Uttarakhand MLA List 2023 BJP, Congress Winner Election Result

Female voter participation was much greater than male voter turnout in the single phase of voting for the Uttarakhand MLA List 2023, held on February 14. 65.37 percent of eligible voters cast ballots in the state assembly election, with female voters accounting for 67.20 percent of the total and male voters accounting for 62.6 percent. It should be noted that the total voter participation in this election was 0.19 percentage points lower than the assembly elections conducted in 2017, which were won by the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP).

Uttarakhand MLA List 2023

In Uttarakhand, poll trends indicate that the BJP is in the lead, as the counting of ballots for the state assembly election, conducted in a single phase on February 14, started at 8 o’clock this morning. The results of the election will be announced today. BJP, Congress, and Aam Aadmi Party were among the political parties that contested the 70-seat assembly election in Uttarakhand, marked by a three-pronged battle for power. This year, a total of 65.4 percent of eligible voters cast ballots.

Uttarakhand MLA List

A survey of exit polls anticipated a hung parliament, with the Congress and the BJP locked in a tight race and neither secure the necessary majority of 36 seats. According to the most recent exit poll, Congress will suffer a devastating loss in the state. Exit polls, on the other hand, are not always accurate.

In contrast, the pollsters anticipated that the BJP would be the single biggest party, while AAP did not get any good forecasts. The pollsters have not anticipated a mandate for a single political party, which implies that Uttarakhand would have a hung legislature in the coming months.

Uttarakhand BJP, Congress Winner Election Result

As it attempts to wrestle control of the state back from the incumbent BJP for a second time in a row, Congress hopes the trend continues. After seeing the state’s rocky voyage under the BJP’s administration, which saw three chief ministers in five years, the Congress would depend on people to lean towards it. Both the BJP and the Congress have resisted the temptation to choose a candidate for chief minister.

While chief minister Pushkar Singh Dhami ran for re-election in his home constituency of Khatima, Harish Rawat, the head of the Congress’ campaign committee, ran for re-election in the Lalkuwa Assembly seat. The state’s chief minister, Pushkar Singh Dhami, has responded to the exit poll projections by claiming that people have confidence in the party. Uttarakhand’s Chief Minister, Ram Nath Dhami, who took office just eight months ago, has declared a clean sweep for his party in the state.

Uttarakhand MLA Latest Updates 2023

“The BJP is expected to establish the government,” Dhami stated in an interview with a local media outlet. However, with more than 60 seats, the BJP will establish the government.”

This year’s assembly elections in Uttarakhand were marked by a high-octane campaign between the Bharatiya Janata Congress and the Congress, which competed for seats in the state’s 70 legislative assemblies. However, the state has seen a new entrant in the Aam Aadmi Party, which has attempted to capitalize on anti-incumbency emotions against the BJP-led administration this time around.

The elections for the state legislature, which were conducted on February 14, had 632 candidates. A total of 66.37 percent of eligible voters cast ballots in the state. The city of Haridwar had the highest turnout, with 74.77 percent of the population, followed by Udham Singh Nagar (72.27 percent) and Uttarkashi (68.48 percent ). Almora had the lowest turnout of all the towns (53.71 percent ).

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