World War 3: What will Happen and Who will Support Whom?

During Moscow’s ongoing massive military operation against Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned Wednesday of a third world war’s “nuclear and devastating” consequences. Read the article to determine if there will be a World War III and who will support whom.

World War 3

According to state-owned TASS, Russia’s longtime top diplomat responded to the possibility of a third world war by saying that it would be devastating.

As U.S. President Joe Biden said, a third World War would be a better alternative to Washington’s tough sanctions against Moscow. Asked if he was surprised that sanctions were being imposed against athletes and journalists, Lavrov said that Russia was ready for any sanctions imposed against it.

He commented, referring to the ban and sanctions imposed by Western countries, that athletes, intellectuals, actors, and journalists would be the targets of the sanctions. He claimed that “dictators” like Vladimir Putin must “pay the price” for invading another country during his inaugural State of the Union address on Tuesday night.

Russia has been banned from using US airspace after being invaded by the United States. According to a Qatar-based news channel, Lavrov said the special operation against Ukraine was designed to prevent Kyiv from buying nuclear arms.

According to the channel, Russia would not allow Ukraine to obtain nuclear weapons. It quoted him as saying that the military operation in Ukraine is aimed at disarming the country.

Despite Ukraine’s obligations under the Budapest Memorandum, which stipulated that the country hand over nuclear weapons in exchange for security guarantees, President Vladimir Zelensky has not discounted the possibility of Kyiv revising those obligations.

World war 3: Who Will Support Whom?

My knowledge about this topic is somewhat limited, but I will give it my best shot. World War 3 would not be fought by every country on Earth. Truthfully, most South American, African, and Oceanian countries and a good number of Asian countries wouldn’t fight each other. It was only because colonial powers ruled so many countries that WW2 involved many countries.

World War III

I’m not exactly sure what the cause of a World War 3 might be, but I’m going to assume that each country’s economic and military status is as it is now. If the conflict starts in Asia (around Taiwan, the South China Sea, or South Korea) or in the Middle East (around Israel, Iraq, or Iran), it would most likely be in Asia or the Middle East.

Watch how many people died in World War 2

This video shows the comparison of the number of casualties in the second world war with the help of 3D animation.

Team USA

  • The U.S.A.
  • The European Union. Due to their NATO obligations, they are obligated to side with the U.S. against a democratically elected country. There are four primary sources of military power:
  • France 
  • The U.K. 
  • Italy 
  • Germany 
  • Israel – This country, too, will surely side with the U.S. as most of their enemies will be on the other side of the conflict. They receive most of their weapons from the U.S., their strongest ally.
  • Canada- A democratic country located near the U.S. On par with Europe.
  • Taiwan – The war may start due to their invasion, so they will undoubtedly side with the countries that recognize them.
  • Japan – We have had Japan as an ally since WWII and China as our enemy. Japan would side with the U.S.
  • South Korea – Located right next to China and adjacent to North Korea. Just like Taiwan, they’ll support the U.S. when the fighting starts.
  • Saudi Arabia – It’s a democracy, but they will fight Iran. Friends are enemies of enemies.

Team Russia/China

  • Russia
  • China
  • Iran – The USA and Israel consider them enemies, and the Russians back them. This site will no doubt ally with them.
  • North Korea – This country is allied with China and Russia, and they want to take over the southern half of the country.

There might be a few I’ve missed, but I think these are the most prominent players. Here are my thoughts on what would happen in such a conflict.

The Cold War or World War 3?

Two things will be assumed to make this scenario work.

  • The situation does not involve nuclear weapons.
  • Team Russia/China is the aggressor.

Iran is very likely to attempt to attack Israel as well. If this were to happen, it would be catastrophic. With an effectively coordinated strike between Israel, Saudi Arabia, and U.S. military forces, the Iranian military would be crippled and forced to surrender.

Already, the U.S. war machine is churning. U.S. Navy forces have steamed towards Japan from the Pacific, deploying in full force. Large ground troops are crossing the Atlantic as part of American reinforcements in Europe. The tides are turning as now ground troops are arriving.

The U.S. navy dwarfs the Chinese so that Chinese forces will be pushed back. Taiwan, the Philippines, and South Korea will be freed over time. The U.S. may send troops if China refuses to submit. Nevertheless, U.S. and European forces in Eastern Europe will have driven the Russian Army back to Moscow at that time.

As of now, four outcomes are possible.

  • Russia and China will negotiate a truce that allows them to continue their trade, but with less power and influence than previously.
  • Team USA indeed invaded Russia and China, dismantling their governments and replacing them with “democratic” ones. However, I cannot guarantee that these governments will function well.
  • When backed into a corner, Russia and China launch their nuclear weapons and cannot win.
  • All of this seems unlikely. I simplified the answer to avoid further complications. It would not be as I predicted if World War 3 happened. A small amount of fighting is also likely to bring peace if war breaks out since nobody wants to see a war between the major powers. The Middle East will likely see fewer proxy wars.
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475 thoughts on “World War 3: What will Happen and Who will Support Whom?”

  1. The US cannot sanction China like it sanctioned Russia. The U.S. depends heavily on China for providing the low-cost goods that enable income-constrained American consumers to make ends meet as well as to help big companies like Apple rake in millions!

    • for the same reason China needs the U.S. finacially, and thus doesnt want to get into a millitary conflict with the west. Most likely Russia and Iran will be on their own.

      • russia, india, brazil, china, south africa and many other countries are in an alliance called BRICs, china may sit out but russia is def not alone should the conflict escalate into a ww3 scenario, also one of the main reasons the usa is not getting involved is because they have to make sure china doesn’t try and take taiwan. if they move their navy to the baltic, then the south china sea and taiwan are up for grabs with almost no resistance, (usa and taiwan are allies)

        • Mam, I’m brazilian and everyone here is against these Eastern powers. The only exception is left winged people, who are a minority, they appear to be majority because they like to make sound and trouble. BRICs is NOT something like NATO. If a war starts, we’ll be at USA side.

          • Maybe Brazil should focus on fighting their own war in their own country! Start by helping the poor people of Brazil, instead of taking sides with the US against Russia!

          • What a huge lie u just told! Brazilians have more a center-left position. Bolsonaro was just an exception, an accident. Im prety sure if a WW3 starts, Brazil going to remain neutral and pragmatic, with a slice tendency to support Russia/China (BRICS is our chance to become relevant to the world’s geopolitical board). It s depends of the profits that we could achieve with a statement.

          • I am surprised Brazilians even want to involve themself with imperialist USA rather than focusing on their own development and peace. There are too many poor people and injustice in Brazil and why not get used by the imperialists in their war. Brazilians should be smarter than that.

          • Russia broke up before as a country. Russia as we know it today should be no more. Let us all over the world be peace China and Russia become one country no more Putin!!!

          • You kid still did not learn imperialism even does not have mercy to its own people, they do not care about you,

          • Well said, and not only that, Central and South America have their own problems ESPECIALLY with the cartels and corruption. Their hardly equipped to handle joining up on geopolitical without serious ramifications from bOTH east and west. When the People of Latin America stand up and do something about the gangs and thugs in charge, then MAYBE they’ll be a threat to either East or West. Right now theur along for the ride at best, suffer just like Africa at the geopolitical business ramifications of BOTH East and West, and most cower and head hoping to cross US borders to evade it all. Not that I blame them. Sincerely a decent American

        • This BRIC’s alliance is not a military alliance, they didn’t ally to protect each other in wars they allied to forge better relations between the member countries. India is also an ally with the U.S so i feel like India would stay out of this one or side with U.S since India doesn’t like china due to the clash in Galwan river valley

          • No.. India has already started to improve it’s relationship with China.. India isn’t going to back up US for sure

          • Very true. I’m not why anyone would bring BRIC into this. Most countries would try to stay out of it but I’d imagine south America would be with the US. I don’t think it’s going to happen the way this article says as too many are under NATO agreement and governments in the East are hurting. JMO

          • @NM, we may not like what Russia is doing, but definitely, we would never fight against Russia, it would be completely against national interest and against the public sentiment. We have no other option but to stay silent. But if we are pushed to pick a fight or pick a side, it would be devastating to the aggressor.

          • BRIC will disintigirate if war becomes a central issue. India is in a tight corner , it may have to spend huge amount to get her military equipment to stay neutral. If history is
            a guide , India never was at war with anyone, only in recent times it is facing threats for which there is heavy spending on military arsenal.

          • What ever happens in case of WWIII we will all kiss our arses goodbye and the human race will be extinct …brilliant!

          • Ultimately if I was any country. I would want to side with the U.S. because the U.S. is about peace and freedom not communist control and human neglect so in that moment you decide because that is where you will end up. Also the U.S. has connections with alien life from a whole other galaxy and their area 51 is highly protected because of it.

          • @NM I’m pretty sure u should side with the US or it would be devastating to all the countries that don’t..apparently u haven’t heard about our military….and also we spend 800 billion a year on military and military advancement no other country is even in comparison to that. China is the closest and they only spend 65 billion or so… so it definitely wouldn’t be devastating to us the only thing that would devastate us is if we got in a nuclear exchange with Russia and the US would win that but it would wipe out 90% of the population so the world would be devastated…

        • Facts! And at the end of the day a lot of the eastern powers have been waiting for the u.s. to fall, it’s going to be like Rome. When one attacks they will all attack to see us fall. Russia, India and China can easily take on NATO in my opinion, the reason the United States have not stepped in is because we don’t want any smoke with all of those countries it would be a stupid move to cripple our country even more than it is after getting over Covid, school shootings, LGBTQ rights, poor water supply in Mexican, trying to make a wall we don’t need, making citizens pay for school and healthcare. We are broke and too focused on nonsense in our own country as opposed to these other countries that have been focusing on their infrastructure!

          • These reasons are not it! We are a rich country abd still a super power. The US isn t going to step in and try fighting Russia. Stop listening to the news. Ukraine isn’t 100% innocent.

