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Yashoda Box Office Collection, OTT Release date, Day wise Earning

Yashoda Box Office Collection, OTT Release date, Day wise Earning can be checked from this page with daily updates. At the box office on day one, it is anticipated that the film Yashoda, starring Samantha Ruth Prabhu, will bring in thirty crores of rupees from all four of its language adaptations.

Yashoda Box Office Collection

The first day Yashoda Box Office Collection is the film’s producers’ reason for optimism because the movie has a chance of performing better than the recently released films Phone Bhoot, Mili, and Double XL. Word of mouth is important to the success of Yashoda at the box office because the film does not feature a male star. We will discuss the Yashoda Box Office Collection in this article, along with more details.

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It has been speculated Yashoda Box Office Collection for the first day is Rs. 30-35 crore for producing the science fiction action thriller. Since the film’s announcement, there has been a great deal of interest in it, and ever since the trailer was released, there has been buzz surrounding it.

Yashoda Box Office Collection

The film starring Samantha might bring in a worldwide total of Rs. 60-70 crore. It will be lucrative if it gets a favorable response within a week, which is quite likely. The movie can earn between 50 and 60 crores of rupees at the Indian box office, making it a huge success.

Yashoda OTT Release Date

Everyone is satisfied with how the filming of Samantha’s Yashoda project turned out in the end, scheduled to be completed in March 2022. Stay tuned for more updates as we wait for the producers’ confirmation regarding the movie’s OTT release date. The OTT release date has yet to get announced, but it should become public shortly.

Yashoda Box Office Collection – Day-wise Earning

The first day of operations saw Yashoda get more than one crore worth of reservations. Telugu has been responsible for selling more than 50,000 tickets, with Tamil, Hindi, and Malayalam following closely afterward. Initial estimates were that it would bring in between three and five crores on its first day at the box office.

Yashoda Box Office Collection may earn a total of Rs 50 lakhs in Tamil and between Rs 20 and 30 lakhs in Hindi on the first day of its release. On the first release day, the Malayalam version of Yashoda could make between Rs 4-5 Lakhs at the box office. In the context of the current scenario in India, it is not a terrible figure for a movie that stars a woman at the forefront.

1 3.20 Cr
2 2.9 Cr

Yashoda Screen Counts and Budget

Samantha stars in the film Yashoda released in more than 500 Telugu theaters. It has occupied a sizeable portion of screen counts all across the nation. There are more than 600 screens in the rest of India, and more than 240 screens in the international market, bringing the total number of theatres to approximately 1350.

Yashoda had already amassed 50 crores before its release. It includes 13 crores for satellite and 24 for digital rights, respectively. The Telugu theatrical rights to the film got sold for 11 crores, and the distribution rights in other countries for 2.5 crores.

Yashoda Movie: Hit or Flop?

If the amount of money the movie makes at the box office is less than its total production cost, then the film is likely to be considered a failure, and you should not only watch it but recommend it to others. It will go up against Black Panther 2, which will be a challenge for Samantha’s movie, given that South India is a significant market for Hollywood blockbusters. On November 11, it will be interesting to see which film will be the most popular choice among moviegoers.

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Yashoda Movie Storyline

In the film, our protagonist, Yashoda, is expecting her first child and has been given some recommendations regarding maintaining her mental and physical health and safety. However, a few occurrences force her to live on the edge, putting her life in danger. Yashoda concludes that she can earn more money by acting as a surrogate.

Things get off to a good start for Yashoda, but a seemingly insignificant occurrence sows the seed of uncertainty in her mind. After becoming aware of the illegal activities associated with surrogacy and the surrogacy mafia, she made it her mission to bring those responsible to justice.

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  1. Yashoda is a strongly knit story with every scene is well made with lots of twists and big stunning thrills with every actor excelling on top being Samantha, the background music of Manisarma supporting a great deal. HAPPY SPECTATOR!

  2. yashoda movie is very very fabulous and the story is very good , the acting do by Samantha mam is osm their is well wishes for their upcoming projects from my side and a special thank to producer and their director to make such a great movie for us ..


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