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Walking Dead Season 12 Release Date, Cast, Finale Coming Or Not

Walking Dead Season 12 Release Date, Cast, Finale Coming Or Not, etc. related information are mentioned in this article. The Season 11 of the American horror series TV Walking Dead ended on 20th November 2022. After the success of the eleventh season of the series, everyone is talking about whether there will be a season twelve or not.

Walking Dead Season 12

Will there be a Walking Dead Season 12? Read the complete article for more information and details regarding the American horror TV series Walking Dead. The famous and popular television series Walking Dead is an American horror Apocalyptic fiction TV series. The series is based on a comic book franchise named Walking Dead by Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard, and Robert Kirkman.

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The first season of the horror television show Walking Dead premiered on 31st October 2010. The first season only had a total of six episodes. The latest Walking Dead season 11 was released on 22nd August 2021 and ended on 20th November 2022. The eleventh season has a total of 24 episodes. After the eleventh season, the hype of the Walking Dead Season 12 has raised. What do you think? Will there be a Season 12 of the series Walking Dead?

Walking Dead Season 12 Release Date

The storyline of the American horror television series Walking Dead is about the after picture of a zombie apocalypse. In the series, the word ‘zombies’ are mentioned as ‘walkers’. The story begins when one of the lead characters of the show, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) awakens from a coma and witnesses that the world is captivated by zombies (walkers).


After that, he joins a survivor group and becomes its leader. The whole series revolves around how the characters fight the zombies (walkers) while protecting themselves. For more details, kindly check out the whole article.

The Walking Dead Main Star Cast

According to some reports, there will be a spinoff of the series named The Walking Dead: Dead City. The series will have Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) will be the star cast of the series. We have mentioned the main star cast of the AMC television series The Walking Dead in the table mentioned below.

The Walking Dead Star Cast
Name of the Artist Name of the Role/ Character
Andrew Lincoln Rick Grimes
Jon Bernthal Shane Walsh
Sarah Wayne Callies Lori Grimes
Laurie Holden Andrea
Jeffrey DeMunn Dale Horvath
Melissa McBride Carol
Lennie James Morgan
Lauren Cohan Maggie
Danai Gurira Michonne
Steven Yeun Glenn Rhee
Chandler Riggs Carl Grimes
Norman Reedus Daryl Dixon
Alanna Masterson Tara
Seth Gilliam Gabriel
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Negan

There is also a possibility for the continuance of Fear the Walking Dead and the Tales of the Walking Dead spinoff. American Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan said-  “It seems to me matching up timelines seems to be a bigger problem than anything else in this universe. Whether it’s Fear the Walking Dead or us, everybody’s timeline doesn’t always match up. I mean, you know, everybody could die. I could die in this spinoff!”

Walking Dead Finale Coming Or Not

If you are also wondering whether there will be a twelfth Season of the American horror television franchise walking Dead or not. The straightforward answer to your question is NO. According to some reports, the eleventh season of Walking Dead was the final season of the zombie series and there will be no season twelve, for now at least. In 2020, the makers of the series officially confirmed that The Walking Dead Season 11 will be the season finale of the series. It was also mentioned that there will be additional episodes in The Walking Dead’s eleventh season with a total number of 24 episodes.

But, we also have good news that you really need to know. Two of the main Star Cast of the series Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) will come back with as next year with a new series. The makers of the officially announced that- “This series presents an epic love story of two characters changed by a changing world. Kept apart by distance. By an unstoppable power. By the ghosts of who they were.”

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    • Fr don’t do us like this the ending tho pls be a season 12 at least ls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

    • We have followed this series for years and as loyal fans, it doesn’t need to end!!! And of course it will never be the end til Rick Grimes returns! Spin-off is stupid. We’re invested in all the characters, you don’t just write them off!!! That’s not fair to take that away after all the time we have in this!!

