What is Theka Coffee – Shark Tank Startup Idea and Investment

Shark Tank India returns for another week with a fresh batch of aspiring company entrepreneurs from around the country. Bhupinder Madaan, a coffee-loving entrepreneur, established Theka Coffee. Theka Coffee, which debuted on Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 26, is a 100% pure coffee manufacturing firm that offers to customers through a bottle. In Shark Tank India, the entrepreneur of Theka Coffee has sought 50 lakhs in return for a 10% stake in his firm.

What is Theka Coffee?

Bhupinder Madaan is the owner of Theka Coffee. Sharks loved the coffee. They are famous for their one-month keg shelf life, handcrafted items, and 100% arabica beans. They are accessible in Ahmedabad on all meal delivery applications. During the brand pitch, Bhupinder states that he went to several cafes but didn’t receive the flavor he wanted; he claims that people are used to foreign-tasting coffee, and now he wants them to have Indian-tasting coffee. He informs me that it is a new café chain. Also, he is seeking 50 lakhs in exchange for a 10% stake in the company.

Theka Coffee Shark tank India Idea

Bhupinder Madaan, an ambitious entrepreneur, developed Theka Coffee and introduced his 100% handcrafted coffee company.

Also, Theka Coffee approached Shark Tank India requesting INR 50 lakhs in exchange for a 10% stake in his contemporary coffee company, ‘Theka Coffee.’

What is Theka Coffee

The Sharks are delighted with the product’s quality. On the other hand, the Sharks refused to invest because of significant difficulties managing the beverage supply chain.

After a series of Covid lockdowns severely harmed its earnings, the brand relaunched its sales. On the other hand, the entrepreneur was confident in turning things around for his coffee company.

As a result, it was not offered a contract by the sharks on Shark Tank India.

Theka Coffee Shark tank Review

On Zomato, customers claim that it serves nice combinations, is a welcoming restaurant, and has a beautiful ambiance, idea, and presentation. They provide:

  • Three levels of coffee strength.
  • A dark roast is ideal for individuals who want their coffee robust and less sweet—beginning with Palangtod Coffee.

The Next-Level is a medium roast that is ideal for individuals who want a lighter cup of coffee. The lightest roast, with a tinge of tanginess, is Coffee Ki Jawani. They feature unique flavors, including Orange, Mint, and Hazelnut, but our personal favorite was the Popcorn! The coffee-based beverage had a distinct caramel popcorn flavor that lingered after each sip. The coffee comes in a lighted bucket with plenty of dry ice, which provides a smokey look. It can easily keep for two days in your refrigerator! The most important aspect is that it is highly cost-effective, and you can take it home with you.

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