          • Umm….yea, wrong. The US, as the most monetarily productive part of NATO would get involved if we absolutely have to. As would Canada, so in affect most of the North American continent. You forget, we have land that is almost in Russia to the North? What would stop Russia/China from using that to get into our continent?

          • Three india, China, Russia have three billion people
            Kill them with Nukes the. USA will be the King

          • Who knows how many enemies have entered the country already because our border was not secured. Sleeper cells waiting for that opportunistic moment to attack.

          • It is highly doubting that India will join the fight. We are not aggressors. We always root for world peace. We believe in diplomacy and dialogue.

          • Lmao, America is a communist country that is doing all they can to kill off 50% of their population right now. You’re all so brainwashed.

          • USA only country making WAR IN THE WORLD FFS

          • So you believe for one second after NATO is taken over by china and Russia you actually think they won’t come for the US too. You sound like the ww2 all over again US jump in when half the fighting and deaths are already done. Cowards talk.

          • India in the background buying weapons from Russa. Mmm
            Like China they to are seeking the world to buy from them.
            They have already picked there side.
            It’s amazing the world did not see this comming.
            We complains so much 30 plus years ago of children making thing.. And cheap labour.
            Now no one cares were it came from or cost.
            Now we have built a army comming after us.
            On all sides. It realy looks like a plane that as been in the works for some time.
            You can’t be so blind not to see it. We are now in a big pickle.
            And as time goes on it keeps getting bad. Not better.
            Good help us all…
            We have nitwits running the show

          • You won the
            I AM Right
            Award 🏆🎺🌴
            Too the right answer!
            There’s no winners in nuclear war!

        • Has anyone took a minute to Think? If and when WW3 happens that it will be the LAST WAR to be fought here on earth or even what is going to happen to earth on count of the Nuke’s?

          • I believe there will still be vestiges of human beings able to crawl out from the ruins of what was once modern civilization, with all its once upon a time dazzling sky scrapers plus this and that. The norms of civilized people with all their laws and established order will have irretrievably vanished from the face of Planet Terra, and at the same time…reverting any civilization to stone age patterns of culture.

          • I am surprised Brazilians even want to involve themself with imperialist USA rather than focusing on their own development and peace. There are too many poor people and injustice in Brazil and why not get used by the imperialists in their war. Brazilians should be smarter than that.

          • Im surprized at the amount of people comnenting as if there will be economies, nations after a full nuclear exchange.
            There will be some scavangers left, but most people will die within a few years. Even countries not hit will eventually succumb to radiation sickness ,no crops,no food so starvation.
            And water supplies will be toxic, and short on supply, so dehydration
            I want to be like kong in doctor strangelove and be right under a nuke.

          • Einstein was asked
            ” how will WW3 be fought?”
            Einstein replies” I don’t know, but believe that WW4 will be fought, with sticks and stones..!”

          • The only living organisms that will survive an all-out nuclear war will be microbes, as my microbiology lab instructor claimed while complaining about antibacterial soaps at the time and their ability to mutate to survive. He quoted with a crazy zeal, “The meek shall inherit the earth”! Not so crazy???

            We’ve already started to see this with the multiple Coronavirus mutations. Not a stretch to think that they could mutate to survive radiation of that magnitude if not all incinerated like the rest of us.

          • I am an observer. I have always felt Putin would make his move by trying to take back what he consider Russia. People like him groomed and trained to be ruthless. Many gave him the opportunity to make Russia a fair/civilized country. However people do not change especially when they have been groomed to be rulers.
            Anyway, as much as I wish wouldn’t be a WWW3 it’s happening in front of our eyes.
            If Putin is not stopped he will nuke various countries almost simultaneously. In my opinion he is extremely dangerous.
            Even more so cornered which is happening. I also fear he would poison water source or unleash other viruses. Never underestimate an evil man.

        • No sir, it’s very unlikely that Brazil would even pick a side, but I’d say that if we had to choose one it would be USA. Btw, (it’s unnecessary to say since so many pointed that out but) BRICS is an economic alliance, not a military one

        • The U. S. has 11 Carrier Strike Groups. There would be no reason to send them all to the Baltic. The U.S. can fight two major wars at the same time.

        • Brics is an economic alliance whilst NATO is a military one they are entirely different in terms of purpose and most of these countries are not close enough to each other to back each other up in war. India’s starting to sway to the west after decades of neutrality, while South Africa and Brazil will want to remain neutral, whilst China want want to interrupt trades with the west their main source of income. So it’ll most likely just be Russia, Iran and North Korea. Who are massively out gunned by NATO and its allies.

      • Russia will fire supersonic nukes striking first and hard. Biden will either be killed in the first attack or will hesitate and only respond if Russia launches a second attack. Russias second attack will be from space taking out key US communication satellites. Islamic terrorists cells will be activated throughout the US and begin attacking government and financial institutions. The number of attacks will be in every major city in the US. Because of Bidens refusal to secure the southern botder the number of enemy combatants could be in the tens of thousands.

        • ONE United States Ohio class nuclear sub can destroy Russia by itself and we have 14 of them.Even if everything you said happens it would not matter. Any aggressor will become radioactive ash

          • It’s clear in my mind, that people fantasies about pushing the button on mankind.
            A few test sites of nukes exploding on land and sea, around the world would wake us all up, to the threat of what could happen….
            We owe it to our family’s future, that our planet flourish and everyone benefit it’s beauty for many generations to come.

        • Your whole fantasy is flawed .First off the US might not be able to shoot down hyper sonic missiles but they can see them coming. Secondly Islamic terrorist would be dead along with over 400 million people world wide within 4 hours of the start of WW3. Islamist terrorist ?What damage are they going to do that a thousand nukes wont?You speak like WW3 is winnable .NOBODY WINS, It will 100% lead to the end of all human civilization on earth.Not my opinion that is what will happen. The United States Ohio class nuclear guarantee a second strike. One Ohio class nuclear sub can destroy Russia BY ITSELF!And the United States has 14 of them. Nobody can track them .Not to mention the 400 -500 Sub based nuclear missiles the UK and France have. The second Russia launched a nuclear missile at ANY NATO country would result in a instant massive Nuclear response from NATO.Not my opinion that is what would happen. Sweet dreams…

        • Putin is stuck when it comes to the military operation. Putin has two options now either he escalates things, which could mean either introducing mobilization or using tactical nuclear weapons, or he can stabilize the situation and begin peace talks in earnest.

          A nuclear war means the immediate destruction of cities by nuclear blasts, the potential aftermath of a nuclear war could involve firestorms, a nuclear winter, widespread radiation sickness from fallout, and/or the temporary (if not permanent) loss of much modern technology due to electromagnetic pulses.

          The vast majority of the human population would suffer extremely unpleasant deaths from burns, radiation and starvation and human civilization would likely collapse entirely. Survivors would eke out a living on a devastated, barren planet.

        • Geeze! Really James? I bet president Benin and our military forces have already got our next in their way if they decide to shoot.

          • Iran, remember, is the aggressor towards Israel, a Jewish based country. Islamic people aren’t bad. I know good people that are Moslem too. Turkey is an Islamic country, and they fight in places like Syria. Remember how 9/11 happened? Remember how the Pentagon was hit? Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq aren’t being punished because Islamic people are bad, it is because actions have consequences, just like Armenia has consequences when is bombs Azerbaijani civilians, and vice versa. Anyway, you’d be surprised how defensive America have been for Israel.
            I want to highlight that religion Is fine. Islamic people, Christian people and Jewish people are all nice people.

        • Let’s hope and the leftists are defeated and the US renews its faith in God, focus on restoring values it once had, integrity, moral and military strength and become energy independent so we can help other countries who are dependent on dictators for fuel. God Bless The USA.

          • I wonder why we keep these arguments. Putin, Biden, all have one common goal- to destroy 90% of the world population.

          • “Leftists”.

            And that was the moment I knew everything that came after it would be utter drivel.

            Perhaps you’d like to tell us about the section in the Bible that talks about lining the pockets of the military-industrial complex. I have yet to see it in my copy.

            Stick to praying endlessly to cancel out your extramarital affairs and sending your underaged children to vile beauty pageants, and leave the real talk to the grown-ups.

          • Amen the whole world needs Jesus daily and especially our government make America great again by turning to our lord and father and great king

      • Russia hss enoigh nuclear ready weapons so ny time washingyon pentagon and los angelos wiped out alomg with moscow neither isa or russis wins

          • The whole war is because of insecurity. USA has always tried to dominate. NATO was formed for mutual protection, not for aquisition of land. USSR was once strong but it’s been 25 days and still can’t take Ukraine. USA is not going to jump in as Ukraine is not under NATO. Then why are they dictating other countries. Why hasn’t Russia invaded Ukraine earlier, Why now. Only because of USAs involvement indirectly and threatening Russia in future.
            And India may have ties with US but Russia has been a long friend. And we Indians pride Friendship. USA tried to attack India and who came to avert.. Russia, with their Subs. Why is USA mum on Kashmir issue and Galwan as well. India has provided a lot of proofs but no action is taken against Pakistan not their allies. Even after OBL was found in Pakistan and Internationally most wanted are welcomed there and weddings also take place. India is the 4th strongest country as of now. We don’t want war, but when it comes to countries security too much oppression will revolt like Russia is doing now.

        • Most countries would be neutral. South Korea depends on the U.S. only for support dealing with North Korea but accepts being under its orginal master, China’s sphere of influence. Latin America and the Carribean countries would be neutral except for Venzuela, and Cuba. Third countries would carry out their own interest like Argentina trying again to retake Falklands while UK is busy. Iran try to annex Shiite parts of Iraq and other countries. Israel always has it own interest in mind going so far as to try to sell the patriots missles tech to China until it was caught by the US and had to back out. The previous wars were world wars because of multiple theatres of war occurring at once.