      • ich bin von dayone fan von twd , es ist schade das die serie keine 12te staffel bekommen soll . der schluss war sehr schnell in die letzten folgen gedrückt . genauso wie bei fear the walking dead . wieso spin off machen . lieber den spinoff benutzen und beide serien the ealking dead und fear the walking dead zu vereinen ….und beide clans gegen die 3 ringe ….da ist platz genug für mindestens 9 weitere staffeln …

        neuer name könnte revenge the walking dead heißen xD

        • Andrew Lincoln, is back now, so anything is possible…
          If TWD S/12, Is gonna happen…
          It won't be until October of 2025 The earliest…

      • At first when the series began I was like "Walking Dead is stupid". But I couldn't be more wrong. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! I never want it to end. It is the best series ever! I love Daryl. That is definitely my man. Everyone else in the show found some kind of love. Why not him? Anyway super sad it ended I guess I'll just have to watch it over again

      • I agree with you I've watched this show more than I can count over and over and over if I had on round up a number prob like 30 times since I was a lil kid I'm 19 now I think I alike 9 or 10 when I started it I don't remember exactly but it was whenever th very first episode my mom an us kids would watch it every Sunday a family movie night before school the next day and I've always be hooked on it since can't get enough of the sow tbh they can't just end it like that we know Rick Is alive but the spin of is stupid cux michone is still out there looking and Daryl, negan, maggy and her kid, Judith, etc it be so stupid to split them up in spin offs we need season 12

      • Does it ever occur to anyone that this is just a job for some of these actors? Maybe some of them really just don't want to dedicate any more time to it. Maybe some of them are ready, eager even, to move on to other projects. Fair to the viewers? What about fair to the actors?

        • I’m not the only disappointed fan of the show. This stinks. I hope they do find other projects, it’s well deserved BUT What about the loyal fans; who spent time and energy into the show so they’re able to do move onto other projects and opportunities?
          They should at least see THIS project through at least. Or better yet… the writers of the show could have provided a better finale to their loyal fans.

      • pls be another season 12 bcs i rlly love walking dead its my fav i have a shirt and posters of it i rlly love it pls and thank u i watch walking dead over and over

      • is topped watching after glen got killed and decided to stat it back up well fu@k me i cant believe they aren't doing a season12 what are you kidding me they are just leaving it like that not letting us see them find each other and rick finding out his kids are good or that miss chine gave him a son what nooooooooooooooooooooo

      • I agree with you been watching since the beginning. I just hope they don't take it off. I love Fear of the Walking Dead too

    • you should be used to cliff hangers by now, just be patient, the story will go on… just not with the main show

    • Well Alonzo I agree with you and everyone else totally.Why did they let a group of zombies decide what the last episode would contain in my opinion to show me a trip down.memory lane with unfinished glimpses of the story line was a cruel waste of my time to watch to tell me well we're done
      well maybe the producers homes where destroyed in the explosion in the gated community at the Common Wealth so they are home less now lol

    • I agree , don't believe it . Leave us hanging wondering if Rick ever come back see he has a son by Michonne, and his daughter finally get one parent back in her life

  1. you can’t just end it there there is so much more you can do like michonne finding rick an have to do something a lot to find him an then needs the help of her friends to help save him from some tyre of new lot of people that officially has an lot of resources considering they have a helicopter so they would have a pretty secured base that would take a army to get into an you see at the end that rick was close to getting away but must be on an island so will make it hard I guess to get an army together or not you could have them make crazy ships that has some type of containment for lots of zombie to put in so once you get to Shore open up the front of the ships to have army horde an now us are make some new series but still won’t really be the same not finishing twd

    • I agree ☝️ o can’t take it feels like I wasted years without the end being done properly finished without knowing about Rick and Michonne makes now sense to end this way 😟

      • I'm always looking for something to watch now on TV. Sometimes I want to go back and watch the old episodes, but it just makes me mad. I would purposely let the episodes accumulate just so I could go back and binge watch. Now, I'm only getting mad.

      • you are so right I have been watching the show right from day one their has to be a season 12 to finish off the show

        • Honestly, a short season 12 would have sufficed but I don’t mind a spin-off series as long as it’s good. I hate that TWD ended. I’ve been watching it since I was 13 years old since 2010 which is pretty crazy to have been watching it since I started being a teenager. I feel like I grew up into adulthood with this series can’t believe it ended honestly this sucks. Even though Netflix would sometimes take a whole year or two to upload an entire season. Too bad time to be sad I guess

    • you will see all of that in the spin off try watching beyond the walking dead the crm (people hunting Rick the the helicopter) are the main villains on that and Rick and machine are making their own spin off when I assume she will find rick

    • I spent so much money and time to watch this
      I enjoy this show
      this is one of the best yet
      please don't go
      there is much more to see!!
      I will continue to re watch The Walking Dead!!

