of social and cultural connection with the design, history of the designed artefact, and socially responsible and environmentally sustainable design responses. History of art, sculpture, and literature.
4 Analytical and logical reasoning Ability to look at information, whether qualitative or quantitative and discern patterns within the information. Ability to weigh opinions, arguments, or solutions against appropriate criteria. Ability to check for hidden bias or hidden assumptions and whether evidence and argument support conclusions.
5 Language and creativity Ability to understand and use Standard English. Reading comprehension and knowledge of English grammar. Ability to think creatively in terms of alternatives, ability to distinguish innovative options, and to think out of the box.
6 Design thinking and problem-solving Ability to use visual analogies, metaphors, signs, and symbols. Ability to understand complexity, identify problems, generate alternatives, evaluate options, and select solutions.

CEED UCEED Syllabus Part B

No. Subjects Syllabus
1 Drawing Ability to draw products, people or scenes in proportion with good line quality, composition, proportion, perspective, and shading.
2 Creativity Ability to think out-of-the-box and come up with unique as well as diverse solutions.
3 Communication skills: Ability to communicate concepts and ideas clearly
with the help of text and visuals.
4 Problem identification skills Ability to understand the user and the context,
knowledge of properties of materials and their appropriate use in design.

CEED UCEED Exam Pattern 2023

The CEED 2023 will be based on the topics we have mentioned in Part A and Part B. The candidates should know that it is an aptitude test you can prepare by practising and solving questions from previous year’s question papers available on site. The CEED 2023 exam will be of objective type questions.

UCEED Exam Pattern 2023
UCEED 2023 Question Paper Structure

Part A will be answered on the computer, whereas Part B answers have to be written in the answer book given by the invigilator. The examination is conducted to provide admission to the most prominent institutions in India. The candidates who will get selected will get admission to IIT Delhi, IIT Guwahati, IIT Hyderabad, IIIT Jabalpur, and IIT Bombay.

CEED UCEED Selection Process 2023

The candidates should know that the marks they will score in Part A will be used to select or shortlist candidates. The answer books of the UCEED Part B will be checked manually by the teachers. The answers to Part B are subjective in nature, depending on the individuals who gave them. Hence, there is no model answer for those.

The selection process of the CEED UCEED will be decided on the 25% marks the candidate achieved in Part A, and a total of 75% weightage will be given to the Part B of the examination paper. The candidates who have any queries regarding the exam shall go to the portal and read all the details given online.

For more information, you can download the Information Brochure PDF provided on the official site in order to gather more information regarding the CEED UCEED Syllabus. The CEED scores only do not secure admission to college.

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