        • Opposite they need us as clients no clients no money no money no food no food no one, dont forget with population de over 1 billion 60%are more than 60 years old ..50 years from now there gonna loose 500,000,000 of there elders those elders whom dont contribute need to eat and place to live , the other 40% that are left 20% are under 18 years old so 20% for there economy

      • First America has to produce it. I would buy if made in America. Bring our jobs and industry back to America. Our government should have stipulated a long time ago to these companies that went overseas. If you make it in another country sell it to them. Your not allowed to ship it back to America to sell.

        • Agree man I say the exact same with my country Australia bro bring back all manafacturing gone and creat jobs for us Aussies.

          People Putin will be assassinated by one of his own in Russia there like us don’t want a war it’s Putin will Hitler the second

          • This war wouldn’t have begun if America did not provoke Russia by making the first move. The attack upon the Russian confederacy and the resulting conflict seen now, caused the war to escalate into the last war of the world which will soon involve all nations as the Bible perdicted.

            Then who knows it will happen! CHRIST will return to prevent the annihilation of all mankind. He only can take over and make things RIGHT.

          • It maybe the case but I think Putin will disappear like Hitler did…but not before WWIII which Putin has already

          • Happened with JFK….killed by an American citizen.
            Kennedy tried to install a puppet leader loyal to USA, by promoting an invasion of Cuba and getting the CIA to kill Castro….
            Then Castro asked USSR to provide a defense system, to protect Cuba from USA aggression…
            Then in October 1962 ( after the spy plane U2, photographed rockets in Cuba) the USA used a naval blockade, to prevent the USSR supplying military support.
            WW3 was close at hand and the world held its breath….
            people panicking, when the UK air raid sirens started going off….!

          • The media is very anti-Ukraine over there, so a lot of Russian residents support Putin’s ways.

          • Putin has stomach cancer and Parkinson’s disease so he may not be around long. He is supposed to have surgery soon.

          • MR. MJ i think you have read sanitized History of USA
            Go and read since 1950-till date how many people and children has been killed by usa army just in a name of chemical weapons.. syria, afghanistan, Iraq etc

            And yes main USA was first country to nuke Japan…did you even know at least how many has been killed, an innocent population has been wiped out just to gain powers and dominate the world.. Till Date all your so called USA’ Presidents has never apologized..

            USA Should watch their own three fingers rather point others and teach human rights and all..

            For Your Knowledge.. NATO with 3 to four nations was formed due to USSR but once USSR got dissolved in 1991 and there was an agreement that NATO will also get dissolved that time USA has given a surety..but today you can see NATO with 30 who is war criminal?

        • Where would america get its raw materials to be able to manufacture goids.
          Shortages lead to price rises in a wartime economy due to rarity so people cant afford overpriced domestically made goods.
          Also americas economy relies hwavily on chibese banks loans.
          if calked in america would default and have a run on banks, inflation will devalue dollars.

      • Hate to burst your bubble but even made in America items still contain parts and pieces from China. You own at least 1 item constructed this way. We all do.

        • Our salaries have not moved in years so it’s crucial that
          China produce the goods worldwide so we can buy it cheaper to what we can afford..

        • I guarantee you it much more than 1 item. It’s the sad reality. Just like self check out in grocery stores. That can be 1 or 2 more jobs for someone.

        • Everybody knows everything in China is made in sweat shops, that’s why they are so cheap, and just because we don’t build it doesn’t mean we can’t if we had too

          • But at a massively overpriced value.
            Goods would not be available to those who cant pay so food riots, societal breakdown and nuclear winter, fallout, so a sliw ,protracted death.

        • WWIII is the main topic but discussing products being made in China is valid. Purchasing products from China is related. There is a reason for going to war and a reason for avoiding war.

          The fact that we are economically dependent on each other, may answer the question if China would or would not join Russia if we are to send boots on the ground. Hence, would China sit out?

          We have to look at issues holistically to understand motivation for one to join a war or sit out.

          • China is already at war with the United States. It’s not a secret that they supply the Mexican drug cartels with the compounds needed to produce fentanyl and used to poison American citizens. I also remember a story about crop killing seeds coming in shipments having nothing to do with agriculture. There are many ways china is already at war with the United States, just saying….

          • The question is who is the anti crist if you had a bible read it. Then tell me who the anti crist is. That is the start of it. Hope that makes sense

      • Good luck with that. I would buy American made if that were an option. It’s too rare. even the COVID Rapid test tube is made in China. I bet you the equipment in hospitals are also made in China.

        Don’t even be fooled with “American” cars. They are assembled in America but the parts are made elsewhere. Salary/wages have not kept up since the 50’s/60’s while everything else has gotten so expensive. Govt should have addressed this a long time ago and kept most production in house.

        Corporations are greedy and we have no choice. They only care about their profits while some 12 year old is making 1.00 an hour 12 hours a day. Corporations have to be willing to not be super rich and be satisfied with just being rich.

        Until corporations stop being greedy things won’t change. Production in America doesn’t mean the products have to be exponentially higher in cost. Corporations simply need to take a pay cut and they would still be rich just not as rich.

        • Guys we need to keep it together! All of us want to love in a free world and can’t help what’s happening right now!

          Peace for all of us!

          • There will never be peace in Russia, or the US or China, or anywhere else. The only place you can possibly create peace in this world is within yourself, and that’s a lifetime’s work. The best we can do for mankind is work on improving ourselves. Peaceful people make peaceful societies.

          • Peace is not an abstract idea. The Bible says Jesus is our peace. If we invite him in our heart he gives peace within. The world will never be able to give us peace within.

        • How much a daily labour in your country may charge???
          what is the amount that can feed a guy two times a day in your country???

          In India its as low as 5$ a day. Yes, it is almost what is the minimum wages for a daily labour in India, and people even work for less. And they are happy if u give them 5$ a day for their 8 hours work or even 9-10 hours.
          Case is quite similar in China.

          Is there any labour in your country who will work 8 hours for 5$?? Can he arrange food for the day for his/her family with that 5$?

          What your corporates are doing is offering 1/10th of payments to not only labour but persons with brain/skills than what they deserve in your country. Are you ok working with that type of salary??? Ask yourself.

        • Canada wants the Ukraine people over here to make them work for cheap wages.Justin Trudeau is corrupt.He doesn’t care about these people.The Canadian economy is going into a recession.these people will work for cheap labour,the Canadian Government nerds these people.And on the other side the Ukraine people are not wanted in Canada.they will be targeted beating up and even killed.Canada isn’t all that people think that it is.immagrant people are killed or beaten up every day in Canada.Its normal now in Canada.Justin Trudeau needs these people,and after the economy is back on their feet,he will send them back.All about the Economy and Politics.tueir better off staying there.Our Canadian Government is corrupt.Our Vice President is Russian.good luck in Canada

      • Everything is made in china only stickers are made in USA all companies USA Canada UK are having manufacturing products in China

      • Are you stupid. The microwave you use the phone you use almost ever electrical device has a chip which is produced in China.

        Why do you think so many things in the tech world have become so exspensive and hard too get, i work at Land rover and we had too stop production of a certain model car because we hadn’t got the chips we needed to finish our line so the car could be manufactured. All because China wasn’t sending us the chips and put the price up by 28% so sorry to burst your bubble but unless you live in the wild with no Internet (but your actually using it now) and live off the land you’re always using something “Made in China”. Made in the US does not stop some parts of that product was produced in China.

        That’s the ops point.

        • It all comes down to a point. innocent people are being killed. the man should be stopped no matter if it’s every country coming together to stop this guy. want this guy to come to your front door? the enemy you know what I mean? he’s over there killing innocent people so no matter what country is enemy with what country, he should be the main target. but it’s not going to happen like that. no one knows what could happen. all we know is something’s going to happen,and it’s going to be so terrible, so sad for the whole world 🌎🌍

          • The united states’will be on top I truly believe this because well, we’re definitely some bad ass people who will fight till there’s no fight left…we are highly intelligent people.We are the people and We will be on top in the end. don’t take our kindness for weekends… This Is America People… Land Of The Great 🦅🦅🦅

        • I think the bigger question is we need to dig deeper because without the raw material like the metals that make up these chips and batteries are from places like Africa, china is only capable of producing such chips if the material to make them is available, got to go further back to find the source of it.

      • many Made In America have chinese components… many of which are not manufactured here. Electric cars assembled in detroit have chinese battery components… not buying a product without a ‘made in china’ label….is an excellent choice. but we still highly depend on china. it may take a decade to america being self sufficient


        • How much a daily labour in your country may charge???
          what is the amount that can feed a guy two times a day in your country???

          In India its as low as 5$ a day. Yes, it is almost what is the minimum wages for a daily labour in India, and people even work for less. And they are happy if u give them 5$ a day for their 8 hours work or even 9-10 hours.
          Case is quite similar in China.

          Is there any labour in your country who will work 8 hours for 5$?? Can he arrange food for the day for his/her family with that 5$?

          What your corporates are doing is offering 1/10th of payments to not only labour but persons with brain/skills than what they deserve in your country. Are you ok working with that type of salary??? Ask yourself.

          • So only 2$ less than americas minimum wage and you could probably afford 5 times what an american spends on essentials, they need 3 jobs to just make it week to week

          • First of all, Palestine, located in west bank, is Israeli.

            Yemen was attacked with American bombs, though the Saudis used them. Americans are interested in the security of Saudi Arabia’s borders, though over the course of the past seven years, $4.5 million dollars has been donated by American people.
            It doesn’t sound like much, but because of the inflation and corruption in Yemen, $20 dollars can go a long way.

      • Everything you buy is made in China. They just put a different tag on it. Your smartphone (apple or Samsung) , iPad, home appliances, etc

      • Almost everything you have around you and in your house or your car is Chinese. You buy China. Even your shoes are Chinese and the chemicals that are used for your water purification or in your medicine are Chinese. You are breathing, walking, sleeping, eating Chinese

      • Yah right. I spend a lot of money on products, almost everything is made in China. I have $500 fishing rids from American companies that had a China sticker on it.

        My point is you are not really able to escape buying products on made in China.