      • Some one that is in the rank of making such a great series of a television show needs to get on the ball. It don’t need to end that way it needs to come on further such a great movie to end the way it did someone speak up speak loud, speak clearly to the producer let him know that that is the number one show especially on Netflix.

    • agreed with everyone who's stating there comment it's not fear too us whe we saw Rick and michonno me and friends was excited too see them coming back now you're saying no 12 coming disappointed

  2. I’ve watched from the very beginning, loved it ,and it there isn’t season twelve it was a very odd ending ,no final outcome ,every one went their own way , I still belive it was an social experiment run by the US government or maybe not

    • That’s a good one for sure!! They could make Eugene original story when he was introduced canon. A plot within a bigger one. Have Rick already at the base where they were supposedly producing the cure.

    • imagine in the world that we living right now. if this was to happen for real. people are cruel and evil the way they are imagine what would happen to this world if this would happen for real. God keep us

  3. how can it Just end without us knowing the whereabouts of Rick grimes and Anne ?? like where did they finally go to after the helicopter scene ?

    • Anne made her appearance in the 2 season spin off world beyond, you will find out where Rick went in the Rick and Michonne spin off

    • If you watch World Beyond the 2 season show they did it answers that question. Anne traded Rick to the CRM for a job with their military. Rick is still being held by them. There is a lot of Anne or Jadis as they call her in season 2 and arguably a person could watch season 2 and pick up there as season one was mostly introducing the cast. Maybe watch the first one or 2 episodes of season 1 and the last episode and your ready for season 2 which is a great show and I wish they would come back with more of it. It does give you a look at the CRM that is in FearTWD and has been the helicopter people we've seen off and on in TWD. it shows just how bad they are and how big they are which I believe will make the new shows much better. I would consider it a must watch for any true Dead fan.

  4. I finally finished Season 11. The entire series was excellent and am looking forward to what’s next. Unless I missed it I didn’t see any tribute to the woman who accompanied Rick on the helicopter.

    • Seriously what happened to the women who helped him after he blew up the bridge and almost sacrificed his life to save everyone he loved, we didn’t see much of that, the spin off of the last episode of season 11 ended off good but on a cliffhanger, there has to be a season 12, if there isn’t, im going to simply just cry myself into eternal darkness 🙂

      • I just finished watching it today. I had the last two episodes to watch. I held off on watching the last two episodes because I didn’t want to finish the season and also I didn’t realized I was finishing the entire series. I know there’s still feartwd but this last season was way too good. It was sad how rosita died. It killed me seeing her watch everyone all happy and alive yet she knew it was about to be her last memory. Too sad idk what to do tbh

    • Watch World Beyond season 2 she is one of the main characters. She tells how she traded Rick to the CRM for a role in their military.

  5. The show needs to be finished. If the last episode of season 11 is the end, I don't like the way it ended. It leaves you still wondering, what's going on? What about the daughter that is waiting for Rick and Michonne? This is such an excellent show, that keeps you on the edge of your seat! I hope they come up with a REAL finale, if it must be a finale……….. Can't leave the audience hanging…….!

    • Why isn't anyone paying attention. There is a Rick and Michonne Spin-Off and I'm betting the whole family will be reunited along with Daryl, Negan and Maggie

    • it's called a cliff hanger, they ended it the way they did to set up for the spin offs, all your questions will be answered but there will not be a season 12

    • let's not forget Judith has a little brother. I'm in shock that they would end such a great series.
      sad and frustrated in Maine

    • I thought Rick died? Do you feel he's still alive? I kinda was a little bit confused, I thought he did but I remember seeing something that made feel he didn't?

