UPI 123Pay App Download – RBI UPI Launched, Features & Benefits

RBI has launched an UPI for the user who do not use a smartphone. On 8th March 2023, RBI Deputy Governor launched UPI 123Pay for non-smartphone users. This UPI will allow feature phone users to make digital payments instantly.

UPI 123Pay Features

Governor said that this 123Pay UPI will enhance the digital money transfer and reduce the cash dependency for the non-smartphone users.

How to make payment using UPI 123Pay

When asked about how 123Pay UPI will be used to make digital payments, Governor explained that there are four ways by which a user can make payment.

#1. User can call a phone number that will be provided by the NCPI. It will be an IVR system and the user will be able to make transactions by a secured call.

#2. In the second method, an App will be featured in the feature phone which will have options to make online payments. Scan and pay option will not be available in this app but soon RBI is planning to add an alternative to that.

#3. The third option will be for contactless payments and this technology is sound-based. The transactions will be made using the contact and networking.

#4. This method will use a missed call. User will have to give a missed call and he /she will get a callback. Then user will be able to provide a secure pin and make transfer.

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UPI123Pay Launch Event

We have provided the video of the UPI123Pay launch and you can watch what is shared by the Governor about the app.

UPI 123Pay App Download

The app is launched and soon it will be available for the feature phone. We are ging to list down the steps that you will have to take to get the UPI123Pay downloaded to your feature phone.

UPI123Pay download

The app will have features that allows you to make online payments like fastag, LPG payment, Electricity bill and every other function that a normal UPI can do.

UPI 123Pay download links will be available in the link below. The link will be activated soon after the availability of the app.

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