      • Well Said Deb. Time for America to stop depending on these other countries for goods that we should be manufacturing ourselves. Becoming as self sufficient as possible should be priority #1.

    • When WW3 kicks off Apple will mean nothing. It will go Nuclear by Russia. Do you really think aby human involved will be considering if apple can stay afloat.

      The next World War would means the end of a lot of things

    • The US economy relies heavily on Chinese manufacturing, however, the Chinese economy relies heavily on the US financial backing and China trades using the US dollar on the international market. If China tries to sink the US economy, the US in turn would sink the Chinese economy and the affects would be devastating in both sides.

    • Winning war over Russia ,whom have never won a war alone ,is childsplay. They cannot even win against civilians . Trouble is who else will join them? China can be bought off by offer of win you take back Siberia into China. Trade protected China will love that. The rest hardly matter as Jews will sit of fence or pay for land they stole in Palestine . .My guess is Russia will loose all in this continued war with Ukraine. By that time no way will they want to face Nato by drifting into Baltic nations .Nor have they the income left to operate. So world war 3 is still a distance away stop panic and fear of a fat dwarf called Putin .Russia with all its so called power cannot punch a hole in a paper bag instead love killing civilians as they dont shoot back .Did this in all wars they lost .That means all of them .

      • You could apply the same to america not being able contain iraq or afghanistan.
        Last i saw was us troops fleeing afghan.
        Taking the entire territiry is not the plan. Just the bits that hace resiurces.
        Nany forget NATO was meant to disband after perestroika but instead grew until its on russias doorstep.
        Imagine russia putting bases in mexico.

    • No doubt the 3rd world war will happen. 1. The war will start by Russia & its allies (Iran) with Israel and (its allies will join, US & Saudi Arabia to support). Seeing this NATO will join. 2. Very obvious Israel will win. 3. Europe union will become super power and form a one world government under 10 leaders to thwart such wars in future

      • Yes I agree my statement earlier about one world nation as it being European the ones who are pulling the strings who are in driver’s seat would be anyone heard of the Rothschild’s????
        They cover a diverse range of fields, including financial services, real estate, mining, energy, agriculture, winemaking, and nonprofits. Hello they a power house family.

    • What is everyone talking about, Russia has more nuclear weapons then any other country in the world, honestly the scenario is more of who will nuke the other country first if war starts, it will begin on the sea and then to nukes if talks don’t happen, if war starts it won’t be china with Taiwan its most likely USA and Russia because of the Biden administration puppet state of Ukraine, even in Russia they are fighting fair for now but since they’ve been banned from UNSC they have nothing holding them going nuclear arms on Ukraine then USA acts on the sea, china takes advantage to remove puppet state of Taiwan and then there’s war. The world is dependent on china and Russia let’s face it and their alliance could topple any NATO alliance.

      • NATO combined is superior militarily. Neither side can stop enough of the others nukes to stop devastation and societal collapse. NATO would drive Russia to desperation, they would use nukes, pop goes the world!

    • Actually we are Re tooling at record pace here in the USA even new factories in my county. We will do the same to China soon enough. Here is the issue The China and Russian time window is shrinking. My guess is they know at least as much as me. So Russia and China will will throw the hail mary before it is too late. Tick Tick Tick

    • That is what you believe, usa is not as great as they claimed to be. Fighting two wars at the same time when the evidence shows the opposite. Would you please tell us when was the last time usa won a war? One must be stupid to believe Russia is alone.

    • Hahaha… you dreaming Luciano…. A big world war would be the Constantinople moment for the US empire… and it is coming very sooner…. 🙂

    • If China attacks Taiwan, sanctions aren’t going to be what happens. China is already planning on attacking Guam at the same time as Taiwan, which means the USA will declare war. Look at WW2 history, *Germany aka Russia* (comparing ww2 to the mosern day player of the role*) already took the sudentenland when they annexed Crimea, now they are trying to take the rest of “chechloslovakia aka Ukraine”.
      China attacking Taiwan would be like Italy going for African countries or Albania.
      If China attacks Guam as I’ve read they might, that would be like an attack on Pearl Harbour, if Russia fights anyone else in Europe other then Ukraine that would be like an attack on Poland, either event would spark ww3 instantly.

      Of course this is just my opinion, comparing today’s events to ww2, which ended but never really ended, as tensions between Moscow and Washington never ceased.

      • Would you support a people ruled by a communist leader?? Oh would you burn them to the ground just like their tyrant communist leader?

      • Wow you are not the brightest, are you? Russia is not a communist state and communism is still better than capitalism!!

      • If your american you live in a country that observes all you do, what you buy, demands total subjudication, and decided who should live or not.

        • It would be David and Goliath if David had countless allies which have ridiculously good armies, and some of the best military tech in the world.

      • 💙💛🇺🇦 Ukraine Strong! 🇺🇦💛💙
        God be with the people of Ukraine and God Bless the great leadership from President Zelensky!
        May Putin and those supporting this dictator feel the fiery of Hell as it begins to rain on them for being bullies, murderers of innocent people and a country not armed to battle back! Russia is led by cowards. Where is Putin; hiding while President Zelensky is being a true leader and fighting back!
        Who is a better leader here; the one hiding, like a coward -or- the President DEFENDING HIS COUNTRY, which is being attacked for NO REASON?

        The only countries supporting Putin are those useless to the REST of THE WORLD!
        Everyone of importance SUPPORTS UKRAINE!🇺🇸🇺🇦

        • well said above, seems to me though the Russians invading Ukraine are not a well trained military force. I fear Putin will not stop at this country and he is so power hungry he will not hesitate to use chemical weapons. I hope soon the Russian people will find a way to rise up and get rid of Putin, as he currently gets rid of anyone who opposes him. The will all be suffering while he sits in his mansions surrounded by security, but is day of reckoning must come soon.
          He is a threat to the stability of the planet. Lets hope someone takes him out soon.

          • Not well trained is an understatement. He is sending children to fight his War.

            Ive seen 100s of photos and 100s of videos and many captured russian fighters, around 70% maybe more didn’t even look 18 and looked terrified.

            This man needs assassinating

          • There would not be a Russian-Ukrainian war today if the US and NATO had not moved closer to Eastern Europe. What would America’s reaction be if China or Iran established diplomatic and military ties with Mexico or Canada?
            Just let the world exist as it is. States should never be coerced to adopt political ideas.

          • I’ve also seen alot of videos, photos of captured Russians that looked so young. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD? THAT STUPID PUTIN NEEDS TO BE. WIPED. OUT.

          • As I already stated–Putin has stomach cancer and Parkinson’s disease. He will be going for surgery soon. We reap what we sow.

        • President of Ukraine is coword ordering army’s to station in schools and hospitals so when they get bombarded he cry and saying how Russia hit civilian and if he step down he can save his people but he doesn’t care about them he wants power like everyone else

        • Sorry mate the fight started here because of nato’s interference in Ukraine, the Warsaw pact was torn on the garuntee that Nato be dissolved back in the 1970 – 80s, but Nato is busy expanding without being dismantled Putin has every reason to wage war because nato’s sole purpose was against soviet Russia

          • countries like Afghanistan, Libya or Iraq are considered as less than human beings, therefore they do not matter, however Ukraine is all white society and Ubermensch

          • I’m from u.s. and I can’t even argue with you here. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on other countries that are covering the war, even articles from russia, and it’s a far cry from how usa is reporting it to us here. I’m starting to see that there’s no innocent side and everyone’s hands are dirty

    • Russian army is weak and fights like it’s in disarray!! You can obviously tell The Russian military wasn’t and isn’t trained well. And most importantly you can tell the Russian military has very poor communication skills! Which is crucial if you want to win a war! So I’m not worried! Our recon & just the logistics to how we operate along makes THE UNITED STATES MILITARY the #1 supreme & only TRUE super power for a reason. I won’t go into all of em but 1 thing I’ll tell you, we train 24/7 365. We train for various missions and scenarios!! And we have the choice to fight for our country we do not HAVE TO! There’s nothing more dangerous than fighting a soldier that volunteered to defend there country and there inspiration and motivation is the fact that when you get back state side again you have 100% freedom to do what you want and hanging out spending time with there family!! I almost feel bad for the Russian military they will straight up get there a$$e$ handed to them well before they even knew what just happened!!

      • The fact that there are a couple Russian soldiers who shoot themselves in the legs, means that not every one of them agree with Putins purge for power.

        • Until Biden became President and messed everything up. I can’t say anything positive about Biden and the socialist leftists who boss him including Obama. All but 10 of his administration are former Obama administrators.

  2. Biden did NOT say: “As U.S. President Joe Biden said, a third World War would be a better alternative to Washington’s tough sanctions against Moscow. ” This is pure propaganda.

    This is a truly stupid article written by a moron.

    • Propaganda yes it is!but the current US admin is a bunch of hawks who can easily ignite a world catastrophe by their reckless war talk .I miss Trump the Pacifist

        • No Trump actually warned/ threatened Putin very early on that if he tried to invade Ukraine while he was in office he would blow up Moscow immediately why do you think putin invaded when Obama was in office, then he didn’t try anything with trump in office but now we have sleepy Joe and he is at again.

          • Trump never once “threatened putin”. Thats literally the farthest thing from the truth. Trump always has been a putin lover and still to this day, Trump is praising putin and bashing the US. Trump enabled and emboldened putin after Trump lifted the Russian sanctions. If you remember the facts, putin and Russia attacked the US in 2016. Putin and russia attacked Ukraine in 2014, Russia started this war. Putin and russia poisoned and murdered innocent british civilians with the chemical weapon ‘novachuk’ in 2018. Putin is a war criminal and cold blooded murderer. Putin has started this war.

        • Agree–under Trump we were energy independent, our borders were secure, and we didn’t have inflation. The day Biden got in office he undid all the good things Trump did. Biden is being controlled by the leftists socialist administration of Obama.

    • Yeah, my President, isn’t that a shame? Soon he’ll be out of office, well have Trump back👍💯!!! Watch what happens then.. peace, American economy back on top, competitive with China. We need Trump now.