  6. Surely agreed with all of you.. Ending in such a way is really a disappointment..
    It seems to be so incomplete ..the people who took away Rick .. where Michonne find him.. Did the re United with gang… As a viewer there are so many questions which are need to be answered…ending in such a way is really not appreciable..

    • I agree what happened to the children of Rick and Michonne are they going to get reunited are they going to be in the Fear of the Walking Dead show? Why don't they all suddenly join the show of the Fear of the Walking Dead or World of the Walking Dead. But don't let us hanging on what happened to the characters.

    • if you were paying attention you'd know that they plan on answering all these questions in the following shows, rich and Michonne will see each other, the group does split up but with spin offs there is a chance the other characters will make an appearance in the other shows.

    • ending walking dead with rick and Michonne not at least making it back to the kids is pure garbage of a ending for a beloved series like walking dead that myself and so many people around the world love so much the fans deserve a better ending then that

  7. So disappointed if that was the end not good enough where was Rick taken how come no follow up on Rick want a better ending than end of 11 we need more please

  8. There has to be a season 12. No doubt! You can’t have a Series like this and this way. So get on with season 12!

  9. I followed Walking Dead from the beginning to what we were given as an end. My only complaint is I feel like the followers of Game of Thrones. We need a better closure….. PLEASE. I'll be here waiting.

  10. I want season 12 I just watched 24 hours of walking dead it only took me 3 days and I want a good ending I was so upset when I looked up season 12 release date and it said that 11 will be the end I really want Another ending I have so many ideas in my head and I want another ending if it was that easy for me to come up with 26 ideas in my head I know you can do it just something else please I need to see a really good ending


  12. you guys should make thirteen seasons and release the thirteenth season on a Friday 13th but fr guys that was a horrible ending you could have made it way better either kill them all or show how they bring the world back to normal and wipe all of the zombies out in America hear me out then you send them overseas to made like a spin off of some sort twd: great Britain or something like that but even if you don't it was an amazing series thanks for all of the hard work

  13. a read somewhere after the last season they are supposed to make 3 movies as spin offs with Rick Grimes and Michonne and the one that was living at the dump.

  14. I hate the way you have ended this series need to go back to the writing bored and do a better job on the last episodes and make it right !!! All this time and not even a decent ending !!!!🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

  15. So upset at season 11 had my hope up please make a Season 12 I am dying to see Andrew Lincoln reunite with they family you can’t not make the show that good to break our hearts😔

  16. I agree with everyone also. I also think that The Walking Dead should continue. I started from the very beginning and as I come to almost completing season 12. In agreeannce and also on a personal beief feel and believe that there should be more that the viewer could enjoy watching more future episodes of The Walking Dead. It is a great show!!!! This is my opinion.

  17. Can’t end like this!!! You started something good so I kept watching walking dead loved the characters cried when we lost someone on the show and cried on season 11 😭 please make a season 12 it should end with Rick being found and Michonne a bigger fight and a winning end

  18. Yes, I need to be a season 12 even if it’s only like 12 episodes or something, because normally, when you end a series, you show us a happy ending to how they are doing and where they are now years down the road you can’t just leave us with the fact of Michonne running into heard and Rick standing there smiling at the helicopter is above him. We need more we need answers.

  19. Another HUGE Walking Dead fan, needs to totally agree with all these other fans, you cannot end an awesome series at Season 11 while too much is still open to happen even IF you add more episodes to Season 11, a final resolution to all these characters needs to transpire before a conclusion can be finalized, you can't just omit one or two of the lead characters, their family and friends and call it "good enough" there has to be an ending to every story and Season 11 doesn't cut it for the ending until you bring Rick and Michone back, neither one of them deserves the ending "hanging in the wind", one by helicopter the other on a ship, they've got two kids at home to get back to! So bring on Season 12 in 2023!

  20. I am extremely glad that there will be the 3 new series. My favorite people were Rick, Daryl and Carol. I will be glad to see Rick and Michonne find each other. It was a great series. I have watched it many times.


  21. I enjoy watching twd. I haven't gotten to season 11 yet. I'm in season 9. I just wonder if Carl comes back wearing the sheriff hat or is Judith wearing it.

