Who is Sharda pandit? Real name, story, character

Sharda Pandit is the real-life story of Girija tickoo, the girl who was brutally raped and killed by the terrorists. It is the actual case of Girija tickoo, played as Sharda Pandit by Bhasha Sumbli. The brutal behavior she faced by the terrorists is an eye-opener for everyone. Read the article to know about Who is Sharda Pandit? Real name, story, character and much more.

Who is Sharda Pandit? 

Most people are familiar with Sharda Pandit, the character from The Kashmir Files Movie. An essential part of Kashmir Files is the tale of the 4,00,00 Kashmiri Pandits killed, raped, murdered, and burned by Muslims. It also details the abuse and rape of Kashmiri women. Essentially, Sharda Pandit is based upon two violent incidents. Bhasha Sumbli plays the character. Girija Tickoo is one of them.

Girija Tickoo Brutal Torture

Let’s see the absolute truth behind Girija Tickoo through her niece’s words, spreading across Twitter. We read her tweet, and here is a detailed explanation.

She said – “I have been left in shivers, tears, and nausea since my father’s sister, Girija Tickoo, went to the university to collect her paycheck. As she returned to her dormitory, the vehicle she was traveling stopped.”

Who is Sharda pandit

“Then my bua was put into a taxi with five other men. One of these men was her colleague, and he tortured her, raped her, then mercilessly killed her by cutting her alive with a carpenter’s saw.”

“If a brother had to face the painful reality that their brother was not at fault in this gruesome battle of hypocrisy, imagine the pain he would experience. So far, I haven’t heard anyone from my family mention this incident until this current time.” 

“My father claims that my brothers lived in such shame and anger that nothing was done to receive justice for my Babli Bua.”

“Having been part of @KOAYouth @KOAorg for several years, I am connected to youth within the Kashmiri Pandit community with whom I share my past. The Kashmir Files is a must-see for ALL of you! Please watch it and invite your friends and family to watch the same!”

Bhasha Sumbli

Vivek Agnihotri’s The Kashmir Files director, Bhasha Sumbli, has opened up about how the brutal massacre affected her family after portraying Sharda Pandit. A Kashmiri Pandit, Bhasha revealed that while filming the most disturbing scene, she had a panic attack. Bhasha Sumbli plays a vital role in the movie depicting the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from 1990.

In addition to sharing screenshots of her fans’ messages, Bhasha, who was cast as Anupam Kher’s daughter-in-law, Sharda Pandit, has been receiving praise for her performance. Bhasha’s portrayal of Sharda Pandit has received praise from all parties, including heartfelt notes from Kashmiri Pandits and Instagram DMs from famous leaders. While the actress was able to keep a level head during the shooting of The Kashmir Files, she said it was not easy.

The reliving of the brutal massacre was traumatic for another Kashmiri Pandit named Bhasha Sumbli. While she was shooting one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the film, Basha couldn’t deal with her emotions due to her family members’ stories about the departure. A set incident resulted in a panic attack and three days of isolation for the actress.

Bhasha Sumbli as Sharda Pandit

She said Sharda Pandit, the character she plays in the series, will always remain part of her. As a child in a refugee camp, Bhasha grew up in Kashmir after her family was forced to leave their home. Sadly, both the actress’s maternal uncle and aunt passed away due to the fatal accident, she revealed. Bhasha Sumbli wanted to thank the response and said that she has been getting great offers because of her role in The Kashmir Files.

In 2023, the movie was released on the big screen on March 10th, clashing with Radhe Shyam. Thanks to the film The Kashmir Files, a considerable amount of money has been collected at the box office.

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