      • You’re gross. And why? I think people have been distracted more than enough for 1 lifetime. Damn sheep. Go focus on something more your speed, like the Kardashians. Lol So sad.

  3. If the ww3 starts, god have mercy on our souls… it will be devastating, the leaders of the orient and ocident seem to hate each other, regardless economy and with so much technology envolved in the military forces… I only hope that the rulers of the world can praise humanity. Have your bunkers ready

  4. WW1: 1914 to 1918
    WW2: 1939 to 1945
    WW3: 2023 to 2030
    WW4: 2054 to 2068
    WW5: 2134 to 2198
    WW6: 2256 to 2387
    WW7: 2490 to 2601
    WW8: 2667 to 2785
    WW9: 2889 to 2982
    WW10: 2290 to present

    • A person with this knowledge wouldn’t just spout it out on the Internet totally at random…
      Get a life mate

    • There were only 8 geopolitical world wars which occurred on Earth (being the then tangibly known world), technically. SW are not historically recognized the same as post ROJC. Mis/disinformation (clearly on a much larger scale) like this is in big part to blame for Selftech era conflicts. The failed to recognize/mention shift as you are fully aware is unarguably the defining monumental axiom in humanity as it had always been prior and forcing wars of a completely different capacities, and Power.

    • Interesting comment. I’d be curious to know your thinking behind those timelines. Let’s, for arguments sake, assume that nuclear weapons are not deployed to cataclysmic effect in either WW3 or WW4.
      Assume too, that any future ‘warfare’ will, by necessity, be largely fought on an economic, cyber & technology front as opposed to ‘boots on the ground’. Just global warming alone will ensure Planet Earth is unlikely to sustain mankind (as we know it) to reach beyond your WW5 scenario. That being said, over such a long period of time, I guess anything is possible incl the colonisation of other planets.

      • Hi Amunet,
        my name is Grace (from Australia). As a mum it made me so sad to read how scared you are. 😘 Although the situation in the Ukraine is certainly very serious, I’m hoping I can reassure you a little that despite all you are reading and hearing, the likelihood of there being a full-scale nuclear war, and one that reaches where you live in the US is still very very slim. There have been other occasions when the world felt poised for a nuclear WW3 (eg Cuban Missile Crisis) but it didn’t happen and for good reason. There are no winners in a nuclear war. Perhaps it may reassure you to understand ‘why’ is Putin doing this? Putin is driven by a power-hungry ego and greed. He isn’t doing this out of pure love for his mother country and most importantly, not in defence of his country. It’s not a situation where Russia has been invaded and he’s at the point where he has nothing left to lose by detonating those weapons. He’s not suicidal and he has quite literally everything to lose! He’s definitely well aware that he can’t possibly win a nuclear war and certainly doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life in an underground bunker (no matter how enormous and luxurious) because his country has been obliterated.
        Of course things are a great deal more complex than that but I’m hoping my comment helps you worry a little less. Take care honey. ❤

        • You are from Australia and like everyone else you listen news about war but in fact Putin care for his country because since war in Syria USA is trying to make pipeline from Saudi Arabia to supply Europe with oil and gas and that pipeline was planning to bring Russian economy to catastrophe because Russia supplies gas and oil to Europe

        • He’s not suicidal you say. How do you know this? Putin takes all of his plays from Hitler’s playbook. Putin is a Hitler copycat. Hitler committed suicide
          and took his new wife and friend with him. Read the history of Hitler and there you will find Putin.

  5. I’m so wanting a third world war it will teach these war pigs a lesson in humility ,just power hungry adult children who wear suits and think they know what’s best for the planet when actually these supposed adult children are systematically destroying their own countries through their political fantasies

    • Enfkau adalah babi pengecut,hanya berani komen atas talian internet.bila ww3 benar2 terjadi kau akan menangis ketakutan,terkencing terberak tengah jalan sebab takut melampau..putin adalah hero..saya berharap putin hapuskan kuasa barat atas muka bumi dan biar mwewka kaum barat pupus

      • Tidak! ANDA adalah orang yang menjijikkan. Negara-negara Barat beradab dan benar-benar berfungsi di bawah demokrasi non-diktator berjalan seperti organisasi mafia! Presiden mana yang akan berhenti dipilih dengan meracuni satu-satunya oposisinya dan kemudian memenjarakan/menahannya di tempat lain sehingga tidak ada orang lain yang bisa dipilih? !! DIA DATANG KEDUA HITLER!!!!
        Saya harap Anda semua akan menghilang dari bumi ini sehingga kami tidak perlu membantu Anda secara finansial ketika Anda dalam krisis! Anda lupa dari mana Anda mendapatkan bantuan ketika Anda memiliki masalah! Sekrup Anda dan komentar menjijikkan Anda, Anda perang penyelundupan psiko busuk yang tercela!

    • Why do we consistently use the word disgusting when we mean disgraceful
      Please use the correct vocabulary you are obviously not British or dare say even English so do us a favour mate and shove off!

  6. This is all by design. I heard in Oct. this would start in Feb. Taiwan will be taken over in the coming months.

    There is no need for this war, and yet it will happen because the groups that provide the funds and supplies for war are the same ones that provided aid to both the allies and Nazis in WW2. They play both sides. This has long been the plan.

    If Russia hadn’t gone in, NATO would’ve drawn them in by trying to add Ukraine. I can’t stand Putin, but if I were him, I wouldn’t want a country with nukes next to my border either. Imagine Cuba or Mexico having them…

    The idea is to make China’s communist model the model for the rest of the world. The people who fund this war will filter through the ashes of it, coming into these war-torn countries, disguising themselves as saviors who will “liberate” us if we give them control. Complete global totalitarianism.

    If we do not stand up as a people and resist somehow, some way, easily half the population in these countries will die in the next 8 years. This is as quiet as it’ll be on Earth for awhile.

    Please be very careful about the propaganda you hear on both sides. Use those critical thinking skills you have and don’t fall too quickly into biases.

    I love this place and love all of you, no matter your religion or lack thereof, or the color of your skin. If you are kind to others and want a pro-human future, I stand with you. I hope we will find the solutions we need. I have not given up hope just yet.

    • There’s more good than bad on earth but I’m afraid there’s to much greed and selfishness to many people suffering even before this war my opinion world war 3 has begun good will provale we will all suffer but the next generations will benefit

      • I remember an old saying. “There is so much bad in the very best of us and so much good in the worst of us that it behooves not to talk about the rest of us.

    • You are right we need to be critical thinker and also stand together . Very sorry for the people we lost and that we are going to loss for next years but they will never win at all. Because it’s time of judgment. Every thing will be unpredictable. Yokrin has blamed yesturday both Neto and European for the war as they have pland it earlier and for not helping them.
      Let God help all the innocents in the world.

    • One can hardly stand ,when one is a pile of irradiated dust.
      The so called ‘money’ men would end up also as rotting corpses. There would not be enough of a clean, unaffected humanity left for them to make a profit from .

    • I was planning on moving to a different country, now I’m not sure if I should. If I end up doing so, I’ll move to Iceland.

      • I recently had to cancel a vacation to Iceland because flying out of the US has become such a pain and frustration.. Airlines can’t deal with the bizarre weather nowadays and the constant staff shortages caused by Covid that has made Americans extremely LAZY.
        I agree with you Nabi. I would like to move to another country too. Iceland is a great choice!

  7. I think Russia’s power depends on nuclear weapons and us is more alert on that so the third world war will just strengthen America more than ever coz the fighting ground is not in America other than europe

    • So Americans aren’t going to die because of biden’s and Russians mistakes? I hope not because it has me petrified right now as a 15 year old and reading this I’m literally crying right now I hope America has nothing to do with this world war III. Just want to say I love you guys even though I don’t know any of you. 🤍☁️

  8. I’m Portuguese born raised in Canada. My two cents on this matter. I would be willing to fight with Ukraine 🇺🇦

    • Fight for what is right and don’t take sides! Anyone who is willing to take sides are not thinking clearly, do you know that the majority of Russian people do not want any part of this war that Putin is stirring up? So why would you fight for one country but forsake the other. The innocent always pay for the stupid!

  9. I don’t know if this local conflict can grow fast to become WW3, but it may help to bring down the Russian dictator. It will also remove Russia’s veto privilege. UN will be demanded to change to prevent war from happening, but not the largest bureaucratic organization in the World as of now. The World needs dramatic changes to secure a longer peace for generations to come.

    • Assassination of Putin by anyone other than his own is dangerous and. Must be avoided at all costs. Nobody but nobody from any country must attempt this. CIA or anyone. If proven, put will leave instructions to launch a full blown attack to everywhere. The best possible outcome is that Putins men don’t want to inherit a world full of radiation or live in dystopia. This would be Mob rule and no government could contain it. The lunatics would take over everywhere. No food, water, looting, mass murder etc. The chances are that Putins men may well ignore such instruction and common sense would prevail. Then everyone would go home and make a cup of tea and no WW111 will happen?

      • Amen to that! Either one of Putin’s own people has to take him out or the team surrounding him needs to refuse to carry out any crazy, drastic measures he may try to take (i.e. involving nukes).

    • War will always happen so long as humans occupy this planet! Ww3 will happen, war is not what we imagine, war will happen before your eyes and you will not even know it. Not just with nuclear or biological warfare but simply by mind control! The internet is the biggest trick in ten book, because it connects everyone in one place. Social media connects all and people are so easily brainwashed into believing what they see and hear. The only power any of us will have in the end is our own free thinking mind! When that is gone, we have nothing!

      • I won’t lie, I was amongst the many who were brainwashed. I’m just a 15 year old navigating through life, while also just finding out that there are so many things hidden behind the curtains.