  22. yeah we cart leave on 11 like that, need to know what goes on for the future, great show should keep going a never ending really,

  23. I'm not believing you people. Newsflash. 3 Spin-Offs
    Dead City with Negan and Maggie
    The Daryl Dixon show. He is looking for Rick and Michonne and Carol may show up in season2
    The Rick and. Mishonne Show. That will answer all of your questions concerning TCR and What happened to Rick. You need to use your imagination..

  24. We need a season 12th season 11 was just a tease ! Rick come home ! Michonne come home ! PLS MAKE ANOTHER SEASON PLEASEEEE 😢😢😢

  25. I watched for eleven years and it was finished off for nothing.
    it doesn't make sense without reunites of two big character Rick and michion and without their kids..
    So sad…

  26. Noooooo! This cannot end. We are all waiting for Rich and Michonne to reconnect and find Judith. I'm so sad right now. 😭

  27. Did you watch The Walking Dead: The World Beyond?
    Its only 2 seasons but Anne appears in it and this is where She took Rick. We don't see him but You find out what she meant by whether he was an A or a B
    They had to leave it that the Spin offs will answer our questions to make sure we tune in to watch them 😉
    Hopefully we don't have to wait too long

  28. Please we really need are season 12 where left wondering if michonne finds rick and whats happens when they get back to there friends and family im keen for more 🙏

  29. There are too many questions left unanswered for them to end it here. Does Michonne ever find Rick? How does Lydia deal with living with only one arm? Does she learn to live with it like Aaron does? What happened to Rick while everyone was happening back at home? What rising issues will there be with the Walkers that can climb and hold things with their hands? Are there even MORE things that walkers are starting to do, and are Walkers EVOLVING? You can't make an amazing series like this, and then leave your entire audience to sit with all these questions. Well, you can do that if you're gonna make another season, but if you're ending the series, you should answer all the questions that you bring light to. That's just my opinion, and maybe there are some exceptions, but this isn't one of them. Please reconsider and continue the season.

    • walkers aren't really "evolving ", 1 picked up a brick and broke the window of the mall in the first season. and the little zombie girl that carried he baby doll. i think some just have more abilities than others

  30. this could be the best – or worst series made. If producers leave viewers hanging I will not buy the series as I have a bad taste in my mouth. Producers must conclude the story, so I do expect a season 12 and possibly 13.

  31. Sorry. So I just started binging on this series a couple weeks ago. I was happily surprised after a few shows!! 😳 Then I came on season 4. WTF???? The worst of it was the two little girls with the white woman and black man. TERRIBLE!! Does it get any better? I'm ready to quit watching which is crazy considering how much props I've been giving this show 😞😳

  32. You guys need to make a season 12 if you were watching this tv show wouldn’t you be mad if your favorite tv show just stopped airing I know you would be so mad please make a season 12.

  33. gestern Abend habe ich die 11 Staffel von TWD zu Ende geschaut und muss leider sagen das ich sehr enttäuscht bin ich will unbedingt wissen was mit Rick ist 🙁

  34. hay this is siva, without given any conclusion how you ended this great series,we are lot enjoying this great walking dead series, where are the people Rick and michonne, please give the great ending for the great series we all are very very eagerly waiting,my day is very tuff to end without watching the series iam very addicted for this please release more seriese with the great actors,thank you

  35. You guys are all crying for the series, just finish with your own imagination if you are wondering what is next. 🙂

  36. Seriously if this is where it ends I just wasted a lot of my time. This series was way too incredible to end it here.

  37. why is this happening?!!! I could fully understand if the main characters want to exit and pursue other avenues in their career but let's face it they're always going to be our Walking Dead heros. soap operas go on for years and years and years and when someone exits a new actor steps in or they're written off. I don't agree with the decision to just end it with a few spin offs with one maybe two seasons.
    They've got a great thing going with a huge audience and I pray 🙏🙏🙏 that they reverse their decision.

