Where is Zelensky Now? His Location and position on war

During a video released on social media on Monday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky brazenly announced his whereabouts and promised, “I’m staying in Kyiv.” Zelensky positioned the camera outside his office window to capture what seemed to be an evening in Kyiv and the Gorodetsky House, which is just across the street from his workplace. Read the article to know about Where is Zelensky Now.

Where is Zelensky Now?

In an eight-minute video, Zelenskyy said that he intends to remain in Kyiv and work with his squad to protect his homeland. “On Bankova Street, to be precise. I’m not going to hide. And I have no fear of anybody or anything. Whatever it takes to win this Patriotic War of ours, we will do it. “He put something in the description that went along with the video. “We’ve all landed on the earth. We are all hard at work. Everyone is exactly where they should be at any given time. I’m now in Kyiv. My support group is here for me.

Where is Zelensky Now

The territorial defence is being carried out on the ground. The troops have taken up their places. Doctors, rescuers, transporters, diplomats, journalists, and everyone else came to assist. We are all at battle with one another. We all have a role in achieving our triumph, which will undoubtedly be realised. “In the video, the Ukrainian President expresses his views.

Zelenskyy placed the camera outside the window to show what appeared to be an evening in the city at the Gorodetsky House. Zelenskyy was a humorist before becoming the mayor of Kyiv in 2018. This historic landmark lies just across the street from his office building. His official Instagram account posted the video, which came amid suspicions he and his family were fleeing to Poland from their home in Ukraine.

Zelensky Location and position on the war

The film opens in the guise of a selfie and follows Zelensky as he travels through a series of wood-panelled corridors. The footage then turns to a higher-resolution video camera showing the President seated at a desk, his mobile phone safely tucked away in his pocket. Aside from that, it is thought that Zelensky has escaped two assassination attempts by members of the clandestine Wagner Group, a mercenary organisation made up of Russian ex-soldiers that has been implicated in war crimes all over the world.

It isn’t the first time Zelensky has mocked his assailants. In the early days of the conflict, shortly after turning down an offer of evacuation from the United States, Zelensky broadcast a video of himself on the streets of Kyiv on social media. On February 24, the Russian military started a full-scale invasion of Ukraine from Crimea. Since then, the Ukrainian leader has been urging locals to stay steadfast against Russia by publishing video messages on his social media channels. These recordings have also reassured Ukrainians that Zelesnkyy is still fighting the battle from inside the country’s borders.

Ukraine – Russia War Update

The Ukrainian military has killed more than 11,000 Russian soldiers over the 13-day conflict, according to reports by Reuters quoting local sources. On the other hand, Russia has reported the loss of around 500 service members. Neither side has provided any information on Ukrainian casualties.

Ukraine has also received approval from the World Bank for a total of $723 million in loans and grants, which will be released within the next few days. Negotiators in the United States Congress are closing close on an agreement to supply Ukraine with billions of dollars in emergency help. The White House sought 10 billion dollars.

The Kremlin has been subjected to unprecedented sanctions by the West due to its involvement in the Ukraine crisis. We are separated by more than 2,000 kilometres of the shared border. Almost 200,000 soldiers and hundreds of military vehicles are stationed along this border, demonstrating your commitment to the cause. They were permitted by your authorities to go a step ahead and into the territory of another nation. Additionally, this action might signal the beginning of a significant conflict on the European continent.

How is Zelensky defending Ukraine?

The threat, on the other hand, was highly genuine. Ukrainians had been at war with Russia for more than five years by Zelensky came to power in the country. With practically nightly firing or shelling across the front lines, the death toll had risen to almost 13,000, creating a jagged rift between the once-fraternal countries of Europe. No one could have predicted that the battle would quickly deteriorate into something unimaginable. Although Zelensky was unaware of the Russian forces’ massing on the opposite side of the border, he was aware of their presence during our excursion to the front. Zelensky was right.

Russian President Vladimir Putin put that plan into action on February 24, 2010, in the wee hours of the morning. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, ordered his soldiers to “de-Nazify” Ukraine, the word he selected to describe the process of deposing Ukraine’s first Jewish President in the country’s history and establishing a government loyal to Russia in his stead. The invasion compelled Zelensky to take on a new job that seemed to be ill-suited to his personality at first glance. Zelensky’s friends and advisors have often informed me that he has a delicate disposition.

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