  10. The author does not have hell of an idea. Even my 5 year old son could make much better predictions. Why do they let this kind of uneducated people to write a column anyways. So stupid

  11. You are assuming with west mentality, what if the west starts by doing something stupid? I am not defending Russia, but either side can start hell on earth. Any kind of war its reprobable, any kind of killing because of power and money is disgusting. Saying that, as a human being from a country that has nothing to do with your assumptions, it would be hell on earth if it happens, and the undeveloped countries like the one that I live in, and maybe Australia as a continent would be the only place for the “developed” (developed my a**, because they are the ones putting all the World in danger because of power and money) countries to move to. I am sorry for the common people, the regular Joe caught in this scenario, because they have nothing to do with it; it sickens me that those countries after all their history, haven’t learned, and they keep making the same things, in different ways, but the same things, instead of working together to make a better world for all, being a beacon, a guide for the rest of us.

    • Well said. We are our own worst enemy. History keeps repeating itself and people keep taking sides, but no one think is for all the innocent on each side who e ever ask for any of this, but it comes to them anyways. All the tyrant rulers of this world needs to be held accountable for their actions! Enough is enough! Why must the innocent always pay for the wicked and greedy rulers of this world?

  12. This is very inaccurate. Lavrov said the Third World War would be “nuclear and destructive” not “devastating” as you keep writing it. And Biden never stated “As U.S. President Joe Biden said, a third World War would be a better alternative to Washington’s tough sanctions against Moscow. ”.
    It’s completely inaccurate. A lot of the information here is false/made-up.

  13. Dear Author. U say only US US. US will do everything….
    US win against Russia and Chinese both? How???
    US might be powerful but not so much. Lost to Vietnam and Afghanistan I would add some lol to it perhaps!
    And now US is the most covid affected state. I don’t know what made u think all this? Think in the other way. Nato might be collapsed. Some points
    1.Japan will left no chance to revenge atomic bomb. German is neither.
    2.China still has the largest active personnel.
    3.India has higher chances of joining what u called the other side
    4. Yesterday even, Uae criticised USA. Without Oil USA won’t hv any chance aa u should know how Russia and Uae are important for Fuels.
    5. Russia has the highest nuclear weapons

    • I remember an old saying. “There is so much bad in the very best of us and so much good in the worst of us that it behooves not to talk about the rest of us.

  14. I think the current activity in Ukraine is coordinated with China.
    At the end of the winter games, China will initiate a pre-emptive strike against US bases around the pacific rim. They know the US will come to Taiwan’s aid so will take them out before they even begin the invasion. At the same time, Russia will strike NATO countries with tactical nukes and invalid previous USSR countries – this is why they seem to be so useless invading right now – they aren’t putting their primary forces into action.
    The US and the rest of Europe won’t respond as they don’t want a shooting match with ICBMs – and will avoid any North American losses at all costs.
    WW3 will start and end in a couple of hours. That’s what I think will happen.
    20th March.
    Hope I’m wrong…

    • Other points to consider…

      – USA and NATO do not consider taiwan and ukraine worth instantly ending the world over.

      – Government officials will never advertise this, but they have nuclear fallout shelters a mile deep under the earth that they can live in indefinitely. Even many of the rich do. And some are extremely lavish (google images). china has a million man city underneath beijing a mile and a half deep. USA has something similar. Putin almost surely does as well. This is important, because, (put your big boy pants on) in their view, we civilians are either considered as cannon fodder, or or at the very least, not as important as they and their families are. They only need to be underground for a couple of weeks so they will very, very likely survive nuclear war, intact.

  15. Assassination of Putin by anyone other than his own is dangerous and must be avoided at all costs. Nobody but nobody from any country must attempt this. CIA or anyone. If proven, Putin will leave instructions to launch a full blown attack to everywhere. The best possible outcome is that Putins men don’t want to inherit a world full of radiation or live in dystopia. This would be Mob rule and no government could contain it. The lunatics would take over every asylum everywhere. No food, water, looting, mass murder etc. The chances are that Putins men may well ignore such instruction and common sense would prevail. Then everyone would go home and make a cup of tea and no WW111 will happen?

    • Well everyone wants to show how powerful they are . Ammm buh i think shit is going to happen after the Olympics.. I think this is more focused on US. Thats the reason Russia strengthened friendship with chaina🤔lets just wait and see.. I only see war rising not sure how long will it take but soon though.

  16. The Lord said ..the days are coming when people will say , Blessed are the barren women , the wombs that never bore ,and breasts that never nursed ! At that time they will say to the mountains, Fall on us ! And to the hills ! Cover us ! For if men do these things while the tree is green , what will happen when it is dry ? We should all pray for peace and not for global war 🙏

  17. Other than the US, the other biggest military power is the UK. The UK man for man has the most specialist forces in Europe. Without a doubt. Not to mention intelligence. Germany doesn’t have an armed forces. And France are lacking way behind in advanced warfare. And France’s record in war is absolutely shocking.

    You’re right about Europe having to deal with Russia, and the US will likely focus more on China.

    Iran and North Korea would be swiftly taken care of. And personally I think that Russia would also swiftly be eliminated. Because the NATO forces would far outweigh Russia.

    But I honestly think the UK get hugely underestimated. In regards to their armed forces. Australia and New Zealand and Japan would instantly be involved on the China side of things too. As Australia and NZ have already hugely opposed China and geographically would be in their interest. So on the China side of things, there would be far more cover, than against Russia.

    As European side, most European militaries only use a very small GDP to their military forces. Only the UK and France have nuclear power which could seriously damage Russia. And the UK by far has the best nuclear defence deterrents and Navy. Aswel as the Royal air force. Which would be vital against the Russian Navy at sea. Only a few European countries are in actively in NATO. And as mentioned Germany, and other EU nations have literally no armed forces. But where Germany would be absolutely vital, is in the engineering side of things. As Germany has an amazing setup to quickly produce military equipment for the likes of US, and the UK, and other allies. The UK would have a huge responsibility in protecting sea and air in Europe. As many NATO countries don’t have an experienced or special Navy unit.

    The battle on the European front would be far more difficult. Because of the geographical map. And many EU countries are easily within reach for Russia. Belarus would join Russia, aswel as Khazakstan, Pakistan, India is difficult to work out, as they have very close ties to the UK, and also Russia.

    The 5 eyes would be absolutely vital on the intelligence front. US/UK/NZ/CANADA mainly. As UK/US intelligence is the best in the world. And both equally have the best special forces in the world. With the seals, SAS, MI5 etc, etc.

  18. It is funny how people see the world just as a piece of land and a piece of paper. The world was never ours and will never be ours. A country claiming this and that.
    People claiming this and that.
    May Lord have mercy on all of the souls.
    This world will end sooner or later.
    The rightful owner of this world is both laughing and in tears to witness all of the educated and well-learned people (so-called wise and intelligent) tearing each other apart. Develop your country to the peak, educate yourself to the noblest, when the time comes, I only wish and pray that, you all love each other for the very last time.

  19. The reason why gas is climbing to over 7$ per gallon is because we ignorant and refuse to learn from past mistakes.. if we did not learn from the 70s oil imbargo we will never become energy independent and this rampant inflation will continue to happen

  20. It seems that if China, Russia and Iran (Group A) unite, they will win the war against the United States, Britain, Israel (Group B) because Group B can not even face the Chinese population!If Group B defeats China, they will not be able to counter Russia’s extremely powerful weapons, or they will not even be able to neutralize Iran’s hidden missiles and bombs! This is a disaster for all the people of the world !!!

    • Yes you could be on to something. Any war of any kind will not be good for anyone and it will reach all corners of the earth. Hope ww3 does not happen, but looks like it is all heading in that direction.

  21. Amm correct me if am wrong. I think Vladimir Putin is afraid that he might loss power or rather he might loss all his land if Nato continues to grow. Therefore his using force to prevent this from happening. We all know that Russia Europe nd Us are enemies so no1 wants to see they enemy closer.

  22. You got any white bread?”

    “I’ll have some toasted white bread please.”

    “No ma’am, dry.”

    “And some dry white toast please.”


  23. To me, this reminds me of school ground fighting but that displaces and kills countless innocent civilians. Democracy really does not exist in the true sense in the Western world where there is a huge divide between the haves and have nots and disgustingly rich individuals have power. For Russian and China and parts of the Middle East, Asia and Africa they are living in a time of the past where women are considered to be just property and ruling elite dictate the power in no uncertain terms of hierarchy. So these two schoolyard bullies have big egos and they are both capable and have proved repeatedly to make bad decisions that result in killing the planet and people. These two bullies are essentially the same as they promote greed, brainwashing, and power at all costs mostly against the better good. People continue to overpopulate and destroy the planet and in the end if inevitably there is Nuclear war to blast everyone out of oblivion, the earth will survive it and probably breathe a great sigh of relief.

    • …and to add to that Putin does not wish to be the “bad guy” or his beloved Russia to be considered the evil province America has propagandised for so long. But you cannot have
      two cooks in the kitchen and meanwhile Ukraine which is westernised has become the fight allies of the west are sideline cheering to win the war which further promotes blood shed. Ukraine is Russia’s little toe into the West and probably the last hope for any brotherhood between factions.

  24. USA invade China and Russia?!?!?

    Man….I need some of that stuff you’re smoking. Give me a break they couldn’t successfully invade Iraq

  25. You forget Australia and New Zealand would join Team USA, as would Singapore and possibly a few other Asian and African nations.

    • Does it matter who teams up against who? A war against Russia and their allies will be so massive there might not be people
      Live to tell the tale!

  26. Ukrains goverment,
    Zelenski is as corrupt as ours. Putin knows that and is tired of the threat on his door step.
    Biden and his criminal family, along with left elites have alot invested in Ukrain. So MSM is hyping putin bad Ukraine good.
    I am against Russian aggression. And, against corrupt politicians that run our world.

    • i think there are far to many far right elites on this planet promoting wars to make money for the usa arms trades (creating wars and arming both sides) , left elites i could count on one hand.