    • you think praying will make more shows? your "god" kills fetuses in the womb, but hes going to make more shows cuz you prayed. get out of here with that crap

  38. You guys need to come up with a better finale. Where’s Rick &’ Michone, what happens to Negan and his new family? It can not end here. Suggest a season 12! 😄😄

  39. Loved this series! Please don’t stop with season 11! I am 85 years old and this is on of the few shows I loved.

  40. I have watched the walking dead for so long episode after episode. I enjoyed it for years ,but when I found out there wouldn't be no season 12 a piece of me just died. I didn't like the ending of season 11. I want more!!!! and I know other people do tòo. Please think about making season 12. You would probably would make millions just off season 12 and bring back Rick. I love the waking deaf and still watch it today.. thank you and have a good day.

  41. We don’t need a spin-off. We need Rick and michone to come back in season 12. Please. Don’t do us like that.

  42. The show cannot end like this. There has to be away that all the few spin offs there already are somehow come together. I get it's hard to do that but at what point is Morgan like "hey there's a place i know of pretty from this, lets go there" there's that meet up, and then at some point Rick and Michone have to meet up and they will want to go back to their home of Alezandria. It doesn't seem like we need more branch offs but something that brings these all together and then to an end.

  43. all of these people commenting aren't fans clearly. the spin offs that are being made will reunite all of the characters.
    ps. don't make click baits you will receive negative reviews.

    • these people are funny. they do act like suck big fans, when they are clearly not. all was explained on the talking dead. i got clickbaited cuz i thought, just maybe they were making season 12. these people are even begging this journalists to make more shows. some people haha

  44. Watching Episode 24, the last episode of Season 11, the season finale, is not proper or a suitable ending, I'm sorry to say that. Even though you say there are Spin Offs, does not give justice to its ending. I like Rick, Daryl, Carol and Michonne best. But all casting was worth watching. There really ought to be a Season 12 even if there are only a few episodes. At least, hanging question are answered if you would do this. Many things happened in Season 11, you know. And it is not good to end a season with the number 11, it ought to be 12. It would be a good fortune for "The Walking Dead" Netflix film. Please tell your Director and Writer. The Walking Dead, is the only zombie film I like because it so realistic not like other zombie films where the zombies are already running. PLEASE RECTIFY YOUR ENDING.

  45. My favorite was Darrell and the dog dog I hope we do have a season 12

  46. They said that Rick wakes up and comes back to the world of the walkers. I do believe there will be a season 12. To bring everyone back together in a better world. Might be the last season then. See what happens.

  47. the heck are the writers of this blog high on … just posting gibberish , luring the readers to read the same things written on repeat !!! There already has been official announcement that the series is over and there will be mini series spin offs …

  48. This show did not end for spin-offs this show could continue you on for another 2 seasons at least. This is crazy and a shit way to end a show I really hope they see all the negative feedback to this decision and make another season!

  49. I defo think they should make a twelve you Carnt leave the main cast apart you must bring them together to finish the story so please bring more back

  50. I love the TWD and honestly I paid a lot to see some seasons but really I was disappointed about the season 11 ending because it hasn't no sense and 10 seconds with Rick it was nothing so yes seasons 12 should be a great return for the series and not the end for me personally it is a lesson for life what we need recognition for for future and not just taken like a since fiction series

  51. we need a season 12 cuz we can't leave it with Judith knowing her father's alive and not being able to reunite plus Rick needs to meet his son

  52. The Walking Dead series should continue for at least another season or two. The ending should not leave fans in turmoil. A happy apocalyptic ending would be greatly appreciated, if the show must end. Thanking you in advance.

  53. Hello. Kérem folytassák a sorozatot. Ez az egyik legjobb sorozat. Kell a rajongóknak a történet rendes befejezéseq. Köszönöm.

  54. Walking Dead end work not upto the mark it has to be ended on good note i am still waiting 12 season when it is going to be upload.

