Why Belarus Supporting Russia in war with Ukraine – Belarus Joins War

Belarus has not taken part directly in the conflict, but it has supported Russia’s war efforts. According to the American official, current U.S. intelligence assessments influence Belarus’ supporting Russia decision to further engage in the war, which may be affected by future talks between Russia and Ukraine. He spoke anonymously because the information was sensitive.

Why does Belarus Support Russia in war with Ukraine?

The Senkivka checkpoint was crossed by tanks shortly after dawn on February 24 from southwestern Belarus into Ukrainian territory. Videos show Russian heavy flamethrower systems and tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and infantry fighting vehicles. Also, missiles are reportedly launched from the Mogilev region towards Ukrainian territory, though no specific location has yet been identified. The attack against Ukraine is reportedly also involving Belarusian troops. The Belarusian leader Alyaksandr Lukashenka previously insisted that Belarus not interfere in military operations against the country.

Lukashenka announced that he had agreed to keep Russian troops in Belarus after meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Ukraine had invaded Belarus previously, and Lukashenko denied that Belarusian soldiers would be involved. Also, he declared that Ukraine had lost the war and proposed holding talks in Minsk.

Belarus supporting russia

On February 21 and 22, Maxar satellite imagery showed changes in Russian military deployment. At Bolshoi Bokov airfield near Mazyr, Belarus, hundreds of Russian vehicles and troop shelters can be seen. Just 20 kilometers outside of the Ukrainian border are these new Russian deployments. These images also show that Russia had cleared ground southwest of Belgorod in the general area attacking Kharkiv.

Belarus Joins War with Ukraine

An official with the Ukrainian government said that Belarus has demonstrated “readiness to possibly participate directly” in Russia’s invasion, “as well as allowing Russians to cross the border and use their territory” into Ukraine, according to Ukrainian intelligence.

It is reported that a government source close to the Ukrainian government told it that the Biden administration had disclosed a plan to invade Belarus and Ukrainian intelligence. U.S. government officials have confirmed that Belarus is preparing to send troops to Ukraine.

As talks between Russia and Ukraine near the Belarusian border are scheduled for Monday, this intelligence becomes available. Belarus is being used as a landing pad by the Russian military from an ally to enter Ukraine.

Belarus Support for Russia

Likewise, Belarus has been designated a neutral site for talks between Russia and Ukraine; a Russian delegation arrived in Gomel this morning and awaiting the Ukrainian delegation. A.P. quotes an unnamed official saying that the Belarus president was deliberating to bring his country into the conflict based on what happened in the Russia-Ukraine talks. An official declined to be identified in order not to disclose sensitive information.

Earlier in the day, in response to leading NATO countries he termed as being ‘aggressive,’ Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that his country’s nuclear forces would remain on high alert. Putin also accused the Ukrainian government of wasting a chance for negotiations after the Russian invasion.

Sanctions against these institutions and individuals aren’t limited to the United States. Boris Johnson announced similar punitive measures for Belarus’ involvement in the attack.
Some 30,000 Russian troops extended their stay in Belarus as tensions between Moscow and Kyiv heightened last week. U.S. officials have warned Russia to be cautious and that recent war games and this extension in Belarus were preludes to Thursday’s attack on Ukraine.

Despite denying Belarus supporting Russia  involvement in the attack, Lukashenko told state media he was ready to boost Russian forces if necessary. But reports that Russian soldiers are entering Ukraine from its northern border have heightened concerns about the role of the Belarusian regime in the conflict.

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