  27. Ya know, as I sit here in my bedroom, next to my beautiful wife, I couldn’t help but to think about everything that I’ve been hearing about that’s been going on between Russia and Ukraine. Really, I have yet to understand as to why Putin has taken it upon himself to invade the place but also, knowing that there are situations and people out there that sometimes do and will need help, but quite frankly, until we are called upon, why can’t we just keep our noses out of everybody’s business and worry about the major issues that we, as a nation, are facing ourselves? We have enough problems as it is already. Not trying to be cold hearted or cruel, but Ukraine does have other allies that I am sure would be more than happy to stand behind them right now. And if all else fails, we would be ready and available to jump to their aide. There’s no sense in any of this madness….it’s only making life harder on the innocent, like all of us. I mean, gasoline is almost $5 a gallon. Who can really afford that? But we have to have it, so we buy it. We need to stop and rethink our standings in all of this and I honestly believe that we need to learn to wipe our own asses before we can even begin to offer a hand job to anyone else, in confidence, knowing that we can truly make a difference.
    Those are just a few of my thoughts.
    No disrespect meant to anyone— my heart goes out to Ukraine….God bless and be with all of them…all of us….

  28. Is this the beginning of pax judaica (WWIII)?
    We have already pax Britannica (WWI)
    And pax Americana (WWII)

    I have heard or read (if my ears or my eyes are in good condition at that time) when some ppl wants half of the population on earth are dead, so isnt it war the most efficient ways. CMIIW

    They have plans and ofc the One Lord God have a better plans.

  29. I don’t even know why Iran government hates Israel?(I am persian and see no reason for war)
    Israel and Iran we are so poor people
    All ppl around the world scared of us and we have hard religious life either
    I am sorry to born here

  30. I would gladly give my life for the right reason and that is freedom. I would not want to exist under communist rule. I wouldn’t want to live like a rat under ground , I want to be up top when the blast from the nukes hit. Lets all meet up in heaven and talk about what we could of done differently.

    • Pcolin73 , well said. I as you would want to be in the Nuke blast cuz there would be nothing afterwards , no trees,Buildings,food,water,people, I can go on and on. Hell on earth !!!!

  31. None of us want war. We are living in fear of being killed and not seeing our families due to their death or ours. This is because grown privileged men can not compromise. Why do we have to die? Stop arguing. Let go of your ego and use this as a time to find a way to get on.

  32. All the comments above were very good. But if WW3 starts it will all be over in 45 minutes. I hope I’m in the main blast zone of a nuclear bomb. I don’t want to live afterwards and suffer like most living things in the world will. We will all die anyways and maybe we all deserve it for not taking care of what was here to begin with.

  33. Obviously no sane individual wants war , but if it happens i hope the russians will win . Americans are evil . Americans lied all the way . As Putin said USA is an Empire of lies .

    • Putin and Russia have attacked other sovereign nations and putin is the sole aggressor in starting this war. Putin murdered innocent civilians with chemical weapons in 2018. You do understand that killing civilians with chemical weapons is wrong don’t you? Why are you supporting a war criminal and mass murderer like putin?

  34. Hypothetically speaking…IF there is nuclear armegeddon….God forbid….I wonder about all those underground bunkers and underground cities….how long really would those people really live???????

  35. R.I.C.N.P.
    R-Russia 🇧🇬
    I- India 🇮🇳
    C-China 🇨🇳
    N-North Korea 🇰🇵
    P- Pakistan🇵🇰
    These team is enough for win whole world
    Because these all are eastern superpower
    Jai Hind
    Bharat Mata ki Jai 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    • You Should Be Beaten With Chappal Anuj.. When Most Of IT People Rely On USA & Its Projects.. & What Does Pakistan Does.. Loll.. Check Your Mindset With Pakistan.. They Will Laugh At You Too.. India & Pakistan Stuck In Between China & Russia.. So They Have No Choice To Stick With These Bullies..

      • That IS the flag of my Bulgaria, indeed. Seems like we need to change it a bit, lest it gets confused with the flag of the eternal butthurt aggressor.

  36. toward the new world order. world without flag and borders one world under the flag of rich and hidden world government :))

  37. During World War 3 I think that the United States, Canada, and Mexico will join forces to stop invaders in the United States when war comes to the United States. Also during World War 3 if you live in Calfornia, and Washington State you will not be arrest for possessing a machine gun because the country will he at war and if police see you with those guns they will tell you that you’re gonna need it. Also short barrels rifles will also not be arrested for possessing.

  38. Putin has bowel cancer again anyway he has not got long left to live (around 8 months) hence why he isn’t bothered about sanctions.

  39. The two world wars, (the first and the second) were created by westerne colonizers, because of their over ambition of wealth and power of one another. It had passed more than 100 to 70 years respectively. Today we are living in the same world scenario and with the same superpowers, which have ambition of wealth and power. So that, in my thoughts it is more likely to would have happen WW3, which would have a catastrophic power to distract many parts of Europe, North America the Middle East and some part of Asia.

  40. “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

    -Albert Einstein

  41. Aliens are here and they will intervene if nukes are brought into play.we humans don’t own this world we never have!

    • I wish they would just intervene now, and force us to stop being such greedy, power hungry pieces of shit. And do it before we ruin a perfectly habitable, beautiful, unique, and rare planet like this. This is me begging them to step in, they have allowed this experiment to go on far longer than they should and obviously with everything going in circles and getting worse everytime, they have the inevitable outcome of the experiment. We are all so quick to have something rule us, so just step in and do it. PLEASE! I would make a great pet, but at least give me that option.

  42. Everyone is missing the point coz they are either ignorant or in denial. Every one here are listening, looking, talking on the wrong things… The only one real and authentic and not fake news is “Fatima” yes I don’t see anyone talking about “Fatima”

    Heavens request: look ever wonder why the Pope will consecrate Russia on March 25 please do your research.

    You have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace. The war is going to end: but if people do not cease offending God, a worse one will break out during the Pontificate of Pope Pius XI. When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that he is about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war, famine, and persecutions of the Church and of the Holy Father. To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the Consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of reparation on the First Saturdays. If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred; the Holy Father will have much to suffer; various nations will be annihilated. In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she shall be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world.[6]

  43. Everyone is missing the point coz they are either ignorant or in denial. Every one here are listening, looking, talking on the wrong things… The only one real and authentic and not fake news is “Fatima” yes I don’t see anyone talking about “Fatima”

    Heavens request: look ever wonder why the Pope will consecrate Russia on March 25 please do your research.

    You have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace. The war is going to end: but if people do not cease offending God, a worse one will break out during the Pontificate of Pope Pius XI. When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that he is about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war, famine, and persecutions of the Church and of the Holy Father. To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the Consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of reparation on the First Saturdays. If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred; the Holy Father will have much to suffer; various nations will be annihilated. In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she shall be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world.[6]

  44. This is a message given to 3 Shepherd children in 1917.
    The second secret was a statement that World War I would end, along with a prediction of another war during the reign of Pope Pius XI, should men continue offending God and should Russia not convert. The second half requests that Russia be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary:

    Honestly I don’t think people including myself didn’t stop much on offending God. But the remedy is to keep trying to live a holy life love more and everyone confession mass and daily rosary and first Saturday devotion. This is God’s request not mine Please stop listening to fake news and start doing your intense research on “The miracle of Fatima “ based on true events.

    Don’t just believe what I’m telling you please do a research

  45. No one wins on a war WW III but we will have peace for sure coz we will all be dead…. If you survive you will envy the dead….

    The third message was communicated on October 13, 1973. It was claimed that the statue became animated for an extended period and was witnessed by a number of nuns.[9] The third Our Lady of Akita message is:

    My dear daughter, listen well to what I have to say to you… As I told you, if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one will never have seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity… the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful. The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead… Each day recite the prayer of the rosary. With the rosary pray for the Pope, bishops and the priests. The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, and bishops against other bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres… churches and altars sacked; the Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord. The demon will be especially implacable against souls consecrated to God. The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of my sadness. If sins increase in number and gravity, there will be no longer pardon for them. With courage, speak to your superior… It is Bishop Ito, who directs your community. You have still something to ask? Today is the last time that I will speak to you in living voice. From now on you will obey the one sent to you and your superior… I alone am able still to save you from the calamities which approach.[8]

    • Ok, time to stop reading what was an interesting thought topic now that you guys are turning it into mass, which is humanities first, biggest, and most hate filled brainwash ever enacted on it’s own species. Fear is the most powerful thing in existence, not love.

    • The Lord Jesus isn’t out to punish us. He loves us very much and never wants to let us go and forgives us when invite Him in our heart and trust in Him. Psalms 130 in the Bible says “Oh Lord if you would mark sin who would be able to stand but there is forgiveness with thee”.

  46. You people are all sissies. Bring on WWIII I say. There are far too many people on the planet anyways. What actual good things do people provide for this planet? We live in a world full of selfishness, greed, pollution, and nonsense. A good planet cleansing would be the best thing that could happen. I highly doubt every single person on the planet would die

    • The greed, pollution and so forth is largely at the root of the conflicts that may spur a world war. The people who would suffer most are not the people most responsible for the destruction of our planet.

    • With as many nukes that are ready and available at the push of a button or a simple phone call or order, you are extremely mistake about anybody being able to survive that or what will be left after that. Sorry to ruin that fantasy for you, find something else to jerk off too.

  47. I would like to say if WWIII came Canada will be gone. We support Ukraine but, during Covid our leader tried to make us communists or something worse. If WWIII comes he or another (because all of our leaders are selfish and want more power) would create communism her and we would then back up Russia because they want to keep it communist. We look nice from the outside but, we tear ourselves apart the second we can. We are done for in WWIII

    • I would say that if WWIII would happen, we would all be gonners…by how advanced Atomic Bombs, Guns, and Planes are, if WWIII would happen, we might as well consider ourselves dead.

    • Why do you guys have so many disappearances? So little litering and crimes, but that can be explained by so many disappearances. Very scarey stuff.