  55. I understand why this series has to end. You have to have a good screenplay for an additional season. I do not know if they have any more ideas for a 12th season. You cannot rush it, you want to make it worth our while, and, you want to make something that makes money for the franchise. I thought the series was dead after Rick Grimes defeated Neegan, and, maybe they had planned on ending it then, but, The walking dead and the star cast have intensely created a cult following that may survive two decades. The Walking Dead series was not even over before strength of the Walking Dead Cult following demanded more in the off seasons; consequently Spinoffs started to feed the hunger for Good Zombie Apocolypse drama about good people coming together to survive an impossible pandemic size onslaught of brain desease. I declare that The Walking Dead story should not end until a remnant of people remain with an antidote to the disease and all Zombies are eliminated in the world. The Fan base power has two more decades of Life. Great work thus far. I beleive the franchise should make a season 12 to support the transition into the Spinoffs. I beleive it would leave an empty hole in the story if The Walking Dead series ends at season 11. Season 12 and any subsequent seasons can gradually reduce its episodes as the Spinoffs take off into new Walking Dead International story lines.

  56. hi don't think it's right how your leaving us like you have. it can't just end like that there has to be be a season 12. where Rick and michone find each other and reunite with there kids. and friends. I also think you should carry it on till someone finds away of getting rid of the dead and the finale been the world turns back to normal but the cast remains close friends. that's a season finale. that's how walking dead should end. plssss I'm begging you.

  57. ngl we need more types of zombies, like maybe zombies that run, or zombies that can't be killed as easy. it would make the show more intense who else agrees?

  58. I don't want the Walking Dead to end. Please don't end us without this show. My favorite character has to be Negan and Daraly.Please don't do that to us out here

  59. Tshirts n,hoodies posters n.justn2 add to list 12 season n13th nisna lucky zombie/;walker#n+; spinoffs 4 2025 anothNCOURer good #;;; that's the solution. ENCOURE


  61. Never end this series.. this series has become a part of our life and one of our family. Without watching the episodes it has become so boring. if we watch some other webseries also, we try to see only Rick and Daryl in it. please go on with more and more seasons and never end. please don't leave us like this incomplete.
    we want Rick, Michonne to come back together. what about Judith and other people?
    please , we want more season

  62. I won't say please. I'm so angry with this "finale'. I feel like you people play so many wears with us. You say to our faceses that we are sooo stupid to stay and watch with so much passion, you make us feel as family, we're waiting for every season as and for the finale so many wears. And just like that, you say to as to go and lift the middle finger to the mirror. Really…. after all you have done… how do you accept to your selfs to say that this is the end. With unfinished great questions about the biggest heroes of the story. This is like you are just kidding us and make your selfs so so so stupid to finish it like this. I just can't believe it…. I can't believe that you are so fools…. maybe the millions of people who are in love with this story are fools… But you? no, I just don't believe it.
    Just finish it right. You owe us an end that it worth to continue to say that we speak for the most epic series in history. unfinished…. all of your work and all of our time…. goes to the garbages..

  63. I hope there will be a continuation of season 11 because we are left with what happens to the dead, will there be a cure? Will the survivors be able to live a normal life again? Why are there zombies? Is this a virus? It can be more realistic if this will be considered.

    I together with my family really loved the series. We are rooting from the characters as if they are already part of us or us being part of the series. That is how the series affects us… It seems real.

    For me all the character were played very well and they have their own contributions in the whole story making it really great. However if I need to pick my favorites it would be Negan, Daryl, Aaron, Hershel, Carol, Judith, Gabe, Maggie, Eugene, Dale, Judith, Rick and Carl.

    I really love Negan's turn around, the forgiveness, the humane side of him. I love the last conversation of Negan and Maggie and how Daryl looked at Negan with acceptance. The script, the dialogues, the delivery of every scene are really great and makes you yearn for more.

    I just hope there will be more and not a spin off.


  64. I truly enjoyed the series looked forward to watch it.However I feel that this series deserves a good ending because all your fans are looking forward to conclusionsI am very disappointed that you made season 11 the end as this is one of the best ones out there and we all deserve more from you as we all were
    Dedicated in watching it.

  65. I've been watching since the very 1st episode remembering that iconic image of Rick riding on a horse on a deserted highway into Atlanta. I NEED CLOSURE….the finale did NOT provide that. What happened to Rick? What about Michonne? If this is the end, at least let them find a CURE for the disease and bring everyone, still living, back together. (BTW, I've been upset ever since you killed off Glenn), but Darryl and Glenn are/were my favorite characters.

  66. There should be a season 12 because if there’s not a season 12 that will mess a show up because the ending of season 11 that would not be the best


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