  48. Nuclear War is a war so destructive that no human from the countries involved might survive. As said by a brilliant mind “Nuclear war is not a war that can be won”. So yeah humanity is not stupid enough to launch a full-fledged nuclear war…

  49. I know how to avoid ww3…put all of our leaders/politicians in a room together with a rifle each,I am willing to bet they will want to talk then and behave like men.

    But instead they send people that just want to live there lives in peace and provide a better life for there family’s

    It’s not a matter of dying for your country,instead ask yourself.Which politician do you want to die for.

  50. Reading all there is crazy makes you really think what could happen if it breaks loose. If a war breaks out I will not fight anyone. The simple fact that government officials around the world make there own fight an then drag the rest to fight for them. Then thay sit in there fancy office an watch us dye off.
    The end fact is that thay will kill us all. There is no peace in this world just men having a hissy fit because thay didn’t get what thay wonted. What would happen is the people decided to not fight to lay there weapons down an leave the government on there own. There is only 10000 main government officials around the world. There is billions of common wealth people to over power them. Thay won’t have power with out us so I’m thinking a resistance maybe the way forward.
    Yes this is dramatic but no matter what happens we either fight an die with alot of damage to the earth as well as country’s, city’s destroyed. Or fight back at the governments an produce a stable life. Yes we will need a trusty leader. Yes it may happen again but like I said there is alot more of us then them. I wonna see my life end the way I won’t it to of old age. Not shot or blown up just because the government is fighting over nothing. Why are we spending so much money on stuff we don’t need why are we not protecting the earth. Eventually the world will die I won’t see that before I go but my future generations will. We are sheep we will follow our shepherd unless we stop listening an over power them. Life is short an it’s getting shorter.

  51. At one point in time…. kingdoms would go to war with only axes, swords, hammers etc. now thousands of years later we still fight for the same reasons (land, wealth, power, control) with more powerful weapons. But all excuses aside that’s what every war was for at the end. Who ever would win would gain and who ever would lose well they lost what they had. I really wish there was a way the entire world could come together as one and worry about each other as we would our own families. To worry about the true problems we have to deal with on our planet. To worry about the true unforgivable criminals individually. Even if you win there is going to come a time where what was won in a war will be taken in the next one… it may be generations later but it will happen again and again until we come together and prioritize actual problems or until we have a war we will not recover from….. I hope the people decide no one is better than the other. We all must come together.

    • It is between china and Rest of world basically because off communism Russia is not a threat but china and North Korea are

    • You think the United States is stupid ( NOT ) we have been working on defencesive weapons to counter Nukes when they are about in re-enter from space back to earth and take them out . Well I hope they are working on something like that, if not they should have !!!

  52. I really hate these White western people. They are epitome of hypocrisy. They buy oil and gas from Russia. Germany is big country and its 40% oil comes from Russia but still want to blame India. UK and USA are the root of almost every goddamn problem of world. They kill asians, africans with drones. That time don’t see human rights but lecture entire world about human rights. USA test every goddamn bomb, weapon but oppose Iran and North Korea.
    You proved Ukraine to join NATO thereby posing security threat to Russia. Russia has warned Ukraine several times but it fell to deaf ears of Ukraine. Now Ukraine is suffering from own mistakes. Innocent Ukrainians are dying because of EU, USA and unwise Ukrainian leadership.
    BTW USA has never ever favoured us in past. In fact, came attack India and Russia saved us. I am happy that Western population is declining and in few years they will be weak. These Western countries should be burn in hell for causing havoc in entire world especially UK.

    • White people? Are you black, Chinese, Indian or something else? By your post there’s clearly much Hatred and Racism in you, and that doesn’t make you a good person, but actually very vicious and evil. Becareful of what you’re wishing for. Karma is a Bitch

    • The fact that you used the word Hate makes you just as bad as anything else evil in the world. Truth hurts.

  53. In my opinion
    WW3 be like:
    NATO countries VS RUSSIA and russian allies
    There will be war in approximately around the world and few will left!!
    It will be deadliest war more than ww1 and ww2 guess what we are living in mid of ww3 and nobody is accepting it.
    russia will not be silent on the suction put on it.

    In east japan and sk will support US because US helps both country to grow after ww2 (it’s funny how US destroyed them)

    since sk is small country so nk is enough for it because nk has nukes, china will help russia, Japan doesn’t have nukes so in East there will be proxy war.

    In South asia india can’t be neutral cause Pakistan will help china and russia and Pakistan has nukes, so US will force india to fight with Pakistan.

    Afghanistan will join Russia, iran will join russia, Saudi Arabia will be on US side but who can stand in front of Afghanistan?? They defeat two super powers, soviet Union and US, since russia is no more soviet so Afghanistan will help Russia.

    Isreal will attack rest of Palestine in this war rage.

    Since there are some countries left which has no connection with direct super powers but they might join through allies of allies.

    We are already in ww3 so don’t think it’s far, it has already started.

  54. US & it’s allies are the main cause of the major destruction that is taking place in the world.

    If their motive is to spread peace and maintain good relationship with every countries.They just want to dictate the world.
    The Russians as a superpower and a communist regime is seen as a threat to the NATO and their agenda.Hence they’re quickly expanding to the European countries by stationing their war machine nearby Russian borders to suppress them.This is seen as an act of aggressive which is why Putin responded back.He signalled a warning in the past,but Puppet Zelenskyy is already a slave of the West and so he stood bold to disregard the Russians.They won’t be sending weapons in bulks to Ukraine to fuel the conflicts but their objectives is to weaken the Russian hence they’re indirectly involving and is profiting from this conflict.
    China on the other hand is also under their constant observation which is why Taiwan became their concern.
    All the western medias are paid and nothing is factual as said by Donald Trump.They’re all associated to lies and conspiracy.
    Talk the the destruction and killings done in the Middle East for the sake of eradicating Terrorism.Thanks to the US, Middle East is freed from Terrorism.What a joke! You just want their wealth!
    You want the world to look upon you as a god.But your downfall isn’t far and is nearing an end.
    Russia,China and India are emerging.Russia survived from your multiple sanctions and the same will be for China.
    Your objectives are all about expansion and demolition of what is seen as threat in your path.

    We don’t see you as peacekeeper anymore,we see you as parasite that feed and deprive the country of their valuable wealth and prosperity.
    You’re a PARASITE!

  55. You forgot the possibility of American civil war as a result of ww3, America is very deeply divided, additionally it wouldn’t be hard for Russian backed special forces to give the final spark. With the current government poll numbers so low and fragile state of the economy, electrical grid and many other issues, this is something that might not end well for anyone. Only time will tell.

  56. Human Evolution is worst thing happened on our planet.

    It is better to eradicate entire human population by nukes as it has already caused too much stress to our planet. With this kind of scenario I lost my hope to unite all nations to fight against real problems of world like global warming and population explosion. Every chaos always leads to some order.

    I wish nature without humans will thrive in future and it will be paradise for all non-human creatures.

  57. world war 3 could happen. Nato is not a democratic is a powerful organisation with its own agenda(thinking) largely americas is an organisation detatached from the common man on the ground in its member countries. Russians are easy to read what they said in the beginning is what they will continue to say 5 years later. its only western media that confuses people with analysis and speculations. take a look at every conflict it Russia has been involved in what they said to the media is what they say evn years or months later,they do not change their initial stance. They are rigid that way. Avoid the trap of western media least we forget Russia has commited less than 20% of total forces to Ukraine. it has committed 80%- 100% of the forces it had built up along the border.the media wont tell you that. Im glad that Europe is waking up and standing up to the Usa on some issues.if Europe was truly independent from american grip non of this would have happened. We need a strong independent Europe.

  58. “But if you are always biting and devouring one another, watch out! Beware of destroying one another.” Galatians 5:15

  59. I hope the planet’s resources may suffice to all if everyone earnestly seeks the peace of the Sovereign God and the reconciliation that came in to existence through the sacrificial death of the Lord and the Savior Jesus the Christ on Calvary 2023 ago govern all over the face of the entire planet. Yep! That is it.

  60. Russia ment to be the world’s 2nd strongest force and is absolutely hopeless. Strong corruption has decimated their military. Egg cartons inside tank armour bags . Stiff cardboard inside body armour. Cheap Chinese tyres on trucks. No matinace to vehicles. No command structure in field dead generals everywhere. Ran out of food and supplies fuel. This is the world’s 2nd best and there only a few 100 klms from home base. Now they have conducted military drills with china heaps of times if this is what the West is up against.

    It’s going to go nuclear very fast Russia and China are paper tigers. You’ll notice these country’s always try to make a big show and dance of new weapons. If it doesn’t go nuclear the West will clean the field very quickly install democracies and we might be able to finally have peace and work together for humanity instead of dictators working for themselves.

  61. If there is nuclear war. The cartels will invade the southern US for looting and killing since all major cities on the border will be targeted.

  62. Putin is a coward! He should have launched nukes on the onset of his stupid war. America would love to put a bunch of Affirmative Action incompetents in charge of Russia to turn it into the same drug infested debt ridden fake democracy that America is today. The current America is a corrupt toilet full of political retards commanding their slaves like monkeys in cages. 90% of Americans have never travelled outside the US and only know what they see on American TV and the internet, so that is what Americans believe. In America, you will never be rich, free or safe. America is a communist liberal shithole and should get the same treatment as Hiroshima, Tokyo, Dresden and Nagasaki during the last stupid world war. That would be justice

  63. if the nato attacks then russia will launch all their nuclear weapons and the world will effectively be destroyed

  64. I read all of your post and I respect all of your opinions. I predict it will be nuclear war soon, between multiple countries as it will reach a pick point of economic crisis which will bring food and water shortage around the world. No Sun, heated atmosphere from Nuc., no source of food and Human existence will be in a question. 8b to 10b population, we will not reach that mark instead try to start again.

  65. Putin is dumb. If it happened i think ww3 would be 🇨🇳 🇷🇺 🇮🇷 🇰🇵 vs 🇺🇸 🇮🇱 🇹🇼 🇬🇧 🇫🇷 🇩🇪. I doubt this would really happen though


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